WebHostingPad Review: What You Should Consider for SEO
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WebHostingPad Review: What You Should Consider for SEO

WebHostingPad has set itself the goal of providing the best web hosting at the lowest possible price, at which everyone can afford a website. The company is committed to creating the best web hosting experience by providing a safe, reliable, and efficient service to its customers.

The company has been on the market since 2005 and has long earned a reputation as a reliable and safe resource. High-quality customer service is in the first place here. Let’s understand who should pay attention to this service and why!

WebHostingPad Pros & Cons

This hosting service is famous for its low prices. In this webhostingpad review, we decided to look at the positive aspects of the service and the disadvantages, so you can decide how well the provider is suited to your hosting needs.

Let’s quickly go over the key pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Full Root Access
24/7 Network Monitoring
WordPress & Softaculous
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Security Enhancements
Low Prices
Limited Website Transfers
Restrictive Backup Option
Hidden Fees and Clauses

WebHostingPad in Brief

Characteristic Information
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Support options Live Chat, Phone, Email, and Knowledge Base
Hosting plans Website, WordPress, VPS
CMSs WordPress
Features unlimited email accounts for your domain, free SSL certificates, eCommerce Ready, Free Analytics Tools, 
Starting price $1.99 a month
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When to Use WebHostingPad

The service provides standard types of hosting services that are suitable to cover the needs of most businesses of small or medium size. You will be satisfied with the quality of service, especially if you run a small company. For a small price, you get a great feature set that is definitely enough for your site. There are solutions for e-commerce sites, which is a nice bonus.

WebHostingPad will suit those who haven’t worked with ISPs before. There is an extensive knowledge base here for beginners. All the standard questions are already covered. All you have to do is open the base and find the right section. If you can’t find it, write to support to solve any problem.

When Not to Use WebHostingPad

Keep in mind that there is no dedicated hosting here. It is this type that provides the greatest performance and is most suitable for large companies. So if you are looking for a solution for a site with many loads, you should look at other providers.

We don’t imply that WebHostingPad is a bad provider. It’s just that it has a different audience and capabilities. According to webhostingpad reviews, this platform is not suitable for asp or Java.

WebHostingPad Performance

Hosting performance is an important factor that affects how much the provider will cover your site’s tasks. The bigger your site is, the more pages and content it includes, the more performance it has to use to work correctly.

Performance depends on the plan you choose. If you want to get the most power, then consider the Power Plan Plus.

Power Plan Plus offers you:

  • High Traffic Server Optimization
  • Boosted Server Power
  • Any Size & 1-Click Button Automatic Backups
  • Included Free SSH Access

As for the cheaper plan, this functionality is also available there but is not included in the price. If you don’t need this kind of performance, then go with the starter plan. All in all, these are great performance figures!

WebHostingPad Speed Test Results

A key indicator of a hosting provider’s success is Average Loading Time. To make sure that the loading time of WebHostingPad content is all right, in this webhostingpad hosting review, we used free services to analyze sites’ performance. By the way, you can also check the sites you are interested in using these services to check how fast access to a resource they provide.

Test Average Loading Time
GTmetrix test 2.7 s
Pingdom test 1.06 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google) 4.1 s

That’s a great result for such an affordable provider. Yes, more expensive services offer you even faster content download speeds. But for such a low price, the result is more than adequate.

WebHostingPad Uptime Guarantees

Customers and users love sites that are always available. When choosing a provider, you should pay attention to its Uptime Guarantees. This indicator should be close to 100%.

As for WebHostingPad, they promise 99.9% Uptime. WebHostingPad guarantees that our servers will be up and running at least 99.9% of the time during any given 12-month period.

WebHostingPad uptime guarantees

That is great, but there is still a chance that your site will be unavailable at some point. Nevertheless, few providers promise a fail-proof 100% availability. Uptime is monitored within WebHostingPad’s servers, and any third-party monitoring software will not be honored.

So let’s get Uptime to benefits!

WebHostingPad Server Response Time

Server Response Time indicates the time it takes for a user to receive the first byte of content from the site. This indicator is as important as the average content download time and shows the speed of the site. To find out this indicator in our webhostingpad.com review, we used the free service Bitcatcha. You can also use it to check the speed of sites if you ever need it.

WebHostingPad server response time

Google defines fast sites as those that load faster than 200ms. Check the results in the screenshot. In general, WebHostingPad loads fast. However, from some points in the world, the index exceeded 200 ms. Nevertheless, Bitcatcha compared the results with other resources and rated the provider A+. Other reliable services get the same grade, so that’s a great result!

WebHostingPad Site Migration

If you have a website on another hosting service, you can transfer it to this provider. Just write to the support team and make a request.

Besides, you can also move your existing website files and databases over to your new VPS plan. Consolidate your domains and products into your VPS billing profile, so you can manage and pay for everything in one place. It is also done by contacting customer support.

WebHostingPad Types and Pricing

With its low prices and easy-to-understand pricing plans, this provider can be the perfect solution for your business. The basic types of hosting are presented here, there are no complicated settings, and in case you have questions, you can look into the knowledge base. Or contact customer service for a free consultation.

WebHostingPad Types and Pricing
WebHostingPad web hosting prices

Prices start at $1.99 a month, which again is very cheap for this kind of hosting. Let’s break down the basic types, so you can decide which one is right for your business.

Website hosting

Everything you want from hosting this provider has put together for you in two simple plans! They differ in price and functionality, but if you own a small site, then the Power Plan is enough to cover your needs.

WebHostingPad Website hosting
WebHostingPad web hosting prices

WordPress hosting

A great solution for sites and blogs on the WordPress platform. The team of developers of the service constantly improves the tariff plans and monitors the introduction of new technologies. It helps facilitate and enhance site maintenance.

WebHostingPad WordPress hosting
WebHostingPad web hosting prices

Each pricing plan includes a security certificate and excellent performance. Choose the one that suits you best, and get started now!

VPS hosting

A lot of memory, a dedicated IP address – that’s what you get when choosing any of the VPS plans. Services for this type of hosting are offered by the sister company VPS Depot.

  • Private resources for every account
  • Dedicated IPs for increased deliverability
  • 24/7 network monitoring and expert support

WebHostingPad VPS hosting
WebHostingPad web hosting prices

Ready to choose your plan?

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Security Features

Secure site access shows how seriously webmasters and site owners take the privacy of their users. The more seriously you take security measures, the higher the reputation of your resource. As for the role of hosting in this matter, the provider has to protect your site as much as possible.

Therefore, before you make your final choice regarding your provider, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the security features.

Let’s take a quick look at what security measures web hosting webhostingpad provides to make our webhostingpad vps review more comprehesive:

  • Free SSL Encryption
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • SSD Database Storage
  • High Traffic Server Optimization
  • Trusted CA Certificate
  • SSH Access
  • Advanced Spam Filter
  • Firewall Protection

For a hosting service of this level, these are quite excellent tools for security.

Support Team

For any questions, you can contact technical customer support. The specialists will solve your problem or answer all your questions in a short time, even if you are not their customer yet.

WebHostingPad Support

For our webhostingpad user review, we decided to check how quickly the support would respond. Additionally, we clarified what sites can not be placed on the hosting. The answer came within a minute and completely covered our request. Great job!

WebHostingPad Quick Facts

Fact Information
FREE SSL Certificate included
WordPress Pre-installe included
Advanced Features SSD Database Storage, CGI-BIN, Perl, Python, Ruby on Rails, Cron, Video & Audio Streaming
Free Domain included in each plan
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WebHostingPad Review: Do We Recommend It?

Yes, we can recommend this hosting. If you are a small company representative and don’t expect complicated tasks, then it’s the best one for this low price!

Ready to choose your plan?

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WebHostingPad Alternatives

If you are looking for a service with similar features at a low price and are still not ready to opt for WebHostingPad, then consider these alternatives:

  • Inmotion — an excellent choice if you need a VPS;
  • SiteGround — ensures 100% uptime and has a nice reputation;
  • Hostgator — a good-known web hosting with low prices.

We hope that our review of webhostingpad will help you make the right choice for your business!

FAQs on WebHostingPad
Free SSL Encryption, Full Root Access, Reseller Hosting, Firewall Protection, and other features.
Yes, you are given a domain name for free for the whole year of provider use. After that, you have to pay for it.
Thanks to the extensive training base and the availability of many guides, we can confidently say that the service is great for beginners