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Find Technical Errors for the Whole Website Online

The Most Simple and Convenient Website Crawler Tool for SEO Promotion

Find broken links and audit redirects

Explore HTTP status code for each URL, find 404 pages, check where redirects lead your traffic.

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Audit the most important meta tags for each URL in one window

Check title, h1, canonical, robots tags and content length for TOP landing pages.

Check anchors for each URL

Audit your anchor list from internal links in one window.

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Audit you internal Page Rank

Analyze which weight each page has. Delete from index unimportant URLs and optimize your internal links structure.

Search any URL by text or type of a technical error

No matter how big is your website. Convenient search by URL and type of mistakes will help to make your website ideal step by step.

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On page SEO checker analyze many technical parameters for only one specific URL. Website crawler check all existing URLs on the website.
  • Add your domain to crawler
  • Wait the message about finished the crawling on your email
  • Check the collected results. Find the critical errors and fix them at first
  • Pay more attention to your TOP landing pages (which gives the most of traffic, sales)
Page Weight parameter is calculated depends on PageRank algorithm, but only for internal links on your website. You can learn more details about this formula in original article of Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page or Ian Rogers guide.