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Why website health matters


Make website health perfect

Internal links can make a huge impact on website performance. Sitechecker site crawler tool will help to find broken links, explore redirects and review all the external and internal links to any single web page on your website. With the help of website crawler tool, you can fix all technical errors, review website structure and TOP landing pages to make sure you have a website with ideal health. You can download a report with "To Do" list in a few clicks, the free check of 20 URls are available for all users. Check our guide on how to crawl a website with Sitechecker.


Grow organic traffic

Googlebot loves websites with no errors. Help Google understand your website’s content and get higher rankings and more traffic. Test the overall health of your website’s SEO.


Grow conversion rate and sales

Users love fast and easy to use websites with unique and useful content. Speed up your selling pages, improve link navigation and get more conversions and sales.

Technical SEO audit is perfect for:



  • Detect problems and issues that slow down the growth of your online business
  • Delegate fixing the errors to subordinates or freelancers
  • Make sure your website health became perfect
  • Increase sales due to better ranking

SEO specialists

  • Explore link structure of any website
  • Detect duplicate content, broken links and issues with meta tags
  • Receive comprehensive SEO report to amaze your clients
  • Save time by using automatic seo mistakes check


  • Detect server side errors
  • Identify pages with slow page speed
  • Use step-by-step guides to fix any errors
  • Make sure that your site works with any of the gadgets

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Website on any CMS can be crawled


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Sitechecker Crawler helps

How to use website crawler

Enter your domain.

Enter domain address as

Use advanced settings to specify rules of site crawling.

Advanced settings help to apply your robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.

Watch how site crawler collects data in real time.

You can see how crawler works in real time. Just open the report by domain which status is ‘in progress’.

Make a cup of tea or coffee.

Wait some time while crawling ends and get all urls from a website. You’ll get an email alert that audit is finished.

Research the collected results.

Detect critical errors and fix them at first. Quick navigation will help you. All errors are prioritized from the most critical to the least critical.

Pay more attention to the most valuable pages.

Some web pages are more valuable than others. Start from improving pages which bring the most of traffic and sales.

how to use website crawler using seo crawler advanced settings of site crawling how site crawler collects data how site crawler collects data1 crawl the most valuable pages

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How it works

how it works

Website crawler detects domain’s preferred version (http / https and www / non-www)

Before starting an audit, crawler tool checks different versions of the home page and identify which of them has 200 http status code.

how it works

Bot discovers and scans all internal and external links

Our bot finds all pages on a website. Crawler starts with scanning the main page. Using links on each page, it collects all available pages. If there are no internal links to a page, crawler won’t identify it. But how to crawl JavaScript (SPA) websites? Most crawlers can't scan dynamic websites, so they are only able to detect static response HTML. Sitechecker SEO crawler enables JavaScript rendering functionality, so JavaScript generated pages can be scanned.

how it works

Page Weight is calculated depends on website’s link structure

Page Weight parameter is calculated depends on PageRank algorithm, but only for internal links on your website. You can learn more details about this formula in original article of Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page or Ian Rogers guide.

How is Sitechecker Crawler
different from others?

Our site crawler will help you detect and fix seo errors
faster than others due to the following reasons:


Easy transition between website audit and on-page audit.

On-Page SEO Checker analyzes many technical parameters for only one specific URL. Website SEO Checker gets and analyzes all URLs from a website. To fix all errors you need regularly navigate from On Page Audit to Website Audit. We made this process as easy as possible.


Easy sorting and filtering by technical parameters.

SEO errors have different importance. All parameters inside SEO crawler were developed and prioritized by our experts in order from the most critical to the least important.

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Start from audit, continue with monitoring

  • One time website’s health audit will help to get more traffic and sales.
  • Hourly monitoring of website’s health will help keep your business running.
  • Start from audit and we will notify you when something critical will happens.
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