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What is Bulk URL Checker?

A Bulk URL Tester by Sitechecker is a tool designed to analyze and verify the status of multiple URLs at once. This utility is invaluable for webmasters, SEO professionals, and digital marketers who need to ensure that links on their websites are working correctly, monitor the status of URLs for SEO purposes, or check the accessibility of web pages in bulk.

On the other hand, Bulk Page Checker can check bulk competitor pages, getting redirection information.

How the tool can help you?

Status Code Verification: checks the HTTP status codes of multiple URLs to identify their status (e.g., 200 OK, 404 Not Found, 301 Moved Permanently, etc).

Redirection Tracking: track where a URL redirects, helping users understand the redirection path of URLs that do not lead directly to the expected content.

Link Validation: ensure all internal and external links are valid and lead to the correct destination. A bulk page checker can automate this process, saving time and effort.

Efficiency: Checking URLs in bulk is far more efficient than manually verifying each link, especially for large websites or when auditing external links.

Reporting: provide detailed reports on the URLs checked, including the status code and the final URL after redirects, which can be used for further analysis or record-keeping.

Competitor SEO Analysis: helps maintain the SEO competitor’s performance by identifying link data.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: offers a comprehensive view of SEO performance, including site health, traffic, rankings, and backlinks, all updated in real-time and customizable to fit user preferences.

User-friendly Interface: features intuitive navigation and clear visual data representation, making it accessible for users of all expertise levels. It includes guided assistance and tutorials to help users maximize the tool’s potential.

Complete SEO Toolset: provides a full range of SEO tools for website audits, keyword rank tracking, backlink analysis, and on-page optimization, offering actionable insights for improving website visibility and performance.

How to Use the Tool

The tool offers the capability to perform bulk checks on your domain’s pages and on groups of competitor pages or any other domain pages you need to analyze. To begin checking your pages and those of other domains, you must first create an account. This step enables us to gather all the necessary information and present it in a convenient format.

Choose Audit Option

Own Domain Bulk URL Checking

The Bulk Link Status Checker can handle comprehensive analysis and management of your domain’s pages. Choose the option for your site checking and run the audit.

Bulk Check

The top navigation bar provides a straightforward switch between viewing all pages that have been crawled and those identified as indexable.

Adjacent to the navigation bar, the tool indicates the timing of the last website crawl and schedules the next, ensuring the data remains fresh and actionable. Below this, a filter tool stands ready for users to specify conditions to streamline the list of pages they wish to analyze.

As part of the main panel, there’s a neatly organized list of links. This section reveals important metrics such as word count and indexability, alongside each page’s HTTP status code, delivering a snapshot of website health.

On the side, an issue summary pane allows for a concentrated view of SEO problems, sorted either by their priority or category. This pane acts as a guide, directing users to areas that need attention for SEO improvement, making it an efficient assistant in optimizing a website’s search engine performance.

All HTML Pages Filter

Additional features

The Page details is a supplementary component of the Bulk URL Checker, focusing on in-depth analysis of individual page URLs. This section breaks down the specifics of a selected page, providing categorized insights into various SEO-related issues. It allows you to delve into the details of content relevance, indexability, link integrity, and more.

For a given page, it lists issues under categories like Links, Indexability, Content Relevance, Duplicate Content, and Security, each with individual issues flagged. Each issue can be expanded to view further details and offers a direct link to a ‘How-to-fix’ guide, simplifying the optimization process for you.

Page Details Issues

Bulk URL Checking for Competitor Pages

The Bulk URL Redirect Checker allows you to analyze your site, and upon creating an account, you gain access to the built-in Bulk URL checker functionality. For that, choose the competitor bulk inspection option and initial the scan.

Inspect URLs

The Bulk URL Submitter in the “Extra Tools” section allows for extensive competitor URL analysis. The interface features a straightforward cost-per-check credit system with easy top-up options. Data export up to 10,000 URL capabilities for Google Sheets or CSV are included, streamlining the workflow for large-scale SEO tasks.

Bulk URL Checker

Bulk URL Checker for analyzing competitor URLs displays key metrics for each URL, including the HTTP status code and message, content type, number of redirects, the final URL, and the canonical link. This setup is tailored to monitor the health and optimization of multiple links at once and re-checking URL options.

Bulk URL Checker Results

Final Idea

The Bulk URL Checker is designed to check the status of multiple pages efficiently. It enables users to quickly verify status codes, analyze response headers, and track redirect chains, providing valuable insights into link validity and SEO health. The tool boasts a user-friendly interface, complete with a unified dashboard for real-time SEO monitoring and a robust set of tools for site audits and competitor analysis. By facilitating bulk checks and offering detailed reporting, greatly enhances the efficiency of managing a website’s SEO performance and competitor benchmarking.

Yes, the Bulk URL Checker is capable of processing and analyzing up to 10,000 pages, making it suitable for large-scale SEO tasks and competitor analysis.
The tool provides insights including HTTP status codes, response headers, content type, number of redirects, final link destination, and canonical links.
The tool offers data export capabilities, allowing users to export their findings to Google Sheets or as a CSV file for further analysis or record-keeping.

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