Start Website Monitoring in Real Time

Get alerts by the most important changes on any website

Find out first about problems with indexing the most important pages

Each website has some landing pages, that are more valuable than others. Get notifications to your email immediately as a page become no indexable in robots.txt, meta tags or its http status code was changed.

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Find new content ideas by tracking your competitors

Tracking changes by events and URLs helps to evaluate the website history and its content strategy. Monitor your competitors realtime and collect new content ideas without any efforts.

Evaluate activity of people who work with website

If you delegate some of the work, you may need to check activity on the websites by any period. Control your subordinates and contractors with website monitoring tool activity dashboard.

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Do not allow your website be hacked

According to a 2012 Sophos Security Threat Report, on average 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Site security issues is better not to rely on luck. Identify suspicious redirects and new pages on the early stages.

Compare page changes and changes to its ranking in SERP

Merge data from "Page Activity" report and your account in Google Search Console. Determine which of the page changes (in title, h1, description) were successful and brought more impressions and clicks in SERP.

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