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What is the SEO Reporting Software for Agencies?

SEO Reporting Solutions for Agencies by Sitechecker provides in-depth technical audits, robust site monitoring and Rank Tracker capabilities, and quick alert systems that promptly notify agencies of critical issues and selected events. It supports white-label options for custom-branded data and offers comprehensive data integration from site audits, monitoring, and dashboards using data from Google Analytics, and Google Search Console. Its ability to crawl large sites ensures thorough coverage of client web properties.

How the tool can assist you?

Manual Report Creation: customize data by selecting specific data from Site Monitoring, Site Audit, Dashboards, and Rank Tracker for designated periods.

GSC & GA Reporting Dashboards: seamlessly integrate data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Looker Studio.

Share Reports: access informing dashboards and configure permissions to determine who receives alerts about changes and reports related to your website.

Automated Reports via Email and Slack: set up automatic notifications for specific site events or routine performance reports for designated periods.

Branded Reports: support white-label capabilities, enabling agencies to generate custom-branded PDF reports.

White Label Reporting: allow clients to view the Sitechecker interface as your own by branding it with your logo, favicon, and presenting data on your domain or subdomain.

How to Use the Tool

To start, simply enter your site link and proceed to the settings.

Step 1: Insert the domain name

SEO Reporting Software for Agencies
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Step 2: Configure Monitoring

This step guides you to the project settings to set up the frequency of automatic crawling.

Go to Project Settings

Choose a frequency that suits your needs for each site:

Site Monitoring Settings

This will impact the crawl rate of your site.

Set up Alert Types

Select the alerts you wish to receive. These notifications will be sent to everyone with access to a specific project. For information on managing access, please refer to the ‘Additional Features’ section of this manual.

Alerts And Reports
Rank Tracker Alerts

Automation Reports

Below, we will explore the alerting capabilities that can be automated for each section: Dashboard, Site Monitoring, and Rank Tracker.

Dashboard Reports

Dashboard present automated data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics, delivered to your inbox weekly or monthly.

Dashboard Report

Site Monitoring Reports

Choose the desired notifications and receive them at email addresses associated with a specific project.

Here are a few examples of what it looks like:

Alert about Content Changes in email:

Content Changes Report

Alert via email about page deindexing:

Page Deindexing Report

Automatic reports in Slack notify you of changes to the Open Graph, site downs, and it recovery:

Slack Report

These are just a few examples of the site monitoring notifications you may receive. The complete list is available in the alert settings.

Rank Tracker Reports

The rank tracker feature enables you to receive daily, weekly, or monthly notifications of changes in keyword rankings:

Rank Tracker Report

Alert in Slack about daily rankings:

Daily Ranking Report

Manual Reporting

Select Type of Report

The information will be generated in PDF format, comprehensively analyzing traffic and keyword rankings for a specific period. This analysis is based on data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

PDF Report

When reporting on “All HTML Pages,” you receive a detailed page overview. The document includes page URLs, page scores, warnings, errors, page weight, and indexability status. This comprehensive dataset can be exported in various formats, including CSV, Google Sheets, or simply by copying the URLs.

Site Audit Reports

In the Google Sheets, you can view a detailed analysis of all HTML pages on your site, including their status codes, meta tags, redirect chains, and the number of external and internal links on each page, among other data:

Google Sheets Report Export

Export data from Rank Tracker, including keyword or page ranking overviews, groups of pages, and competitors:

Rank Tracker Export Data

Share Features

You can grant users access to the project, allowing them to directly enter the Sitechecker interface as users and receive alerts through selected communication channels.

Share Project

Branded Features for Advanced Using

Set up the White Label Feature

Set up the White Label feature and add a company logo to ensure all exported documents reflect the agency’s brand identity.

White Label Feature

To do this, simply download your logo and branded link:

White Label Logo
White Label URL

As an agency, you will have full access to SEO data and can share them with your clients. Additionally, you can provide access to our instrument branded with your logo.
Let’s see how it looks.

The Client Interface with a Branded Logo

The client interface will represent your personalized instrument, featuring the client’s site data. You can provide access to your clients on a brand domain or subdomain:

Branded Interface

Branded PDF Reports

Branded PDF Reports

Final Idea

SEO reporting tool for SEO companies streamlines SEO management through automated monitoring, customized reporting, and white-label features. It provides comprehensive data integration from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Looker Studio. Key functionalities include real-time alerts via email and Slack, manual report customization, and extensive site crawling for thorough analysis. The software supports custom branding, allowing agencies to present information and interfaces with their own logos and domains. This instrument is essential for agencies aiming to enhance SEO oversight, information with precision, and deliver a personalized client experience.

Yes, the software includes backlink analysis tools that assess the quality and quantity of backlinks to help improve your site's SEO strategy.
You can configure user permissions in the sharing settings, allowing specific access rights for viewing, editing, and receiving alerts about the project.
You can customize the frequency based on your needs, choosing how often Sitechecker crawls your site for updates and issues.
Users can choose to receive customized alerts about content changes, deindexing of pages, and daily ranking updates via email or Slack.
Yes, it integrates seamlessly with popular platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, enhancing the capabilities by incorporating external data sources.

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