Keyword Rank Tracker for Pros

Track website SEO rankings regularly and find out what of your actions led to growth
and be the first to know when something critical happens.

Why Rank Tracking is a must


Add keywords by which want to ranked in top

Use Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Kparser and other tools to research the most valuable keywords for your business. Paste or download a list of queries by which you plan to get top in Google rankings.


Identify what of your actions led to success

Pay attention when some of your SEO positions will grow. Use daily rank tracking software to research the history of your changes (in backlinks, page speed test, internal linking, meta tags, content) to understand what of them caused success.


Be notified when some of keyword rankings were dropped

There are many reasons why website rankings can drop. Does Google update a core algorithm? Do your subordinates deploy a website with errors? Do your competitors implement a successful SEO strategy? In any case, you should act immediately by daily rank tracking. Be always notified with the updated data, use Sitechecker daily rank monitoring tool.

Sitechecker Rank Tracker provides

How to use Rank Tracker

Add all keywords you want your website to rank for

Start tracking each keyword separately or by set URLs

Choose a way how to download keywords

Copy and paste a list of keywords.

Download keywords

Instead of copy-pasting download .xlsx file in an easy format.

Connect Google Search Console

Connect your website property from Google Search Console.

start tracking each keyword separately use seo keyword tracking tool download keywords how to track search engine rankings
Get free access to Sitechecker features including:
  • Website Rank Tracker

    Track website rankings by keywords
  • Connect GA and Search Console

    Get more accurate data to monitor keyword rankings
  • Create valuable reports

    Download PDF or .csv white-label reports **
  • Improve SEO performance

    Combine with other Sitechecker SEO tools to get better results
  • Monitor keyword ranking daily

    Be notified about keywords went up or down by email

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