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Website Page Counter - Check How Many Pages Does a Website Have

Website Page Counter - Check How Many Pages Does a Website Have

To know the weaknesses of your site, you need to do a full site audit. During this process, you will be able to find out the number of links that are on your site. Every website owner needs to know the number of pages to understand if all the website pages have made it into the search engine index. So how to see all pages of a website?

You need to know ways to check the number of pages on your site and your competitor’s site. How can you do this for free with a website page counter?

How many pages does a website have? In this article, we’ll look at four simple ways to find this out.

Why do you need to find all pages on a website?

Knowing how many pages on a website, you can calculate whether they are indexed and listed in the search engine database because sometimes there can be non-indexable pages. Find all pages on a website, and you will understand if you have a lot of duplicate pages, which negatively affects the ranking of your site in the network. It’s important to know which pages may have errors, so you can detect them and fix them.

Errors on your site’s pages significantly hinder your search engine rankings. Do regular audits and find all URLs on a domain to know the status of your site and discover weaknesses. Please check out our video guide on how to use site audit on Sitechecker platform.

Another important fact is the link weight. You need to evenly distribute link weight on your resource pages, as this will depend on your ranking in search engines. To do this, you need each link of your site and from each page led links to other pages. It is how the internal link weight on your site is transferred.

How to use the Website Page Count tool?

With the Website Count tool, you can easily audit your site. Do you ask yourself how to find how many pages does my website have? Website Count gives you the answer. You don’t even need to register with the tool. All you have to do is enter the domain name of your resource.

Pretty easy, right?
Let’s take a closer look at how our tool works and how to find all pages on a domain.

How does Website Page Counter work?

To get started, go to the Website Page Counter home page. Here you just need to enter the domain name & start a free trial and then view all pages on a website. Starting the trial is fast and free. In the screenshot below, you can see that we decided to check our site.

Checking the number of pages on the website

After crawling, you can see “how many web pages are there”. This number indicates how many pages exist on your site at all.

Checking the number of pages on the website

Note that search engines can index not all links on your site. If you are using the tool to find out which pages of your site got into the index, consider the crawling instructions. To give clear instructions for indexing, you need to create Robots.txt. A robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which files the crawler can or can’t request from your site. Some pages can be disallowed in robots.txt file.

With the Google website page counter tool, you can easily find out how to find all pages on a website for free. It is a convenient way to check if the search engine network has indexed all parts of your site.

When do you need the Website page counter?

For users to access your site’s pages from a search engine, your site must be indexed. During indexing, search engine robots crawl your site and add your pages to the index. This way, your site becomes indexed, and users can find you in search engine results. Find out the total number of pages on your site with our tool.

Use the page count tool to know how to find all the pages on a website and which pages of your site are accessible to users, and to know whether all of them are indexed. You can use the Website counter to check the number of links on your competitor’s site. It is a very interesting opportunity to analyze your competitor’s site for free!

Other ways to find out how many pages a website has

There are other ways to find out how many links your site or your competitor’s site has, in spite of the site page counter. Let’s look at the most popular ways.

Look at the XML sitemap file

You should create an XML sitemap file. It is very useful when you need to know how to see all pages on a website. Use a sitemap generator to create one for you; it is a simple way. It is done automatically, and you do not need to have technical knowledge or expertise in XML sitemap creation.

Having an XML sitemap is an advantage during the ranking in search engines. If during the site audit it is found that you do not have a sitemap, then this fact will be marked as a critical error.

Using your CMS

If your site runs on a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or WIX, you can generate a list of all your web pages from the CMS. There are many plugins on the web that can help you collect all the links on your site in one click. It’s very simple and free. Just give it a try to count website pages!

Using your CMS

Using a log

A log of all the pages served to visitors is another way to know the number of all pages on your website. Just log into your cPanel, then find raw log files. So you can list all pages on a website – the most frequently visited links, the never visited, and those with the highest drop-off rates.

Using site crawling tools

Another simple and popular way to find out how many pages a website has is to use site audit tools. There are many of them, so you can choose one that your team has a subscription to. It can be either Netpeak Spider or Screaming Frog.

A free subscription to the tool is enough to know the number of all the links on your site. You won’t need to buy a subscription just for this task.

Final thoughts on website page counter tool

Well, we’ve figured out how to view all pages of a website quickly and for free. As a responsible site owner, you should understand how important it is to know all the pages of your site. Both your site and your competitors’ sites.

Thanks to the free web page counter, you can easily find out the number of all the links on your site and see which ones have made it into the search engine index. Remember, it is important to perform regular site audits to look for critical errors that interfere with your search engine promotion. See all pages on a website with our tool!

Find out not only the number of pages, but also the presence of technical errors on them!

Make that full SEO audit to check out technical conditions of all pages on your website.

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FAQs on Website Page Counter tool
Crawling is a process that helps you and search engines to discover pages and links that lead to other site parts.
PageRank is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank web pages in their search engine results. To match this factor, you need to take care of an even distribution of link weight on your site.
Well. You can use the website page count tool, crawling tools, or look at the XML sitemap.
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