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What's inside the SEO report

SEO Score

Deploy our free SEO score checker to analyze any page for technical issues. The resulting score is contingent upon the number and variety of errors detected. Coupled with the number of issues, page status code, and indexation status, it reflects the overall SEO health of your page and highlights areas for improvement.

SEO Score by Sitechecker

Issues Overview

Make the SEO site checkup to identify all existing issues, and receive detailed, step-by-step solutions for each one. Errors are categorized as Critical or Warnings to prioritize the most significant issues. By selecting an issue, you will obtain comprehensive details of the report you require.

Issues overview by Sitechecker

Content Optimization

Analyze content optimization elements like titles and descriptions for a proper Google preview. Review the H1-H6 structure for appropriate length and existence. Ensure text length, code-to-text ratio, and word relevance are balanced to maintain clear, relevant content and avoid keyword stuffing.

Content audit by Sitechecker

Structured Data

Review the existing Open Graph markup for accuracy. These data are crucial for ensuring your content is displayed correctly and structured precisely as you intend on social media. This makes your posts more clickable, shareable, and noticeable.

Content audit by Sitechecker


Explore a detailed list of images, complete with previews, to identify broken images as well as missing or incorrect alt and title attributes. Also, check the size of the images in KB, aiming to keep them under 70KB to enhance your page speed.

Images audit by Sitechecker

Search optimization

Utilize our SEO analyzer to verify that search engines can accurately index and rank your website. It reviews essential aspects like canonical URLs, hreflang setups, and indexation through robots meta tags and robots.txt, while also checking for URL vulnerabilities, hidden links, and all kinds of redirects.

SEO audit by Sitechecker


Review all internal (both outbound and inbound) and external outbound links, including their status codes and anchor texts. This provides the opportunity to identify and resolve various link issues, such as broken links, redirect chains, excessive links from a single URL, self-linking, and more.

Links audit by Sitechecker

PageSpeed Insights

Retrieve page load speed data for your URL on both mobile and desktop, complete with scores for each. Lab data from the crawl highlights metrics like FCP, FID, LCP, TBT, CLS, and Speed Index. Each metric comes with a detailed explanation, identified problems, and solutions for how to fix them.

PageSpeed audit by Sitechecker

Full Wesbite SEO Audit

Our on page SEO grader delivers a detailed analysis of your entire site, not just specific URLs. Start your free trial for a full audit, including a website score, over 300 technical issues ranked by importance, and an affected URL list. Track the new issues that appear and much more.

Website SEO Audit by Sitechecker

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All of our clients are growing after we use the platform. For instance, our client Hospital Amazônia had a growth of more than 13.500 impressions from March to September.
Review about Sitechecker by Edgar Cardoso
We decided to run Sitechecker Audit once a week and it also contributed to the improvement of our results. This audit comes really handy and allows for quick and effective on-site optimization.
Review about Sitechecker by Sebastian Szydlowski
Before using Sitechecker our ranking was approx. #4 (mobile SERP) regarding the most important keywords. Now we are #1!
Review about Sitechecker by Pierre Breidensjö
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Frequently asked questions

Sitechecker's on-page SEO checker is a valuable tool that can quickly scan any web page of your site and identify technical errors and SEO issues that may be affecting your website's performance. By generating a comprehensive report of errors found on your web page, Sitechecker allows you to pinpoint areas that require improvement and take steps to optimize your site for maximum visibility and get more organic traffic.
Sitechecker's SEO tester crawls your URL, identifying technical issues that could negatively impact your ranking, such as broken links, redirects, server errors, meta tag duplicates, etc. The tool generates a comprehensive report with issues grouped by category and SEO importance, along with step-by-step guides to help you address and fix each issue and improve your website's SEO performance.
It is the internal metric that we use in SEO audits. It helps to measure the technical excellence in terms of SEO of an exact page or entire website. It can be beneficial for tracking the progress you make with Sitechecker and the impact of fixing the errors found. To make a long story short, the score can be described as a ratio between the issues and their quantity. Website SEO Score is an average score across all website pages. By default, each page has 100 points. And we deduct the cost of each error from those 100 points.
To improve your score, it's essential to address any issues that have been identified on your site. To maximize the impact of your efforts, it's important to prioritize fixing critical issues first, as they can have a more significant negative impact on your website's SEO health.
We offer several options for sharing the results of your SEO scan, including the ability to download a PDF summary of the free SEO audit report. You can also copy the found issues in one click.