Get more organic traffic and sales
making page health perfect

Identify the most critical technical SEO issues on the page, fix them and get more
organic traffic, satisfied users and sales as a result.

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Why page health matters


Fix technical issues on TOP landing pages

Detect and fix errors with meta tags, content optimization, indexation and page speed to make sure the most important pages have a perfect health.


Get better rankings

Have you changed website page`s text thousand times but it`s still not ranging? Correct meta tags, make good internal linking and fast page speed influence on your rankings.


Grow conversion rate and sales

Users love fast and easy to use pages with unique and useful content. Remove broken links, improve navigation and page speed to get more conversions on the page.

Website on any CMS can be audited


Your Сustom CMS

On-Page SEO Checker helps to:

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Must be a valid URL with http:// or https://

How it works

how it works

Our bot checks URL in a real time.

Sitecheckerbot crawls entered URLs by the list of the most important technical parameters in real time. We don’t cache results, so you can recheck the page immediately as changes were made.

how it works

Report is generated depends on results of check.

It includes the list of critical errors, warnings, info blocks and how-to-fix guides.

how it works

Page Score is calculated depends on this formula.

The score is calculated after the checking of all parameters. Note, that it is our custom formula. And the main goal of this index is to evaluate the technical SEO health of the page.

Stats for the last month


URLs checked


PDF reports downloaded


100 Page Scores achieved


Extra combination for real Pros

  • One time page’s health audit will help to improve your TOP landing pages.
  • One time website’s health audit will help to get more traffic and sales on a larger scale.
  • Hourly monitoring of website’s health will help keep your business running and control its growing.
Must be a valid URL with http:// or https://
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