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What Is On Page SEO Checker?

On page SEO checker is a tool, that helps you to audit any page of the site on SEO errors. SEO analyzer shows you, how search engine robots see your page in own language.

How to use SEO analyzer correctly?

Enter the domain name or URL in the active line and click on “Check”. In a few seconds our checker shows your page score, notices, warnings, critical errors. If you see some unknown parameter hover your mouse over an “i” icon and learn a short description.

What does really mean the page SEO score in Sitechecker?

Page Score is our internal rate based on combination of valuation of critical errors, warnings, notices and Google Page Speed results. It’s a relative measure. So, use it for evaluating changes you make on the page.

How to work with results?

Using our short tips for fixing errors, try to make your page ideal in on-page SEO.
Pay attention, that you get results for one exact page, not for all pages of the site. So, probably, you need to make a lot of changes on the whole site to grow your general site SEO score.

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