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LightCyde is an Austrian agency specializing in SEO, UI/UX design, paid ads, social media, web- and app development, and web analytics. They offer end-to-end digital solutions across different industries. Using Sitechecker, LightCyde was able to automate many SEO processes and increase the amount of clients’ traffic to 570% (!), and get the first positions in the search engines. Read on to learn how they did it!

The Challenge

Seeing the expansion of their client portfolio and the huge potential in organic traffic for the client’s websites, the team recognized the need for combining traffic sources and adding SEO to their list of agency services. They faced the next challenges:

  • manage multiple clients’ websites
  • optimize website performance for websites in different niches
  • track performance for several projects while providing timely reports to every client
  • develop solid keyword strategies for clients
The situation with the keywords before using Sitechecker
The situation with the keywords before using Sitechecker

The Solution

Our SEO workflow has changed a lot in the last few years. We’ve tried a lot of tools to optimize our work, but none of them help us with the technical SEO, which provides the foundation for all of the website's content to rank well, none of the big player's tools (SEMrush, Ahrefs, etc.).

Sitechecker’s Site Audit with the database of SEO errors, warnings, and opportunities was our godsend! The ability to create SEO audits of potential future customers is immensely valuable in customer acquisition terms.

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Lorenz Graf
Head of SEO at LightCyde Agency

The fact that the system provides on-demand crawling of the customers’ websites, followed by immediate reporting in correlation with said database means three things for Lorenz’s team:

  • The team gives a big shout-out to the alerts via email or Slack that helps immediately notice if something went wrong.
  • As SEOs know, several times per year Google rolls out updates of its search algorithms and systems. In this case, developers have to stay up-to-date with Google’s mood swings and the implicated coding- and awareness challenges that come with them. Sitechecker is constantly being updated with these new, state-of-the-art optimizations and will show the developers the exact line of code with an issue and even how to fix it, step by step.
  • And last but not least, the feature to impress clients with white-label PDF reports. LightCyde agency can provide them with very specific reports that include every single page and the fixes they applied to them without any additional manual documentation!

The Results

After 3 years of collaboration, LightCyde agency has seen some impressive results:

  • One of the client’s websites got around 90% organic traffic which was unusual for websites that usually got traffic from social media! The important thing to mention is that other parts of the traffic pie also grew in terms of absolute values.
  • As for the informational client’s website, within a month they reach the top 10 in SERPs.
  • Optimization of existing keywords that show potential to become top performers, which now provide an influx of new traffic and even better ranking and more traffic for previously already well-ranking keywords.

The situation with the keywords after using Sitechecker
The situation with the keywords after using Sitechecker

Our consistent, long-term SEO efforts have enabled us to hold these top positions to this day for most projects. No matter what is the niche, the age of the website, or the number of web pages, Sitechecker improves our customer's performance across all metrics for all of the websites we had the honor of working on.
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Lorenz Graf
Head of SEO at LightCyde Agency

The Takeaways

The most notable change Sitechecker has brought to LightCyde agency is the skyrocketing SEO routine.

Working on a website and wanting to see if the developers changes have the intended effect? Sitechecker shows you the answer. Does a client ask what their money got them? Sitechecker has got you covered with the report. Did Google's core update mess with your ranking and you want to know which exact lines of code you can optimize to get bring your ranking back on track? Sitechecker knows.

There is no need to check it manually or add items to the list, the system automatically knows when an issue has been resolved or new optimization opportunities have arisen.

However, when speaking of value it has to be mentioned that Sitechecker provides many more specialized tools like rank- and backlink trackers, analysis tools, and many custom 'checkers' that cover topics like traffic, safety, and page speed that make it a really all-in-one SEO platform.

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Lorenz Graf
Head of SEO at LightCyde Agency

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