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What Is Website Cookie Checker & How to Use It?

What Is Website Cookie Checker & How to Use It?
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What is a website cookie checker?

Let’s start from website cookies explanation. When you hear the word “cookie” in the context of website maintaining, it often means HTTP cookie, web cookie or a browser cookie (Chrome, Firefox etc). In fact, it is a specific tag which websites leave on the user’s computer. When a user visits a certain URL again, thanks to cookies, the website already “recognizes” him and provide information that was useful for him before (login, password, etc). Cookies are used to recognize (authenticate) users when they revisit a website and display “personalized” pages that meet the user’s needs.

Cookie checker is a tool that shows detailed info by all cookies a specific website saves during your visit. Cookies are little pieces of information that helps to identify a user, who already visited a site. Therefore our tool provides show cookies and checks if the website is safe.


How to use cookie scanner?

Check what cookies from external websites are saved on your site. If you run your own website and collaborate with SEO or marketing agencies you can see what applications were placed on your website by them.

Besides, checking cookies is a very simple path to detect some technologies and marketing analytics tools used by a website.

How to clear cookies? Delete specific cookies from any browser is quite simple. You need to open the settings bar of your browser and find the panel “clear cookie”. It works for both Firefox and Chrome browsers. In Chrome cookie settings bar open “Settings” – “Show advanced settings” – check Privacy section – choose “Cookie” and “All cookies and site data” – then press “remove”.


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