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Site Audit Issues How To Solve HTTP Page Links To HTTPS CSS

HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol is simply the method of transferring data over a network. Often, it comes through in two types: requests and responses. All users want and expect...

Site Audit Issues How To Fix the Duplicate Page in Hreflang Error

The hreflang declaration tells search engines and browsers about the language you’re using on a specific page. It helps the search engine deliver results that match the user’s language or...

Site Audit Issues How To Fix Duplicate Language in Hreflang

You need to have only one language version of a page referenced in your hreflang. However, in many parts of the world, many countries share a common language. For example,...

Site Audit Issues How To Fix the X-Default Hreflang Annotation Empty Issue

The x-default hreflang attribute is the tag used to tell the search engine that your website has a default or universal webpage. It tells search engines and browsers that they...

Site Audit Issues How To Fix a Broken JavaScript Error

A typical HTTP status code error that many website developers encounter is 404 HTTP, with 403 HTTP also being very common. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to find the source...

SEO Tools Local Rank Tracker

When generating search results, Google takes into account the user’s location. For example, if you’re searching for “Chinese restaurant”, Google will show you Chinese cuisine restaurants based on your current...

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Step-by-step guides on how to fix technical SEO issues detected by Sitechecker Crawler.

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Detailed articles about how to work with meta tags, website structure, http status codes, internal linking, robots.txt file etc.

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Best web hosting reviews and comparisons.

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Guides and tools that will help to speed up your website and its specific pages.

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