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When you decide to create a site, you have to take into account the things that each site needs: domain, hosting provider and the website itself.

Web hosting is a type of Internet service that allows users to make the site accessible to all. As you can see, web hosting is a fairly simple concept, but the technology behind it - super complicated, as most technical issues are solved on the server-side.

Web Hosting Server location Customers Storage Control Pricing / mo Trial
Whc.ca Canada 25000 Unlimited cPanel $3.89 30 Days
Topline.com.sa USA, France, Saudi Arabia 15000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Tophost.it Italy 15000 Unlimited cPanel $7.45/mo
Tmdhosting.com USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan 12000 Unlimited cpanel $5.95/mo 60 Days
Siteground.com USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore 1700000 20 GB custom $3.95/mo 30 Days
One.com USA, Sweden 1500000 25 GB cPanel $2.45/mo -
Liquidweb.com USA, Europe, Netherlands 30,000 50 GB SSD custom $66.33/mo -
Interserver.net USA 50,000 Unlimited cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, Custom panel $4.25/mo 30 Days
Hostinger.com USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Brazil 29,000,000 Unlimited hPanel, Custom-built $3.99/mo 30 Days
Godaddy.com USA, Canada, Australia, India 17,000,000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk 12, Custom-built $9.39/mo 30 Days
Bluehost.com USA 2,000,000 50 GB cPanel, Custom built $3.95/mo 30 Days
A2hosting.com USA, Netherlands, Singapore 200,000 Unlimited cPanel $4.90/mo 30 Days
Inmotionhosting.com USA 320,000 Unlimited cPanel $4.99/mo 90 days
Heficed.com USA, Germany, South Africa, Brazil 65000 Unlimited Vesta - -
Goodnet.ua Ukraine 12386 Unlimited DirectAdmin, cPanel - -
Goodhoster.net Ukraine, Germany 12000 Unlimited cPanel - 7 days
Good-host.net Russia, Germany, Netherlands 12000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Eukhost.com Europe, United Kingdom 35000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk $4.44/mo -
Domain.com USA 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Beget.com Europe 100000 Unlimited cPanel $1.75/mo -
Ionos.fr USA, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands 100000 10 GB Own $4/mo -
Ovh.com Poland, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore 1,300,000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk - -
Netim.com Europe 30000 Unlimited Parallels Plesk $7.45/mo -
Lws.fr France, Europe 30000 Unlimited Parallels Plesk $4/mo -
Webempresa.com Spain, Germany, France, Canada 45000 5 GB cPanel $6.58/mo 30 days
Gandi.net France, Europe 30000 Unlimited cPanel $4/mo -
Scaleway.com USA 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Dynamixhost.com France 30000 Unlimited Plesk $4/mo -
Magic.fr France, Europe 30000 Unlimited cPanel $4/mo -
Sered.net Spain 366942 Unlimited cPanel $4/mo -
Arsys.es Spain, USA 266000 Unlimited cPanel - 30 days
Cloudways.com USA, Germany, Singapore 12500 xx in-house $10/mo 3 days
Nominalia.com United Kingdom 600000 - cPanel - -
Dinahosting.com Spain 30000 Unlimited cPanel $4/mo 15 days
Cyberneticos.com Spain, USA, Netherlands 10000 - DirectAdmin $7.45/mo -
Interdominios.com Spain - - Parallels Plesk $4/mo -
Hostpapa.com Canada 150,000 Unlimited cPanel $4.95/mo 30 Days
Canadianwebhosting.com Canada 100000 1 GB cPanel $3.95/mo 60 days
Servermania.com USA, Canada, Netherlands 8000 250 GB cPanel $29/mo -
Greengeeks.com USA, Canada, Netherlands 40000 Unlimited cPanel $3.95/mo 30 Days
Hostupon.com Canada 10,000 Unlimited cPanel $9.95/mo 30 Days
Iweb.com USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, China 100000 1000 GB Parallels Plesk, cPanel $105/mo -
Ionos.com Spain, USA, France, Europe, United Kingdom, Netherlands 15000000 100 GB Custom built $1/mo -
Webhosting.uk.com United Kingdom 25000 5 GB Plesk, cPanel $3.32/mo -
Uk2.net United Kingdom 100000 Unlimited cPanel $2.65/mo 30 days
Easyspace.com United Kingdom 300000 10 GB Plesk, cPanel $4.8/mo -
Heartinternet.uk United Kingdom 400000 10 GB Extend control panel, cPanel, Plesk $5.32/mo -
Milesweb.com USA, India, United Kingdom 10000 1 GB cPanel, Plesk $0.84/mo -
Hostcats.com USA, India 2500 5 GB cPanel $0.55/mo -
Balasai.com USA 2500 0.5 GB Plesk $1.65/mo -
Fastwebhost.com USA, Germany, India, Netherlands, China 30,000 20 GB cPanel $2.95/mo 30 Days
Resellerclub.com USA, India, United Kingdom 200000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk, WHM $0.49/mo -
Z.com USA, Singapore, Japan, Viet Nam 8470000 Unlimited cPanel $4.8/mo -
Hostmonster.com USA 1,700,000 Unlimited cPanel $8.45/mo 30 Days
Netfirms.com USA 1200000 Unlimited Custom built $4.45/mo -
Namecheap.com Europe, United Kingdom 3,000,000 Unlimited cPanel $2.88/mo 14 Days
Ipage.com USA 1,000,000 Unlimited vdeck, cPanel $2.49/mo 30 Days
Exabytes.com USA, Singapore, Asia 100000 1 GB cPanel,Plesk $1/mo -
Midphase.com USA 120,000 Unlimited cPanel $3.48/mo 30 Days
Mediatemple.net USA 125000 20 GB Custom-built $20/mo -
Webhostinghub.com USA 40,000 Unlimited cPanel $4.99/mo 90 Days
Fatcow.com USA 100,000 Unlimited vdeck, Custom built $4.08/mo 30 Days
Justhost.com USA 1,000,000 Unlimited cPanel $3.38/mo 30 Days
Startlogic.com USA 50,000 Unlimited cPanel $5.99/mo 30 Days
Mochahost.com USA 500000 Unlimited cPanel $1.95/mo 180 days
Webhostingpad.com USA 100000 Unlimited cPanel $3.99/mo -
Servetheworld.net Norway 2500 Unlimited cPanel $3.99/mo -
Serverum.com Russia 500 1 GB cPanel $1/mo -
Serversworld.org Spain, USA, France, India, United Kingdom, China, Egypt 10000 20 GB cPanel $1/mo -
Serverius.net Netherlands 10000 20 GB cPanel - -
Serverclub.net USA 10000 20 GB cPanel - -
Serverbite.com Norway 10000 20 GB cPanel - -
Server4you.com Germany 10000 20 GB cPanel - -
Server.se Sweden 10000 Unlimited cPanel, Parallels Plesk - -
Serventus.com Netherlands 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Servage.net Germany 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Semayra.com USA 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Selectel.ru Russia 10000 Unlimited ISP Manager, Custom-built - -
Seflow.net Italy 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Securesafe.com Switzerland 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Scenegroup.fi USA, Germany, Finland 10000 Unlimited Custom built - -
Scalahosting.com USA, Europe 50000 Unlimited cPanel, SPanel $3.95/mo -
Saudisoftech.com Saudi Arabia 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Saudihost.co USA 10000 Unlimited cPanel - -
Quadhost.net USA, France, Europe, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands 5000 100 GB cPanel $7.45/mo -
Qoxy.com Singapore 5000 5 GB cPanel $4.95/mo -
Qhoster.com USA, Switzerland 5000 - cPanel $1.95/mo -
Pulsant.com United Kingdom 5000 100 GB cPanel - -

The majority compares prices for packages and services included in each to decide. As a rule, users pick something average or something that comes with discounts. Pricing policy, however, shouldn’t be the main factor in choosing a particular site. There are at least 7 things to add to the checklist before you make a decision.

  • Equipment in a reliable data center, which goes off only in critical situations and is backed up by the standby applications.
  • High uptime and minimum downtime, meaning the continuous functioning of your web platform, preferably with no delays or hangouts.
  • Daily data backup, including FTP access for server files management, ensures data integrity and helps to feel more confident.
  • Security features, which protect from unauthorized data access, fraud, and DDoS attacks.
  • Technical support for easier setup and management. You may face some questions and unknown features, and it is better to specify information through Help Desk than start the experiments.
  • Throughput and storage. Throughput is one of the most important aspects used by hosting services to create their pricing models. When you choose a web hosting, the first step is to try and honestly weigh the amount of traffic that can get your site and determine your bandwidth and resource intensity.
  • Scalability. It is important to know how easy you can switch from one hosting plan to another in case of a sudden increase in traffic to the site. An interesting option is using cloud hosting services, that allows you to scale imperceptibly, without any site delays, such as when moving to another machine.

Now you are aware of what hosting is, so let’s take a look at the features of the best and most popular services on the market.

Despite the fact that it is impossible to know what web hosting is the best without trying it, we have made a list that will help you to make a considered decision! This comparison of web hosting describes the top 100 web hosting services, so you have the opportunity to choose from the best!

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