Canadian Web Hosting Review: Pros & Cons for SEO

Canadian Web Hosting Review: Pros & Cons for SEO

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Canadian Hosting is the leader in web and cloud hosting in Canada. They are hosting business clients worldwide and delivering a secure and scalable service that helps customers meet their specific business requirements.
Canadian Web Hosting uses data centers in several locations across Canada. Let’s now get the key features and types of hosting and consider who the target audience is.

Canadian Web Hosting Pros & Cons

We’ve prepared some quick facts for those who want to get quickly acquainted with this provider.

Pros Cons
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
10 GB of Backup Space
24/7/365 Support
No Contracts
Imunify360 Enhanced Threat Detection
Canadian Data Centres
Hidden Fees
Additional payments

Canadian Web Hosting in Brief

Characteristic Information
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Support options phone, email
Hosting plans Shared Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Managed WordPress
VPS Hosting
Dedicated Servers
Features Weebly Site Builder, Parked Domains, cPanel Control Panel, Free cPanel Migration, Automated Installation, Malware Detection, and Removal, Automatic Daily Backups
CMSs WordPress, WooCommerce
Starting price $3.95 a month
Go to Canadian Web Hosting hosting

When to Use Canadian Web Hosting

Due to the variety of types, this provider can cover the needs of almost any business to host on the network. Cloud servers, dedicated servers, and virtual servers allow you to choose what will most help solve your company’s main task.

So, who should use this service?

First, those companies whose clients are located in Canada. The provider’s main servers are here, so if you promote your project in Canada, this is a great option. It also has facilities for WordPress sites so that you can put your site here on this platform.

When Not to Use Canadian Web Hosting

If you have a small project or a landing page, you can find a cheaper way to put your site online. You should not place here sites with forbidden content or dubious commercial offers.

According to various canadian web hosting companies reviews, we can conclude that your site can be blocked. Choose carefully what to do online!

Canadian Web Hosting Performance

Hosting performance should be at the top of your list of priorities when choosing a provider. Yes. It is essential if you want to get the most out of it. With several servers receiving your site, shared cloud hosting offers faster load times.

Let’s take a look at the key performance features of this provider.

  • SSH2 (Shell) access
  • Canadian Data Centres
  • Imunify360 Enhanced Threat Detection
  • Dell PowerEdge servers
  • SuperMicro servers
  • Juniper firewalls
  • SATA/SAS/SSD hard drives
  • IPMI server monitoring
  • Remote reboot & console access

Good performance, really great. If you lack more information, contact support to get answers.

Canadian Web Hosting Speed Test Results

Let’s check the performance in practice. We will use services to check the loading speed of content.

Here are the results:

Test Average Loading Time
GTmetrix test 7.4 s
Pingdom test 3.82 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google) 3.1 s

We got pretty good results, but many providers load much faster. In general, the result corresponds to the declared performance.

Canadian Web Hosting Uptime Guarantees

To ensure that your site is always available, pay attention to Uptime Guarantees. This figure should aim for 100%.

As you can see, Canadian Web Hosting provides 99.9%. It means that they consider the probability of unforeseen situations in which your site will be unavailable for some time. Such a mistake can cause you to lose customers, money, and search engines to lower your resource ranking.

Canadianwebhosting uptime guarantees

Canadian Web Hosting Server Response Time

Content loading speed, performance, Uptime. Seems like we’ve forgotten one very significant metric! The success and reliability of a hosting service also directly depends on how fast the server gives the user the first byte of content.

Also, this factor directly affects the search engine ranking. Let’s use The Bitcatcha service to check this critical metric.

Canadianwebhosting server response time

Google regards as fast those sites that give up the first byte of information faster than 200ms. It is an excellent indicator, which our provider fully meets! For this, the service awarded the A+ grade. And what is crucial, all industry leaders receive this grade.

Canadian Web Hosting Site Migration

The provider can help you migrate your site for free if it is already on another hosting service.

Your website content and databases will be transferred to Canadian Web Hosting at your request. A nice bonus! If you decide to leave your current provider before the plan expires, you may be compensated.

Canadian Web Hosting Types, Features, and Pricing

Canadian hosting plans include shared, dedicated, WordPress, VPS, and cloud services on servers that offer both Linux and Windows platforms at different prices and different features. Next, we’ll take a closer look at what pricing plans are available here and at what prices.

The cheapest plan will cost you $3.95, and the most expensive plan is $199 a month.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is a great opportunity to get a reliable and high-quality way to place your website on the Internet for a small fee. The essence is that the server capacity is equally divided among several users. Each of them is allocated a certain amount of Storage, depending on the chosen plan.

Canadianwebhosting Shared Hosting
Canadian web hosting prices

Note that each plan provides Unlimited Bandwidth.

Cloud Hosting

Canadian cloud hosting has combined shared hosting plans with CACloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting uses the resources of several servers at once, giving customers the best possible uptime, unlimited expansion, and better protection.

Canadianwebhosting Cloud Hosting
Canadian web hosting prices

Managed WordPress hosting

Whether you’re blogging your company or setting up an e-commerce store, the service team manages setup, updates, backups and lets you focus on growing your project. Prices here start at $9.95 a month.

Canadianwebhosting Managed WordPress hosting
Canadian web hosting prices

VPS Hosting

If you are looking for a virtual solution with great performance and low costs, then VPS is the ideal option for your business. Each of the plans includes innovative virtualization software built on CACloud infrastructure.

Canadianwebhosting VPS Hosting
Canadian web hosting prices

Prices start at $5 a month, and for this price, you get 512 MB of memory, 1 Core processor, 20 GB of storage, and 1 TB of Bandwidth.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the ideal solution for customers who need maximum power for a small fee. Each of the plans supports 100% network uptime and excellent power. Choose the plan for your needs and enjoy the excellent quality of the provider’s services.

Canadianwebhosting Dedicated Servers
Canadian web hosting prices

Ready to choose your plan?

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Security Features

All good things come at a price, and security measures are no exception when working with this provider. There are security measures such as SSL Certificate in some plans and Malware Detection and Removal by default.

Dedicated plans also include:

  • Unified security services
  • Web & email protection
  • Intrusion prevention & detection
  • Trouble ticketing system
  • Advanced reporting & logging

But if you want maximum protection, you have to pay for it separately. The company offers its customers advanced security features with a monthly fee. Depending on what insecurity is most relevant to your business, you can choose from three security plans.

Each of these plans includes:

  • Website audit
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Point-in-time snapshots
  • Network security scans
  • Software firewall
  • Server monitoring
  • AT 101 SOC 2 environment

On the one hand, providing advanced security features to those customers who need them is a good solution. On the other hand, many of these features are included in the cost of competitors’ plans. So it’s up to you.

Canadianwebhosting Security Features

Customer Support

Customer Service is the key link between the service and the customer. With customer care specialists’ help, you can get advice on the right hosting plan for you. You can contact support if you have any problems with the service.

An interesting option of the provider is that there is advanced support for customers. However, it is not free. For a fee, you can get more features. Starting at $20 a month, you will have the ability to monitor sites for errors, managed saves automatically, and other features.

Canadianwebhosting Customer Support

Making support with this functionality payable is a very controversial decision. In fact, in the cheapest managed support plan, users can purchase for money what other providers give free to their customers. It is a very strange point at all.

Canadian Web Hosting Quick Facts

Fact Information
Bandwidth Unlimited
FREE SSL Certificate  included in each plan
Free cPanel Migration included in each plan
Advanced Features Imunify360 Enhanced Threat Detection
Email included in each plan

Canadian Web Hosting Review: Do We Recommend It?

We can not confidently recommend this hosting, but it does not mean that it is bad. There are hidden fees here, and you have to pay for several features that are available from other competitors for free.

If the performance and price suit you, then, of course, it will be good if you try to work with this provider. Don’t forget that there is a money-back guarantee here. It means that if you are dissatisfied with the service, you can get your payment back.

There are interesting features here for your business, and the low price for basic rate plans makes this provider attractive to new users. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. We have studied Canadian web hosting reviews, and many still show satisfaction with the quality of services.

Ready to choose your plan?

Go to Canadian Web Hosting

Canadian Web Hosting Alternatives

We have prepared some other interesting and reliable services for you. Please check them out before you make your final decision on hosting for your business. It is a responsible business, so it is better to see all the suitable options.

  1. iPage — reliable hosting solutions for online businesses.
  2. BlueHost — good for WordPress and Dedicated hosting.
  3. Hostwinds — the best features for dedicated hosting for low prices.
FAQs on Canadian Web Hosting
Yes, canadian hosting provider offers customers a choice of operating systems. However, if you opt to use a Windows server, there is an additional licensing fee for the operating system.
The company has headquarters in Vancouver, BC, and data centers in Vancouver and Toronto.
Yes. This service support WooCommerce, so you can create and manage your custom online shop easily. Get more than 350 additional extensions to customize your store fully.
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