9 Best Hurtworld Server Hosting: Server Hosting For 2022-2023

9 Best Hurtworld Server Hosting: Server Hosting For 2022-2023

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What is Hurtworld? It’s a multiplayer FPS survival game by Bankroll Studios. Hurtworld has sandbox features similar to Minecraft: you can craft, build bases, go through Hurtworld raiding, and run through various survivor missions.

It has changeable graphics, so it works fine even on cheap or old (made before 2017) devices. You can play it on both Windows and macOS systems. It’s pretty rare to see action games made for Apple devices. This game finally made one of the macOS owners’ dreams come true. So many Apple users start searching for how to get Hurtworld on their computers and play with friends.

So, no doubt, it has a lot of fans throughout the world. We all see a constant demand for Hurtworld servers. It even has its own Wiki, which shows its high status in the game community. Many gamers want to create their unique experience and share it with friends, so they start searching for how to host a Hurtworld server. We are here for you to help with this task!

Minimum Hurtworld Server Hosting Requirements

You need to determine the game’s technical parameters. Otherwise, you won’t be able to build a Hurtworld server. Look at that game’s Steam page: a fine server should have “Recommended” requirements. If the server doesn’t fit in these essential parameters, the game can glitch and freeze:

  • Chip: 64-bit
  • System: Windows 7 or OS X Mavericks
  • Working Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card: GeForce 660/Radeon HD 6970
  • Storage: 4 GB

They don’t have a PS4 or Xbox version. It’s only for the PC. The system requirements are approachable for most users. But if you want to create a server for dozens of players, look for a better Hurtworld server setup, so you don’t face lags while playing in a big international team. You can also add Discord and chat while playing.

The Top 9 Hurtworld Server Hosting Server Hosting Providers

Now that you know the desirable parameters, look at the Hurtworld server list to find the suitable option. So let’s compare the 9 best Hurtworld server hosting providers in a fair review.

  1. Survival Servers — full customization
  2. Host Havoc — great security
  3. GTX Gaming — best performance
  4. PingPerfect — advanced customization
  5. Streamline servers — data centers in every part of the world
  6. Nitrous Networks — great for big teams
  7. Citadel Servers — maximum customization
  8. Gamingdeluxe — latest hardware

Best Hurtworld Server Hosting Servers Hosting in Details

Selecting the best Hurtworld multiplayer server it’s a task that requires a lot of time to choose the correct variables that suit the needs of every gamer in the team. Look at those features: DDoS protection, installing external mods, FTP access, and server location changes. Fine Hurtworld server should combine at least 2-3 features from this list.

All hostings from this list have an Instant Setup, and built-in DDoS protection, and they all support various mods. So you can focus on other features.

1. Survival Servers — full сustomization

This server hosting was founded in 2012 and has been operating for over 10 years for millions of users. Survival Servers is one of the fastest servers on the list, with top-tier hardware. Picky gamers could create their own rules with an advanced control panel.

Hurtworld Survival Servers


Price: from $10/month.
Trial: No.
Players: 10-60.
Control panel: Custom.

Pros Cons
Automated notifications
Great for small teams
FTP Access
No trial or refund
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Survival Servers hosting

2. Host Havoc — great security

This server offers to host a wide range of games: from popular ARK, DayZ, and CS:Go to indie stories like Starbound or Wreckfest. It has 11 data centers in various parts of the world, so users will have a great performance wherever they play. Host Havoc is a great Hurtworld hosting option for big teams because it can fit up to 100 slots in one server.

Hurtworld Host Havoc


  • Price: from $13.50/month
  • Trial: No
  • Players: 30-100
  • Control panel: TCAdmin
Pros Cons
11 data centers
3-day money-back guarantee
2-step authentication
Will not suit small teams
Doesn’t have a free trial
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Host Havoc hosting

3. GTX Gaming — best performance

This server company has been a major player in the industry since 2008. They are famous for the fact that they are the first to host the most popular games. They can do this because they replace their machines yearly with the most modern top-tier hardware. As for 2022, they are running on i9 Chips and ultra-fast SSD drivers.

GTX Gaming provides game switching, so if users get bored they can easily change it to any available on the server. They also have 10 Gb fibers going into US and London locations. Users can set up international teams, and play at a comfortable tempo without any ping. So this Hurtworld server download speed will be pretty high in any configuration.

Hurtworld GTX Gaming


Price: from £4/month (or $6.78)
Trial: No
Control panel: Custom

Pros Cons
More than 30 servers around the world
Game switching
Sub-user feature
Easy customizable configuration
Users can pay with most popular cryptocurrency
Money-back only for 1 day
Slow support
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to GTX Gaming hosting

4. PingPerfect — advanced customer support

One more provider with 150+ games on the list. It has a lot of features, including instant Server setup, free web hosting, game switching, and more. But the main advantage of the PingPerfect Hurtworld host server team is the finest support. Their response time is surprisingly short — less than 10-15 minutes. Also, they have no limit on the slots on the server, so you can set up rooms for 300 or even 500 players.

Hurtworld PingPerfect


Price: from $1,01/ month per user
Trial: Yes, 48 hours
Players: Unlimited
Control panel: TCAdmin

Pros Cons
Fast support
Full backup
Free debranding and web hosting
Game switching
Lot of locations
High price
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to PingPerfect hosting

5. Streamline Servers — data centers in every part of the world

Streamline Servers provide various servers for gaming and working activity. They offer VPS, dedicated, voice, and game servers. The TCAdmin panel allows you to adjust the Hurtworld host server to your needs.

There are 20+ data centers, so you can easily choose the nearest server. It will reduce the possible lags, pings, and glitches. The price for a slot is low: it starts from $0,38/user.

Hurtworld Streamline Servers


Price: Starts from $11.40
Trial: Yes if you sign up with the Tebex.io payment service
Players: 30 – 120.
Control panel: TCAdmin

Pros Cons
You can manually select the location of the server
Variable CPU speed
Support cryptocurrency as payment option
Affidivate system
You will get a free trial only if you sign up with Tebex payment service
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Streamline Servers hosting

6. Nitrous Networks — for big teams

Web hosting service with a minimalistic interface and reasonable price policy. They don’t have a lot of customization, like other providers. But Nitrous can offer you free web hosting and MySQL. Also, Nitrous Networks support Oxide modes and up to 200 players in one server.

Hurtworld Nitrous Networks


Price: from £7.80 per month ($8.77)
Trial: No
Players: up to 200
Control panel: TCAdmin

Pros Cons
Free web hosting
Up to 200 people in one server
No free trial
Only 7 data center locations
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Nitrous Networks hosting

7. Bisecthosting — great user support

Bisecthosting – server host with more than 15 years of experience and 13 data centers. It has one of the best supports with many channels you can reach: Internal Ticket System, Live Chat, E-mail, or team speak.

You also can add a high CPU priority and extra support (Silver Support) to rented Hurtworld server hosting. It will cost you an extra $5 and $10 per month, but it will give you much more comfort while using the Bisecthosting server.

Hurtworld Bisecthosting


Price: from $15/month
Trial: No
Players: 10-60
Control panel: Custom

Pros Cons
Automatic Server Restart
Overseer Panel
13 data centers
High CPU Priority
Don’t have a trial
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Bisect hosting

8. Citadel Servers — maximum customization

Citadel Servers it’s a budget-friendly service. You can customize your bill to the slightest details, including server location, cloud backup storage, process priority, migration services, premium support, and Hu dedicated IP address. The last add-on allows you to set Hurtworld dedicated servers, so you will have the default ports for the game. And it could drastically increase the popularity of your server.

Hurtworld Citadel Servers


Price: from $6/month
Trial: No
Players: 10-100
Control panel: Custom

Pros Cons
Abidivty to customize own bill
Lot payment options
20+ servers
XEON Chips
Don’t have a trial
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Citadel Servers hosting

9. Gamingdeluxe — latest hardware

It’s a hosting provider with 16+ years of experience in providing various servers. Gamingdeluxe is using NVMe SSD storage to maintain the highest possible read/write speeds. The Hurtworld server rental runs on the latest Dell Servers E3 / E5 or i7/i9 processors.

Hurtworld Gamingdeluxe


Price: $5.60/month
Trial: No
Players: 20-200
Control panel: TCAdmin

Pros Cons
Top-tier hardware
CPU Priority
Vip Ticket
CPU Clock Speed
Don’t have a trial
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Gamingdeluxe hosting

Best Eco Servers Hosting Comparison

Let’s compare all options side-by-side to find the best Hurtworld servers hosting .

Hosting Pricing / mo
(starting at)
Free trial Players limit Control panel
Survival Servers 10 No 10-60 Custom
Host Havoc 13.50 No 30-100 TCAdmin
GTX Gaming 6.78 No 10-120 Custom
PingPerfect 1.01 Yes Unlimited TCAdmin
Streamline servers 11.40 Only if you sign in with Tebex payment service 30-120 TCAdmin
Nitrous Networks 8.77 No Up to 200 TCAdmin
Bisect Hosting 15 No 10-60 Custom
Citadel Servers 6 No 10-100 Custom
Gamingdeluxe 5.60 No 20-200 TCAdmin

How to Choose The Best Hurtworld Server Hosting Server Hosting Provider

Choosing where to host the Hurtworld server it’s not the easiest task. However, there are some key features that you might be looking for. We are gathering all of them in one list, so you can check it while you choose the server.

  1. Reliability and performance. Check the provider’s hardware. Pay details to the RAM volume and type of the hard drive. Look for an SSD with at least 512 Gb in it. It’s expensive, but otherwise, you could catch glitches.
  2. Internet connection. The final quality of the connection, even on a Hurtworld dedicated server depends on the network speed and location.
  3. Prices and payments. Every work needs to be paid. So there are no free Hurtworld server hosting services. Consider choosing a service with many payment options that you can fully customize to your needs.
  4. User-friendliness in every detail. If the service is not user-friendly, there is a high chance that even its services won’t be pretty accessible. The ability to type your own Hurtworld server commands in the Command Panel it’s a great advantage.
  5. Mods availability. One of the main advantages of multiplayer services is that you can create your own rules for your favorite game. Modern mods even allow users to create their own Hurtworld weapons. It can drastically change the game flow.

Also, look for Hurtworld EAC policy, so your server automatically bans cheaters.

Buy or Rent Hurtworld Server Hosting Hosting vs. Hosting Yourself

Hurtworld is a popular multiplayer game, so the players always look for the best experience. But what would be better: buy the equipment and host by yourself or simply rent a Hurtworld server?

It depends on your future needs. If you have a powerful PC, a constant internet connection, and power authority, you can try to become your own Hurtworld server host. But if you don’t want to deal with it, and want to simply “plug and play” with your friends or gaming team, consider the rental option.

Hurtworld server rental gives you the best gameplay and an unforgettable multiplayer experience without lags. Those companies provide full customization and built-in DDoS protection, so you don’t need to worry about possible hackers.

Hurtworld hosting services can provide the best possible experience for cooperative mode fans. There can be dozens of players from different continents, and the game will run smoothly in all of them. It became possible through branched data center networks. But if you consider creating your own server with a home PC, be prepared for high ping for international teams.

Final Thoughts

Hurtworld game provides an exciting multiplayer action experience. This shooter has ever-changing gameplay, so users always find out how to entertain themselves. There is no wonder why so many people want to spend time here in cooperative mode.

A good Hurtworld server hosting provider will gladly take the responsibility to create smooth gameplay for dozens of players simultaneously. Beware that there is no free Hurtworld server hosting.

A provider needs to maintain the servers, and pay bills and salaries to the support team. So, if you find some free service, it could be a scam. Be careful and choose only trusted providers.

We save you time and gather the 9 best options in this Hurtworld guide. Check the list, to find the most suitable provider for your needs.

If you want to know how to make a Hurtworld server, beware that your PC needs to be online 24/7, and you can’t use any other programs. Otherwise, it will lower the CPU, and players will face glitches and lags. Or you can use some hosting, so the provider keeps care of the technical part.
You open the Control Panel and copy the address of the server. Other users will paste it in the game on their PC and they can play on your server in multiplayer mode. If you are curious about “Can I run Hurtworld server alone?”, we can assure you that you can. But you still need to pay for the minimum allowed a number of slots.
No, it’s a game that you need to buy on Steam. But you allow adding mods to create your own Hurtworld weapons, maps, and other assets.
It depends on the provider. Most of them allow you to add mods for Hurtworld crafting. Identify the mod and find it on Steam, go to the Configuration File in the server’s Control Panel. Edit the autoexec.cfg file in the Text Editor. Type in loadmod <insert mod ID>. Confirm the changes and restart the server. It can be any Hurtworld building mods that are supported by the hosting provider.

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