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Website Traffic Checker for Traffic Analytics

Website Traffic Checker is our data checking tool. With it, you can get and analyze your web traffic to optimize it. Get all the most important website traffic metrics that are important for evaluating the power and optimization of your resource.

Let’s briefly look at how our tool can help you improve your online business and what metrics you can track with it to optimize your resource.

Importance of Web Traffic Analysis and Monitoring

Analyzing traffic data about your site is an important process for promoting online, increasing search traffic and sales. Regardless of how big your site is and how many users it has, you should have a regular site audit. With it, you’ll get information about your user’s sources, check website visitors, your closest competitors, and what you need to fix to optimize your resource.

If you’re not examining how your site is performing and what results you’re achieving, then you’re missing out on potential visits and users every day. Every day there are new engagement metrics to measure a site’s success, but the basics in website traffic check remain.

Check site attendance if you’re a site owner to adjust your development plans, marketing activities and better understand the audiences for the product or service promotion.

Any site owner should monitor website traffic analysis and the audience’s sources to use this information to their advantage. The better and more detailed data you process, the better results you will get, and the better you can improve your resource.

What is more, it happens sometimes when non-indexable urls receive traffic. To fix the issue read the article in order not to have the problem with that.

How to Use the Tool?

Step 1: Insert your URL and start free trial

To get started, just enter your URL below. It’s easy and fast! No credit card is needed – you can even use Google or Facebook to sign up for a free trial without any hassle at all.

How to use web traffic checker step 1

Step 2: Get the result

It will take just a few seconds to get the traffic data for your site and prepare it in a complete report.

How to use web traffic checker step 2 - result

For more information about the data that you get, check out the block down.

Our Website Traffic Report Special Features

Let’s take a closer look at the key features of a website traffic estimator and how they will allow you to analyze your resource. Each section will give you important information about the performance of your resource so that you can continue to optimize and develop it in the right direction. In the screenshots below, you will find the actual data on our site.


In this section, you can lookup website traffic overview of recent attendance changes. How to check it out? View the traffic jumps, analyze which moments were good and what they were related to.

There you can view page visits per month, the average time your users spend on the site, and other helpful website visit metrics, like the percentage of visitors that leave a site without viewing a second page. Analyze the information and check website traffic free regularly to keep track of your site’s performance.

Web traffic data overview

Traffic by countries and sources

When using our traffic checker tool, users will get two types of information: traffic by countries and by sources.

By countries:

You will find out the biggest countries that your site is getting visitors from. This information can be useful in deciding on what region you should focus on.

By sources:

Our tool will show you the sources of your traffic and their share as a percentage of total attendance. This information can be useful in understanding which marketing channels are most effective for your site: organic search, social, email, direct or referral.

Traffic checker - traffic by countries and sources

Both types of information can be effective in understanding your site attendance and making decisions about your marketing strategy.


Keywords are one of the most important factors in increasing your search ranking. This section provides data on keywords that users can use to find you. Keywords help you find out which queries users are trying to find you on the Internet.

With this information, you can optimize your site’s content for better perception in search engines. That way you, can get more users.

The properly selected semantic core will help you to promote for relevant queries. Website organic traffic checking can help increase the ranking of your site visitor’s stats on the web and bring you more users.



Referral traffic is a method of reporting visits that came to your site from sources outside its search engine. When someone clicks on a link to a new page on a different platform, the tool tracks the click as a referral visit to the second site.


This section collects website attendance statistics on which social networks you get traffic from. This data allows you to analyze website traffic and which social networks are worth special emphasis on in your promotion to increase the number of your users.



In the competitor’s section, we collect data and estimate website traffic on the domains of sites similar to yours. Here you can find out who makes similar content and who gets visits from the same traffic sources as you do. Use this information for additional competitor analysis.

That way, with a web traffic checker, you can improve your site in the eyes of search engines by eliminating critical optimization mistakes.

Competitor website traffic analysis for traffic opportunities search

If you want to monitor your website traffic regularly. It is easy to do, we provide the Google Analytics and Google Search Console connections.

GA and GSC connection
Regular traffic monitoring

After you connected, your accounts, you will get the data about your site traffic and sales (if you have E-Commerce in GA) in the dashboard and will be able to monitor the dynamic. Also, we have a lot of other data features that you maybe will be interested in.

Regular traffic and sales monitoring

Analyze not only traffic but the entire site!

Make a full audit to find out and fix your technical SEO. Make traffic growth possible.

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The Stats Data Usage

Using the data on the statistics of attendance of your web resource, you can get this information:

  • The total number of users of your site and web site visits.
  • The actions that visitors perform while on your site.
  • Changes in visit sources.
  • Results of actions taken to optimize your site for search engines.

Analyze your site’s key metrics with a website traffic analyzer to improve weaknesses and get new sources of site attendance check. Regardless of what your site’s goals are, you need to analyze the information.

Important Website Traffic Statistics and Engagement Metrics to Analyze

  • Sessions. The number of visits to the platform during the selected period. One session lasts at least 30 minutes.
  • Pages / session. Shows how many pages users navigate to per session. 
  • The average duration of a session. The longer a user spends on your site, the better search engines will rank it.
  • Users. The number of unique visitors per period. 
  • Bounce rate. The percentage of users leaving the site in less than 15 seconds.
  • Channels – sources of user visits. 
  • CTR. The ratio of impressions to the number of clicks on your page in search results.
  • Clicks. This data shows how visitors interact with different sections of your site.

Using Website Traffic Checker for Competitor Analysis

When strategizing how to promote your site, you need to consider how your competitors promote and get a website traffic report. Competitor attendance analysis will give you the data you need to get additional users for your site. Website traffic analytics will allow you to analyze your competitors’ key sources as well as their audience.

It doesn’t mean you should repeat your competitor’s keywords, but knowing exactly what they use in their promotion will be very useful to you.

How to analyze a niche?

If you are determined to analyze your competitors in your subject, our site visitor checker will help you. Completely free, you can get key information on your competitors, their promotion methods, as well as learn what methods exist to attract additional visits.

When analyzing a niche, you need to consider the geographic location of your audience, competitors’ domains, and what channels to attract more visits are used in that niche.

How to check my website traffic?

There are many ways to check attendance on the site. We recommend using our Website Traffic Checker or Google Analytics tool to check website traffic and get data.

Also, you can get acquainted with the tutorial by Julius Fedorovicius, founder of Analytics Mania. You will find out how to set up the system & how to check website traffic on Google Analytics 4.

What is Critical to Remember Using Website Traffic Checker Tool?

How to check my website attendance? Using Website Checker data, you can see that it does not always match the data from Google Analytics or other analysis seo tools to check web traffic. The tools collect data according to their algorithms, and sometimes, the numerical values may differ slightly.

In addition, you should keep in mind that you’re getting data about website visits not in real-time but after some period.

Final Thoughts on Website Traffic Checker Tool

A free website traffic checker is a useful tool for analyzing your website’s visit sources, audience, and competitors. Use it to promote your site even more effectively in search engines and attract even more users. In the fight for higher search engine rankings, you should use analytics tools to check website traffic data.

Also remember about the problem when 404 page appears in search results or redirect (3XX) URL received organic search traffic.

Only by knowing and fixing your site’s weaknesses will you be able to attract additional visits and bring your site to the top search engine positions.

Yes! With a web traffic analyzer, you can check some website traffic for free. But there are some paid functions, so if you want to know more, get the full version of the tool.
You just need to type in your site's domain name and get all site traffic metrics. Analyze this data and compare it with the latest months.
Yes, you just need to log in to the site to track the history of checks on your resource. Only then will you be able to track the history of changes.
Just add a new project during the test and analyze another site.
Yes, you can see how the number of visits and its sources changed from month to month.
Website traffic analysis involves collecting and interpreting (analyzing) data about visitors to your website in order to understand their behavior.
Google Analytics isn't just some numbers game, it provides basic audience and behavior metrics. It lets you segment your users by their demographics, the devices they used to visit your site, and whether this was their first time on your site. You can also use it to track a website's advertising performance and overall traffic numbers so that you're never left in the dark again. Also, we offer you a few clicks connection the GSC and GA to the Sitechecker for getting combined informative dashboards to describe your traffic in the most informative form.
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