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Sitechecker Affiliate Program

Turn your trusted recommendations into income and earn 30% commission on each new subscription sale and $10 commission on every coupon used.

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Why Sitechecker Affiliate Program

Easy-to-use tools

Sitechecker is an all-in-one tool for improving your website's SEO. It analyzes your search performance daily, updating your to-do list based on changes in content, rankings, and backlinks.

Easy-to-use tools

Monthly payouts

You have the flexibility to receive rewards every month through multiple payment options such as PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, or Payoneer, allowing you to choose the method that best suits your preferences and needs.

Monthly payouts

Support on every step

Our support team is here to assist you with promotional materials and guidance, ensuring a smooth and successful journey backed by our unwavering support.

Support on every step

Who Can Become a Sitechecker Affiliate?

Agencies Recommend Sitechecker to your clients and get a special commission
Website Owners Monetize your traffic by promoting an Sitechecker SEO platform
Bloggers and Influencers Earn money by promoting Sitechecker on your blog or other channels
All-round Marketers Access various resources to promote Sitechecker
Edtech companies Recommend Sitechecker to your students and enrich their learning experience
Freelancers Promote Sitechecker with affiliate links, make sales and earn money
E-commerce Store Owners Earn commissions by promoting Sitechecker to your audience
Paid search specialist Run campaigns with 14-day free trial landing pages and pre-designed banners

Frequently asked questions

The commissions are paid once a month via PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer or Payoneer. You can request the payout upon reaching a minimum threshold of $100. If your balance is below the minimum threshold amount, this will be carried over onto the following month, up until the minimum threshold is met.
Cookies are valid for 30 days, so the referred user needs to register the Sitechecker account within 30 days after clicking on the link with your affiliate ID.
You can promote Sitechecker via your blog, website, social media channels.The only thing we ask is that you follow our brand guidelines in all promotions.
Sure, you can ask us for promo materials and all necessary information.
We need to see an active blog or content where you showcase content for our target audience.There are some restricted website’s niches for placing an affiliate link: porn, casino, CBD, pharmacy, replicas or other kinds of spam.
We’re always here to help! Push the button Contact in the footer or send us an email to and we’ll get back to you.

Engage with your audience and make a profit with Sitechecker affiliate program

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