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The Best Ghost Hosting for Your Business

The Best Ghost Hosting for Your Business

When you start creating a blog, you should choose the appropriate hosting that covers all the aspects of successful blogging. For example, ghost blog hosting allows writing, editing, and publishing posts quite easy and fast.

So, it allows you to concentrate on writing without being distracted by unnecessary technical issues.

We’ve gathered the best services for ghost hosting describing their features and functionality to bring you closer to the best service provider.

7 Best Ghost Hosting Platforms for Your Blog

  1. A2 Hosting – Best “Overall” Ghost Hosting
  2. InterServer – Best “Cheap” Ghost Hosting
  3. HostPapa – Best “Startup” Ghost Hosting
  4. Hostwinds – Best “ISO” Ghost Hosting
  5. InMotion – Best “SSD” Ghost Hosting
  6. BlueHost – Best “Scalability” Ghost Hosting
  7. HostGator – Best “All-inclusive” Ghost Hosting

How to Choose the Best Ghost Host?

Before choosing appropriate hosting you should pay attention to three main points: features, reliability, and pricing. Below we describe each of them in more detail.

Factor 1 – Features

Pretty obvious but yes, you should analyze what exactly you need for your blog. What features should have the service? Maybe you need free backups or an unlimited storage place? Don’t try to get all the features in the market, try to understand which of them will be essential for your business, and find the appropriate service.

Factor 2 – Reliability

There are a lot of new and old services. The new ones can provide you better pricing and more interesting features but you should estimate risks and find reviews from previous customers. It will help you to understand if your future partner is a reliable company that will provide quality services. If you have a personal blog, small downtime might not hurt you a lot but when we talk about business, this is an important thing.

Factor 3 – Pricing

Despite the size of your company, you have some budget for marketing activities and blogging. Ghost hosting service should meet this budget and be affordable for your company. You might need free ghost hosting or be ready for the paid ones. That’s why we wrote prices for every service, so you can decide while reading this text.

Different Types of Best Hosts for Ghost

There are three types of Ghost hosting. They have different prices and features. You can read our description and decide what’s better for you.

Shared Hosting

This is a very popular type of hosting, especially for users who create the first websites of blogs. As you can guess from the name, in shared hosting you share the server space with other users. Thus, a lot of websites are launched on one server. All the users should share the disk space, memory, CPU, and other resources.

The closest analogy is an apartment building where you have your own flat and sharable resources like car parking and elevators. This is the simplest and cheapest type of hosting. It will suit personal blogs or blogs from small companies.

Find out more about the best shared hosting as the right way to start your web project today.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

It has similar features to shared hosting. You share resources with other users but there are fewer websites and the storage is split to a different environment for every user (website). This hosting type provides the basic pack of resources for every user but you also can order additional features.

Talking about the analogy, VPS is like a condominium. You still share territory with other people but you have more freedom and own parking space.

See what cheap VPS hosting can offer in detail.

Dedicated Hosting

It provides your own server for personal use. You have all the rights and can customize the environment as you need. This is the most expensive type of hosting. But you’ll receive a fully customized server with all the capacity only for your blog or website.

Thus, the security level and performance are much higher than in other types. The closest analogy is the own house. You can do what you want but the all responsibility is yours too.

Take advantage of cheap dedicated hosting using the full server capacity for your website.

#1 – A2 Hosting – Best “Overall” Ghost Hosting

A2 Hosting has an all-SSD infrastructure that can boost performance up to 20 times. With the native efficient platform called SwiftServer, it offers both managed and unmanaged hosting plans. This service has cPanel, optimizing caching, unlimited options, a guarantee of money back anytime. The pricing now starts from €2,48 per month.

Best Ghost Hosting - A2 hosting

Other features and benefits:

  • free HackScan and advanced security;
  • unlimited emails and databases;
  • 24/7 support (email, tickets and phone.

Server location: USA, Netherlands, Singapore

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to A2 Hosting hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to A2 Hosting review

#2 – InterServer – Best Cheap Ghost Hosting

InterServer has quite a long history. The project started in 1999, so now it has more than 20 years of experience. This is a reliable service that provides web hosting, storage, servers, and cloud VPS.

Talking about hosting, InterServer offers an easy-to-use control panel, a price lock guarantee, free migration services, guaranteed email delivery, and utilizing only 50% of the server’s capacity to support the growth of customers’ websites.

Best Cheap Ghost Hosting - InterServer

Other features and benefits:

  • fixed price with no sudden increases (price lock);
  • 99.9% uptime;
  • unlimited emails and data transer.

Server location: USA

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to InterServer hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to InterServer review

#3 – HostPapa – Best Startup Ghost Hosting

This service calls itself a “smart web solution for small business”. So, if you aren’t an enterprise, try HostPapa. It includes hosting, email, and more than 400 applications. This service also has fast support, they reply to support tickets in 10 minutes and you can write via email or online chat or call the support and receive a fast answer.

And if HostPapa won’t meet your expectation, they provide a no-risk 30-day money-back guarantee.

Best Startup Ghost Hosting - HostPapa

Other features and benefits:

  • enhanced SSD servers;
  • free VPS migration;
  • host unlimited domains.

Server location: USA, Canada

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Hostpapa hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to Hostpapa review

#4 – Hostwinds – Best “ISO” Ghost Hosting

This tool provides cloud hosting with hourly or monthly billing, automatic nightly backups, and free around-clock monitoring. You can use it on Windows and Linux. Hostwinds allows customizing their servers by using ISO snapshots. They also offer real-time monitoring, managed and unmanaged solutions, apps, and scripts library.

Best ISO Ghost Hosting - Hostwinds

Other features and benefits:

  • instant upgrades without downtime;
  • automatic night backups;
  • custom ISO.

Server location: USA, Netherlands

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Hostwinds hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to Hostwinds review

#5 – InMotion – Best “SSD” Ghost Hosting

InMotion was the first who actively provided the use of all-SSD servers and a smart routing network for fast and seamless hosting. It offers free cPanel and server managing with updates and patching, cloud infrastructure, enterprise-grade operating system, and real-time redundancy. You can also get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Best SSD Ghost Hosting - InMotion

Other features and benefits:

  • real-time redundancy;
  • free server management;
  • unlimited databases.

Server location: USA

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to InMotion hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to InMotion review

#6 – BlueHost – Best Scalable Ghost Hosting

BlueHost provides control and flexibility for your Ghost environment. You can use seamless migration, CodeGuard backups, and SiteLock security. BlueHost provides a free domain name for the first year, 24/7 support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It uses KVM and OpenStack to guarantee instant scalability for your resources.

Best Scalable Ghost Hosting - BlueHost

Other features and benefits:

  • unlimited bandwidth;
  • seamless migration from shared plans;
  • managed 24/7.

Server location: USA

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Bluehost hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to Bluehost review

#7 – HostGator – Best “All-inclusive” Ghost Hosting

You might hear about HostGator as the website builder but now its functionality is quite wider. It includes web hosting, website builder, and domains. Here you can order different types of hosting. For example, VPS, shared, or dedicated hosting.

Service provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and tools for both newbies and professionals, including scalability. HostGator exists since 2002 and has a good reputation on the market.

Best All-inclusive Ghost Hosting - HostGator

Other features and benefits:

  • free domain, script transfer, and MySQL;
  • weekly backups;
  • complete customization.

Server location: USA

Ready to choose your plan? — Go to HostGator hosting
Want to read some more information — Go to HostGator review

Web Hosting Server location Hosting plans Customers Storage Control Pricing / mo
(starting at)
USA, Netherlands, Singapore Shared, WordPress, Reseller, VPS, cloud, Dedicated server, Email 200.000 Unlimited cPanel $4.90 30 Days
USA VPS, Dedicated, WordPress 50.000 Unlimited cPanel, Direct Admin, Plesk, Custom panel $4.20 30 Days
Canada Web hosting, Online store, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, PapaCare+ 150.000 Unlimited cPanel $4.95 30 Days
Seattle, Amsterdam, Dallas Shared, Business, Reseller, White label No data Unlimited Custom $5.24
USA Shared, VPS, Dedicated, WordPress 320.000 Unlimited cPanel $4.99

90 days
USA Shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, Managed WordPress 2.000.000 50 GB cPanel, Custom built $3.95 30 Days
USA Shared hosting, Website builder, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated hosting No data Unlimited CPanel $2.75 45 days
Canada Web hosting, Cloud Servers, Dedicated Servers, WordPress hosting 25.000 Unlimited cPanel $3.89 30 Days
USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Japan Shared, WordPress, Dedicated, VPS 12.000 Unlimited cpanel $5.95 60 Days
USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Green, Reseller, WordPress, Web, WordPress, WooCommerce, Cloud 1.700.000 20 GB custom $3.95 30 Days
USA Shared, VPS, Dedicated server 1.000.000 Unlimited cPanel $3.38 30 Days
USA, Europe, Netherlands VPS, WordPress, cloud, dedicated, WooCommerce 30.000 50 GB SSD custom $15
USA Shared, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting 1.700.000 Unlimited cPanel $8.45 30 Days
Europe Web, Email-oriented, WordPress, PrestaShop 30.000 Unlimited Parallels Plesk $7.45
USA Web hosting plans, WordPress, Shared, Dedicated, Email 10.000 Unlimited cPanel $3.75
USA, Canada, Netherlands Dedicated, Hybrid, Cloud 8000 250 GB cPanel $5
USA, Canada, Netherlands Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Green, Reseller, WordPress 40.000 Unlimited cPanel $3.95 30 Days
USA, Europe, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore, Brazil Shared, Cloud, WordPress, VPS, Minecraft, Windows 29.000.000 Unlimited hPanel, Custom-built $3.99 30 Days
Europe, United Kingdom Web hosting, Email, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated 35.000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk $4.44
Poland, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore Private/Public Cloud, CMS-optimised, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Hosted Email Exchange 1.300.000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk $3.99
Australia, United Kingdom, USA WordPress Business, Professional, Elite No data Up to 40 GB Custom built $20.83 2 Month
USA Video Hosting 11.000 Up to 7500 minutes Custom $49 14 days
USA, United Kingdom, Australia Magento hosting, WooCommerce hosting, WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, Enterprise hosting 45.000 Up to 800 GB SiteWorx $19 No data
All around the world Video Hosting No data Up to 5 TB Custom $19 14 days
USA, Europe Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting No data Up to 300 GB cPanel $3.47 30 day
24 server locations worldwide WordPress Starter, Pro, Business 1, Business 2, Business 3, Business 4, Entrepreneur 1, Entrepreneur 2, Entrepreneur 3, Entrepreneur 4 No data Up to 250 GB cPanel $30
Worldwide Ventrilo, Teamspeak 3, and Mumble 500.000 10 TB Custom $69.99 No data
USA Shared, WordPress, VPS, cloud, dedicated, managed No data Unlimited Custom $2.59 14 days
USA, Sweden Web hosting, WordPress, Email 1.500.000 25 GB cPanel $2.45
USA, Canada, Australia, India Web, VPS, Dedicated, Windows 17.000.000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk 12, Custom-built $9.39 30 Days
France, Europe Dedicated, WordPress, PrestaShop, Cloud Servers 30.000 Unlimited cPanel $4
USA Web and Cloud hosting 10.000 Unlimited cPanel €1.99
North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific WordPress No data Up to 50 GB Custom built $25.00 60 Day
USA Video Hosting No data Unlimited Custom $0
228 server locations Security Real-time, Back-up Real-time, Scan, Anti-spam, CRM, Site Search No data No data Plesk $7.95 14 days

Web Hosting Comparisons

If you still have doubts about what to choose, you can compare different services one by one. It’s pretty hard because at first glance they are similar. So, we wrote detailed articles with a comparison of different tools. After reading you’ll have an idea what service suits your personal or commercial blog.

Useful Hosting and Seo Tools

  • Hosting checker – Find out where the website is hosted and who is hosting it.
  • Website down – Check if the website is down right now for all the users or only for you.
  • Speed test – Check the speed of the current page and see what you can improve to make speed higher.
  • Expired domain checker – Get domain expiration date info to see if you can buy it or not.
  • Website safety – Find out if a website is safe.
  • Domain availability – Find available domain names for your website.

Is Ghost Better Than WordPress?

It’s hard to say what is better. Both tools have their own advantages. Ghost and WordPress are open-source tools. Both are flexible, reliable, and secure. And both you can use to create a convenient personal or commercial blog.
Now let’s have a look at the differences. WordPress is written in PHP and Ghost in Node.js. Ghost is more focused on blogging while WordPress allows you to create very different websites. Ghost has native tools for SEO and WordPress needs additional plugins. WordPress is more popular and has a bigger number of themes. But Ghost is faster than WordPress and supports Markdown. Thus, if you’re looking for a blogging service, Ghost will be better because it’s created for blogging. But if you need a fully-functional website, you might try WordPress.

Are there free ghost hosting providers?

Almost all the ghost hosting providers we’ve listed have free plans or trials. Some of them have special offers and sales. But unfortunately, there are no totally free service providers. You can choose a not very expensive plan or check special conditions and promotions.

What are the costs of ghost hosting?

As you can see from our list, there are different prices. They depend on the tool, the features you need, plan, and special offers. In general, prices start from $4-5 for basic plans. The PRO plans will cost you from $40 to $100.


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