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Owners of small Internet projects for beginners who are just beginning to create their first sites will be suitable for inexpensive virtual hosting costs at the minimum rate plan. Resources of such hosting are enough to get started, and with the growth of attendance can go to a more expensive rate or even move the site to another type of hosting - VPS or dedicated server.

Thanks to the simple settings and convenient administration panel, cheap hosting owners can focus on design and content, without going into the technical complexity of hosting. Often providers have a knowledge base to work with the control panel with answers to frequent questions: what folder to upload files to the site, how to change the DNS domain records, how to manage PHP, etc.

Web Hosting Server location Customers Storage Control Pricing / mo Trial USA 10000 Unlimited cPanel - - Europe, United Kingdom 35000 Unlimited cPanel, Plesk $4.44/mo - USA, Germany, Singapore 12500 xx in-house $10/mo 3 days USA, Europe 50000 Unlimited cPanel, SPanel $3.95/mo - USA, France, Saudi Arabia 15000 Unlimited cPanel - - USA 320,000 Unlimited cPanel $4.99/mo 90 days Europe, United Kingdom 3,000,000 Unlimited cPanel $2.88/mo 14 Days USA, Sweden 1500000 25 GB cPanel $2.45/mo - Ukraine 12386 Unlimited DirectAdmin, cPanel - - USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore 1700000 20 GB custom $3.95/mo 30 Days USA, Germany, India, Netherlands, China 30,000 20 GB cPanel $2.95/mo 30 Days USA 10000 Unlimited cPanel - - USA, Germany, South Africa, Brazil 65000 Unlimited Vesta - - Europe 100000 Unlimited cPanel $1.75/mo - Saudi Arabia 10000 Unlimited cPanel - - Russia, Germany, Netherlands 12000 Unlimited cPanel - - Italy 15000 Unlimited cPanel $7.45/mo Canada 25000 Unlimited cPanel $3.89 30 Days

What can be recommended to a novice owner of the Internet business, who does not want at first to spend significant funds to create their own network projects? Of course, use the services of budget hosting, which we have chosen for you. We have drawn up a line of rates inexpensive hosting and focused primarily on novice Internet businessmen or those who want to try their hand at the fascinating business of creating websites. In order not to put up with the restrictions imposed by free hosting platforms, and at the same time not to spend a lot of money to pay for hosting, we propose to consider very favorable rates hosting providers. Using their services will cost only $15 per year. Due to the possibility of such a choice is achieved maximum savings when paying for hosting services.

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