SiteGround Web Hosting Review: Why Is It Worth Using?
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SiteGround Web Hosting Review: Why Is It Worth Using?

How to find a perfect hosting platform solution to scale and grow your business with? A lot in the process of achieving your goal for website promotion in search engines depends on which hosting provider you have chosen. If you thought that choosing a hosting provider and servers to host your site was not the most important task, then we can assure you that you were wrong.

It is the hosting provider that affects a lot of essential metrics for social media promotion. That includes site loading speed, security systems, and constant availability to your customers and readers. Really critical parameters that you can improve and provide thanks to a reliable provider. Can it be SiteGround? Let’s figure it out!

In this article, we’ll dive deep and figure out why over two million users trust SiteGround. Learn all the details about using this provider and get the most out of working with SiteGround thanks to our in-depth review.

We’ll lift a curtain a bit and tell you that it’s not only one of the most popular web host providers but a perfect place to develop your online stores, businesses of all scales, or personal blogs. Many industry experts recommend this hosting, and we decided to find out the components of its success and popularity and how you can use it to develop your site online?

Well, it’s time to learn more facts about pricing, options, customer support, and security service in our Siteground review 2021. After reading our review, you will be able to conclude whether this provider is suitable for your company’s goals. We hope that the criteria we will consider will indicate whether your choice is the right one, or whether you should look for another option for placing your site on the network. In any case, we have gathered all the important facts that you should consider before purchasing a plan for this service.

Let’s get started!

SiteGround Advantages & Disadvantages

SiteGround offers its customers multiple strengths, yet there are some minor drawbacks. Let’s find out what options make this hosting stand out from other developer hosting services and points you should keep in mind when building your website here.

Especially for you, we have placed all the advantages and disadvantages in a convenient table format. So you can immediately assess all the critical aspects of the product, and you won’t have to waste time reading the whole article if you decide right away that the service is not suitable for you.

So here’s a handy table with pros and cons!

Siteground pros and cons

Pros Cons
Officially recommended by WordPress
Extremely fast servers
High uptime rate
Siteground support
Extensive library of self-help material
Monthly and annual plans
Free SSL certificates with all plans
Multiple free services included
Services located around the globe
No free domain name
Lack of dedicated servers
Relatively low storage

As you can see, the service has more advantages than disadvantages. That means that it is definitely worth your attention. Next, we suggest that you read more about the Siteground capabilities. This way, you can find out if its features and pricing plans are suitable to help you host your site on a reliable platform.

SiteGround Features in Brief

For those who simply do not have time to read our detailed breakdown of the service, we offer a selection of brief and significant factors. It is on these parameters you should pay attention first when you begin to get acquainted with a potential hosting to place your site.

Let’s spotlight some key functional before we start discussing SiteGround hosting review in more detail. That quick information will help you get right away with the key facts about hosting.

Characteristic Information
Uptime guarantee 99.9%
Server response 122 ms
Support options 24/7 live chat, ticketing, and phone support
Hosting plans Shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated, Green, Reseller hosting, WordPress, Web, WordPress, WooCommerce, Cloud
Features SSD disks, SG Optimizer and HTTP/2, SSL
CMS WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ultrafast php
Service locations Iowa (United States), London (Great Britain), Frankfurt (German), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Sydney (Australia), Singapore (Singapore)
Starting price $ 5.99 a month
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SiteGround’s Perks

SiteGround is one of the perfect shared hosting alternatives for your business or personal blog. It’s well optimized and provides a full range of features to help your site grow. The system is easy and intuitive to use, so you don’t need extra skills to build your website on SiteGround.

The truth is, even if you have no experience in hosting websites, you will still have no problems with Siteground. Here, everything is arranged so that the user does not have any difficulties with the work in the service. That is a great offer for first-time website owners.

Moreover, you’ll as a customer also get reliable and high-quality service at a reasonable price. You can build a new website or transfer the old one, avoiding any possible risks.

When opening your browser and account, you can choose the best server location for you that is the closest to your target audience’s place. With the incorporated features of the platform, you can take advantage of a robust set of business solutions to support your company’s development and gain planned web performance. It is a great ability to increase the speed of the site for your customers.

Why Not Using SiteGround

Despite all the perks, you should also know about pitfalls that may appear when using SiteGround. Each SiteGround plan comes with a maximum size for each database. This will only be an error for larger sites.

Secondly, SiteGround prices are far from being the cheapest on the market. If you are looking for more affordable alternatives, you can find them. Nevertheless, with SiteGround, you get a reliable partner to achieve the goals of your projects. So, it’s all up to you!

We understand that small projects will not be able to afford such an expensive provider. And that makes sense. Thanks to the business, you have to grow and develop your site. Thanks to the possibility to move your old site to new servers, you can come back to this option a little later, when you have enough money in your budget for this spending.

Eventually, SiteGround offers no free domain name or dedicated servers.

Nevertheless, the service has many advantages that many customers are willing to put up with both the disadvantages and the high price. Just read the detailed description of the provider’s functionality and production to make sure that the high price is really justified for the quality of services of this level. You won’t regret the money you spend and reduce the possibility of unpleasant risks to a minimum.

SiteGround Performance

Your website must be better than your competitors’ for successful promotion in search engines. Create your site so that it occupies a leading position in the search engine because this way, you can attract more traffic, and therefore more customers. How can hosting help you in this difficult matter?

Let’s look at a key parameter, specifically performance.

We understand that speed is a core feature of any hosting service. So what performance can you expect when opting for SiteGround?

First and foremost, SiteGround is one of the most reliable hosts with great customer service. According to Pingdom, its uptime is 99.9%. This rate makes your visitors happy and makes them return to you again and again to your web hosting service. What’s more important, such a high uptime ensures that your site works around the clock and delivers content to your site clients really fast.

With this provider, you can count on your site meeting the requirements of search engines. Yes, as we said before, you will have to pay a lot for all the best features and this service is somewhat overpriced. But trust us, the power of SiteGround will allow you to achieve your goals and increase your traffic.

SiteGround Performance

SiteGround Speed Test Results

Speed test site result is an essential component of any review, so SiteGround reviews encompass this feature. We decided to use popular services that measure the loading speed of the site on their interface. Thanks to these websites, you can measure the average page speed of any site for free and see for yourself the excellent results of this provider.

Let’s find out what speed we’ve detected after testing with different services:

Test Average Loading Time
GTmetrix test 1.57 s
Pingdom test 1.00 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google) 3.1 s

As a result, we can notice impressive production. These speed test rates are one of the fastest among the other hosts in the industry. You can be sure that such high results will positively affect your site’s ranking in search engines, and the amount of user traffic will only increase.

We all love fast sites, and your site can be even faster thanks to Siteground provider!

SiteGround Uptime Guarantees

Here is the next of features siteground. Unlike many other hosting settings, Siteground offers and guarantees solid 99.99% uptime result. As a matter of fact, they agree to compensate for any fail in the optimization with money. If their hosting ever dips below the indicated rate, they offer free months of shared hosting.

SiteGround provides “network uptime of 99.9% on an annual basis” under their Service Level Agreement. And it is the highest possible rate because it is almost impossible to give a 100% guarantee. Not only the server can be to blame for the fact that your site will be unavailable for users at one moment. It is this 0.01% and assumes the emergence of circumstances that can not be fixed in a short time.

Nevertheless, if you trust the service’s support team, they will try to fix any problem as quickly as possible so that your site will be available to readers again. That way, you minimize the loss of traffic, and therefore potential earnings. It is a wonderful result, so you can see that Siteground is reliable!

What’s SiteGround’s Response Time?

Server response is a prime aspect of why clients decide to choose you or not. To find out what is Siteground’s server time, we’re using Bitcatcha. That is a popular service among webmasters to measure server response time and loading speeds.

This precise checker always comes in handy when you need to measure the speed on your site. Many also use it in reviews to estimate a server response time in different spots around the globe.

We’ll get information from ten different locations: West and East United States coasts, United Kingdom, Singapore, São Paulo, Bangalore, Sydney, Japan, Canada, Germany. The speed is checked three times in each spot and then averaged. That is so that you can estimate the result for anywhere in the world.

Based on the provided data and facts, Bitcatcha Server Speed Checker shows the following results to us:

SiteGround server response time

So, what have we got here?

It’s evident that response time is different in locations distant from North America. This rate is considerably higher in São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, and Bangalore. Yet, got an A+ score. It is an excellent staging result, which once again confirms this provider’s high level of quality!

Overall, SiteGround’s response time is pretty higher than competitors’ results. Make sure that that rate is sufficient for your target audience’s needs, and you can place your website at SiteGround and use a 60 day money back guarantee. Thanks to this opportunity, you can test sites and get your money back it if you are not satisfied with the quality of services provided.

Site Migration

Well, guy, now it’s time to find out more about advanced features like site migration from our review. As a matter of fact, you can transfer your site to and from SiteGround. The platform offers both customer service and step-by-step integration instructions on how to do it fast and successfully.

There are many reasons why the old hosting provider may no longer meet the client’s expectations. In this case, the only option is to move the site to another server. Not all web host give users the option to migrate their website to a new provider automatically. However, SiteGround provides such a feature for their clients. You do not have to worry about the data during the transfer because the service uses the best tools to transfer all your files to the new resource. It won’t take long, so your site won’t have time to lose potential network traffic.

Of course, users won’t be able to use your site for a while, but, as the creators of the provider promise, this won’t last very long. Well, if you want to transfer your existing website to a new hosting service, this is a great option for you not to waste web designer energy on translating it yourself but to take advantage of the service’s customer care service.

Siteground Site migration

SiteGround Plans: Pricing & Options

Another essential thing that can affect your decision about choosing an ISP is, of course, the price. No matter how high quality the provider provides, if paying for a plan does not fit into your budget, you should focus on finding a more affordable option. The same goes for functionality. Depending on the goals and subjects of your site, you may need different kinds of plans and things.

Plans and pricing are the next points of our review. So let’s get on with it!

The company offers multiple fully-packaged services that meet every customer’s expectations, including daily backups, SSL certificates, money back guarantee, and other features.

So, you can choose the best host plan of Web hosting, WordPress starter hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Cloud hosting.

Choose the best host plan of Web, WordPress starter hosting, WooCommerce hosting, and Cloud hosting

Have a quick look at prices to find the best offer for you and your goals.

Web Hosting

Based on the host features available, the Web hosting plan includes in house 3 categories: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. It’s fast and secure, and you can select this plan to build a personal and business website. As you may have already noticed, the prices for the services of this provider differ significantly from the lower quality options. And even if you can’t afford to host a website on the servers of this hosting provider yet, we still recommend reading our review till the end.

So despite the high price, customers get the following features:

  • Unmetered Traffic
  • Free SSL
  • DNS settings
  • Daily Backup
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email
  • Out-of-the-box Caching
  • Unlimited Databases

SiteGround web hosting
SiteGround web hosting prices

The price for this hosting plans that starts at $5.99 per month by host.

WordPress Hosting

The include free WordPress installation, migration, and auto-updates. Also, you get free email, SSL, and CDN for every package. Whatever plan you choose, you can also receive unlimited databases and out-of-the-box caching.

The WordPress hosting solution plansWordPress include free WordPress installation, migration, and auto-updates. Nevertheless, it is a set of standard options that provide other services for placing sites. Also, you get free email, SSL, and CDN for every package. Whatever plan you choose, you can also receive unlimited databases and out-of-the-box caching for a page of your site.

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting
SiteGround web hosting prices

This plan is available for users, as the price starts at only $5.99 per month.

Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Managed WooCommerce Hosting provides fast, reliable, and scalable solutions for connection to online store launches. What’s more, you can use tons of extensions to make your current e-commerce site work faster. That is a great option for those who are going to place their online store and get the most out of it, thanks to the improved tools and technologies of this service. Every package of this hosting provider includes unmetered network traffic, free email accounts technology, WordPress, daily backup, unlimited databases, free SSL, and out-of-the-box caching in windows.

SiteGround Managed WooCommerce Hosting
SiteGround web hosting prices

Pricing ranges from $5.99 to $13.99.

Managed Cloud Hosting

The Cloud Hosting Plans include the same set of menu for site like such as 5TB of data transfer. However, every package differs in the size of CPU cores, memory, and SSD space. You can work with this option like with the google cloud platform.

SiteGround Managed Cloud Hosting
SiteGround web hosting prices

Ready to choose your plan?

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As we are moving to the end of the SiteGround web hosting review, we are now going to assess security options for every page of your site. Security and protection technology systems are other category parameters that can be an advantage or disadvantage for a provider. We do not need to remind you how important the issue of security is for website owners.

Especially if we are talking about sites that store information about users and their personal data. Security is also very significant for online stores because attacks from intruders can cause you to lose customers and credibility, as well as your money.

The Siteground provides numerous security features for your site, specifically:

  • IP address blocklists to make sure all the links on your homepage are clean; 
  • the SG Site Scanner to detect whether your website is attacked; 
  • hotlink protection technology; 
  • antispam tools SpamAssassin and SpamExperts.
Siteground Security

Also, SiteGround has an integrated content delivery network (CDN) service – CloudFlare. It aims at improving both security and performance. With SiteCheck, you can scan your website to detect malware on the site or in the code.

You can run this staging tool periodically to make sure that your customers are satisfied with their user interaction with your website, and it is absolutely safe for their devices.

SiteGround Customer Support

Eventually, we include in SiteGround web hosting solution reviews an estimation of the customer service quality. SiteGround offers around-the-clock customer support in multiple languages, and the website is localized for nine territories. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the support team can resolve your request. Use any convenient way to describe your problem with a device and get a solution. The site has real siteground reviews from the company’s customers, which shows how confident they are in the technology service they provide. Bravo, what can we add to this priority support!

Users can get replies to their queries in English, Spanish, and Italian by reaching the team via live chat support, support phone, tickets. You won’t have to find ways to contact customer care and wait hours for an answer, as is often the case with other hosting providers.

SiteGround Customer Support

Siteground support that they get back to their customers with an initial response within 10 minutes. It takes a few hours to deal with serious issues. However, the support team stays in touch and keeps updates every now and then. You can check the status of working on your issues and contact the team when you need them.

Moreover, users can also find helpful information in tutorials and articles in the SiteGround knowledge base. Here you’ll find valuable information about the service and the most frequent questions from users so that you can get an answer to your question right away and solve the problem much faster.

Use the resources as tech support with useful information if you have any difficulties working with the service. It’s quick and straightforward! Not every service offers such an extensive knowledge base, so we can attribute the knowledge base to yet another advantage of this service.

SiteGround Knowledge Resources

Final Thought: Is SiteGround Worth Using?

We definitely recommend SiteGround. It is one of the leading website hostings in the industry for good reason.

If you want reliable service with responsive and courteous customer care, if you want to have access to good servers and be sure that your site will always be accessible, then this is a great solution for the task of your site.

By choosing a reliable provider, you choose peace of mind for the availability of your website for your users. That’s why we’ve prepared such a detailed review of this hosting service. Take into account all the key facts before making your choice.

Is SiteGround Worth Using

SiteGround delivers solid uptime, and the Siteground ensures that any major downtime issues are hardly possible. Thanks to the dataservers located around the globe, the site speed remains pretty high in lieu of the spot. You can also get access to free SSL on each plan. These are nice features that not all competitors of this service provide.

When talking about pricing, there are lots of advantages of the longest term available for the business of all scales, e-commerce, or personal blogs. Use money back guarantee siteground and test this service by yourself. You will be surprised by the quality of the service!

Ready to choose your plan?

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Available Alternatives

If you still hesitate whether to choose Siteground, let’s have a look at other alternatives. Possibly you have not found a suitable hosting plan, or such a high price does not suit you. Suppose you cannot afford such a high-end hosting plan soon. In that case, we recommend looking at several other options that are not much inferior in performance and other quality parameters of the provider.

We have prepared for you three providers that are usually among the top ten providers in the world. We hope that these alternatives will appeal to you and help you achieve your project goals.

  • GoDaddy is a publicly-traded Internet domain registrar and web business that provides top-notch solutions for online growth.
  • Bluehost is one of the leading web companies in the industry. The service meets both advanced and begging users’ needs.
  • A2 Hosting is well-known for its turbo servers. This service is easy-to-use and contains high-powered functions. Just try it, and you will be impressed by its speed abilities!

You can read a detailed review of each of these services on our website. That will help you make your final choice and settle on a really reliable option. In addition, we do not advertise any of the hosts and provide you with unbiased reviews. Thanks to our detailed articles, you’ll be able to choose an option that will perfectly match your website’s goals and your needs. Read other reviews and make your own opinion about providers!

FAQs: Get to Know More About Siteground
SiteGround servers are placed in different spots around the world, like Iowa (USA), London (UK), Eemshaven (Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), Sydney (Australia), Singapore (Singapore). The SiteGround team have tested their current data centers to make sure they are proven to be among the most reliable ones. This location of the server centers is good for the loading speed of your sites for users around the world. Not all ISPs can boast such an advantage, so this is another argument in favor of Siteground.
SiteGround hosts all the production servers, and installation of proxies is prohibited. According to the user agreement, you may not install additional proxies. It is forbidden, even if you ask for it individually.
The time frame for your account activation depends on the chosen plan of this provider. Your account is activated immediately on the shared server and up to a minute on a cloud server. As you can see, it is quite quick results!
Unfortunately, no. None of the plans offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space. You should find more information about plans and shared solutions in house to choose the best option for you. Furthermore, you can choose other opportunities with these abilities, for example, from the list of alternatives.
All tariff plans, except the cheapest, allow customers to place an unlimited number of domains thanks to the company wide range of technologies. Before linking your site to a particular domain, you should first register it. If you have any problems registering a domain or connecting your site to a provider, please contact support. Professionals will help make your interaction with your provider as comfortable and problem-free as possible.
If you do not want to renew with this provider, you will need to notify customer service one week before your paid period ends. Turn off auto-renewal in myAlpari, so you do not have to pay money for a period when you do not plan to use this provider services. Once your partnership with the company expires, no more backups will be created.
The price of this product is relatively high, but it is not the highest on the market. We have provided detailed facts on why this price is justified and what exactly you can be guaranteed to get for this money. The final choice is up to you, and if you really care, you better take a look at the alternatives.
Yes. Thanks to the high technical standards and capabilities of Siteground data centers, you get a chance to promote your site to the top of search results. With the help of this provider, you will be able to speed up the loading of content on the site and get good results on the server response to the user request.
If your domain is already successfully registered in the SiteGround provider system, and you want to manage its domain names, you will need to open Services - Domains - Manage. Once you go into these settings, you will find a link to the Manage Nameservers page next to the domain you are interested in. Then it remains only to fill in all the necessary information and replace the old information with the new actual DNS data of the new server. That is not difficult, but if you have any problems — write to support.