How to Check if a Website Is Down for Everyone or Just You

How to Check if a Website Is Down for Everyone or Just You
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How to test if website is down 

The site may not load for many reasons. And you should remember that if the website is down for you, it can still work for others. But how to check if a website is down? To test site status use our website down checker. Sitecheckerbot will test the http status code for a specific page in real time. If the status code is 200, the website is available.

You can test website availability very easy. Enter the URL or domain you want to explore and press “Start”. Then you will get a quick report and detailed information anout status code response.

How to monitor website availability

There are a few paths on how to monitor website status:

  1. Set up custom alerts in Google Analytics. You can get alerts to email and mobile phone when Google detects that your traffic is less than a value you set.
  2. Start monitor website for changes using Sitecheckerbot. Our bot will notify you when something critical happens.
  3. Grow own community in social media like Facebook and Twitter. Loyal audience which uses your resource regularly will notify you if site is down.

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