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Why Do You Need to Domain Name Availability Checker?

Why Do You Need to Domain Name Availability Checker?

How to find a good domain name for your business? It should represent your personal brand and its intentions on the web. You can spend days searching for the right name, and, when it is finally found, the greatest disappointment appears. It is already taken. Your hopes about profitable internet presence are ruining at the beginning. So we highly recommend checking if the website you have chosen is available or occupied. You can pick up among 1000 available domain extensions (.com, .net etc) based on your needs.

Useful tip: The limit of website URL characters is 63. The minimum is 1 character.

Why do you need to check domain names for availability?


When you launch a startup you rarely think of registering own brand name. And when success comes it brings new problems. People can register your trademark first or buy domain names that include your brand. To avoid it register various extensions of your domain to protect the brand from cybersquatters. If you need to find the best variant for your brand, use the website name generator for this purpose.


How does domain name checker work?


Enter website name you plan to register. Tool will look for similar domain names substituting your brand to other top level domains. If you want to know how to check if a website is available you can use our free tool or search the exact one in WHOis database.

What the exact difference between numerous TLDs? How to choose the best one? Most webmasters trying to get .com option for their websites, that’s why they are more expensive or already has been taken. But you can choose among others TLD endings and find the most appropriate, like .club for your child’s football team or .ca for your local office in Canada. All website extensions are considered equal for SEO purposes. Google won’t give any preferences to .com TLD.

Before you start, ask yourself such questions like “What describes my business / blog / me the best?” or “What users can easily type to find exactly my website easily and fast?”. The answers you give will definitely speed up the process of choosing the name for your website. Type the keywords you choose into placeholder of domain search tool above to check the availability. If chosen .com extension is taken, there are hundreds of other domain endings available (the most popular is .net).


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