Best Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio Templates

Best Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio Templates

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In this guide I will share the best Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio templates with details why I think that specific is good and what makes such template unique. You also can check my list of best Google Search Console Looker Studio templates and Google Ads Looker Studio templates.

But remember, that I listed here only the templates that I have found in the internet and I decided they can be useful for you, but I know there exist many valuable templates that aren’t public. Many experienced marketers and SEO specialists create templates to solve own problems and don’t share it in the web.

1. My GA4 Looker Studio template

Price: $199

This is my GA4 Looker Studio template. The aim of the template is to get answers faster to questions that cannot be answered in Google Analytics 4, or it takes too long to get answers.

At the same time, the template does not replace the Google Analytics 4 interface itself, but only supplements it, since Google Analytics 4 has reports and functions that cannot be applied in Looker Studio: for example, a user journey map, multichannel conversions, cohort analysis, segment comparison, and others.

general stats ga4 template by ivan palii

The template consist of 5 pages with data:

  1. Conversion analysis;
  2. Traffic channels analysis;
  3. Audience analysis;
  4. Landing pages behaviour analysis;
  5. Page behaviour analysis.
traffic sources analysis ga4 looker studio

It doesn’t have a great UI, but my focus was on creating core value. Creating it I just tried to answer my own questions that I couldn’t find in native GA4 interface. Many of solutions from this template I will add soon to Sitechecker’s SEO Dashboard and On-Page SEO Checker.

The most valuable features in this template:

1. Many filters based on GA4 parameters that chosen specifically for each type of report.

2. The most important GA4 metrics displayed on scorecards with comparison metrics for the previous period.

3. The table that helps to analyze the parameters of the last conversions made on the website: date, source / medium, landing page, country and city.

ga4 looker studio template by ivan palii

4. Pivot tables and charts where you analyze the dynamics of any metric (New users, Conversions, User conversion rate) by specific source / medium or landing page or device, etc.

traffic channels pivot tables ga4 looker studio

5. Three types of charts to analyze important audience parameters. Here you also has an option to change the metric from Total users to Conversions,  New users, User conversion rate, etc.

audience analysis ga4 data studio

6. Traffic sources grouped by landing pages. After copying the template you can create your own table with grouping based on this example.

traffic sources grouped by landing pages

You can view demo of the template here.

I also have a similar Ecommerce Looker Studio template. This template has the same pages, charts and structure but applied to ecommerce metrics, not conversions.

2. My template to blend  Google Analytics 4 and Search Console

Price: $249

This GSC + GA4 Looker Studio template helps to blend  Google Analytics 4 and Google Search Console data to be able to quickly prioritize pages and keywords for SEO based on their potential revenue, conversions, and clicks.

template to merge search console and google analytics

The report answers 1 specific question: How many clicks, conversions, and revenue can a page get if it ranks in first place for all the keywords for which it currently has impressions in Google search and its User conversion rate and Event value remains the same as before?

keywords potential analysis based on ga4 conversions data

The same for keywords. I apply the landing page conversion rate to all keywords it ranks.

You also can view demo of the template here.

3. GA4 classic mode template by André Mafei from Upmaze

Price: FREE ($39 to get access to copy the template)

This template from André Mafei is build around one core idea — to display all GA4 data in the classic Universal Analytics mode. And it performs this task perfectly.

ga4 classic mode by upmize

There is available GA4 connector in the template, so you can use it for free choosing your property in the connector. If you interested to copy the template and edit for your purposes you should pay $39.

4. GA4 Looker Studio template by Giannis Stratakis from Databloo

Price: €99

This template from Giannis Stratakis has the best design among the templates. This is also important that you can use it for free without copying because the template has the GA4 connector displayed in the report.

ga4 looker studio template by databloo

5. Complete Google Analytics 4 dashboard by Álex Serrano from Chartud

Price: €86

This template from Álex Serrano also has good design and structure.

alex serrano ga4 data studio template

Why is Looker Studio not enough to work with Google Analytics 4 data?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) became the only available version of Google Analytics from July 1, 2023. And Universal Analytics died in this date.

Time has passed, but it seems that users are still not happy with the new version of Google Analytics.

According to our research, 89% of users decided to migrate to a Google Analytics 4 rather than look for an alternative, even despite all the disadvantages of the new version.

Users are attracted by the fact that GA4 is still free and they understand that most other marketing tools will set up integration with this new version of Google Analytics.

This does not change the fact that the GA4 interface does not solve a lot of problems for marketers and website owners or solves them in a very inconvenient way.

But it is important to remember that although Looker Studio expands the capabilities of working with data from GA4, it nevertheless does not have some functions that are important for marketers and business owners.

Here are some limitations you should remember about.

No ability to measure impact of Google search updates and website updates

You constantly see some changes in traffic, conversions, user behavior on the site, but in GA4 you cannot understand the reasons for these changes.

Therefore, it is important to be able to display Google search algorithm updates and custom notes on the date axis, where you can mark what changes in content, design, and code you have made on the site.

This way you can understand exactly what events led to changes in the metrics and what needs to be done next: return the site to the previous version or, conversely, distribute the new design to all pages, etc.

sitechecker seo dashboard ga4 custom notes

No ability to integrate Google Analytics 4 data with Site Audit

You can blend data in Looker Studio from different sources, but usually it is too difficult to build and maintain a custom report that will include data from separate tools. That’s why Sitechecker is a better solution for that.

Integration of Google Analytics 4 data by landing pages with website crawler data helps to find:

  • landing pages with good amount of traffic but bad UX that can lead to bad conversion rates;
  • how many pages with traffic are non-indexable or has other technical or content issues.

That’s it. You also can check my guide about best Google Analytics 4 Looker Studio templates on LinkedIn. If you know a really great GA4 Looker Studio template that I should add to this list, please write me via LinkedIn or Twitter.

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