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Monitor and fix all SEO issues with step-by-step instructions and improve website visibility for users and search bots.

Quick guide of using website SEO checker
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Spending too much time on SEO, not your business?

Sitechecker is the platform tailored for your needs

Easy to use & user friendly SEO website tester

Easy to use

Our customers note that Sitechecker’s design is one of its main advantages.

How-to guides for SEO optimization and error fix

How-to guides

Get detailed text and video tips on how to use seo analysis tools and improve your website.

Alerts & reports about technical SEO issues for keeping your website healthy

Alerts & reports

Get instant alerts when something critical happens to your site.

All-in-one SEO platform - best tool for close your needs in one place

All-in-one platform

Monitor website health, track keywords, and backlinks all on one seo software platform.

How Sitechecker can maximize the value of your website

Run a full SEO website analysis without waiting on an expert’s help

Get a report with all website technical issues (like low website speed, broken links, etc.) that you should fix to improve the user experience and increase organic traffic. However, you don’t need extensive SEO knowledge. Just follow the step-by-step instructions from Sitechecker’s SEO assistant.

seo check software seo check software

Demonstrate the ROI of SEO with PDF reports

Easy-to-interpret reports for your colleagues and stakeholders make it clear that SEO improvements are directly beneficial to business goals. Share the data to demonstrate the value of your work and build a new digital strategy based on actual results.

seo check software seo check software

Catch website issues before they spiral out of control

Sitechecker monitors your website 24/7 and keeps track of changes around the clock. Get immediate email alerts if your website goes down, important pages become non-indexable, or a content manager changes page titles on key landing pages.

seo check software seo check software

Target the right customers with the right keywords

Use always up-to-date keyword data to understand how customers find your website. Get suggestions for new relevant keywords to create new pages and reach more customers. Track website positions on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex, on mobile and desktop, in any country and city.

seo check software seo check software

Monitor all important metrics in one dashboard

Automatically collect data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Backlink Tracker, and Rank Tracker in one platform instead of navigating between several additional tools. Optimize your workflow and save time by analyzing and testing new hypotheses based on current data.

seo check software seo check software

Cost-effective SEO toolkit for your agency

  1. Fix technical and on-page SEO

    Fix technical and on-page SEO

    Site Audit
  2. Track website changes 24/7

    Track website changes 24/7

    Site Monitoring
  3. Track keywords rankings

    Track keywords rankings

    Rank Tracker
  4. Monitor backlinks

    Monitor backlinks

    Backlink Tracker
  5. Analyze easy-to-interpret SEO reports

    Analyze easy-to-interpret SEO reports

    White Label
  6. Quickly check on competitors

    Quickly check on competitors

    SEO Chrome Extension

Join 200+ digital marketers using Sitechecker

We have been in the process of redesigning our website, so basically we've wanted to see where we are at the moment and then, from there, continue our redesign process and visual makeover along with improving our on-page SEO efforts. I would stick with the On-page SEO Checker and go page by page while fixing stuff along the way. The number of website visitors went up by about 30% in the first 3 months since we've started using the tool.
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Nikola Stevanovic

Marketing Tech Manager at Vicert

We wanted to conduct technical SEO audits, monitor our website, and control all of our backlinks. Sitechecker gives us a lot of useful functions for automation and monitoring. We have increased our website positions for all target keywords and improved our website speed. Now we are the fastest growing business in our industry.
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Aleksandrs Buraks

Head of Growth at Discover cars

Dreaming of the first positions on Google?

Boost your software’s authority in search using Sitechecker