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USJunkCars is a junk car removal service in the US, with nationwide coverage. They help people throughout the US to get quick cash for any junk vehicle regardless of the condition. They help to make this world cleaner and greener by providing energy-efficient towing services to get the cars to their facilities quickly and safely to minimize the carbon footprint during the process.

Let’s check how Sitechecker helps USJunkCars increase organic traffic and be always aware of SEO mistakes in spite of the size of the website.

The Challenge

– run regular website audits and maintain good website health;
– hassle to check every update on a big website and synchronize it with a team;
– generate leads through organic search traffic.

A delayed response to technical problems or unexpected content changes inevitably leads to losing prime search engine positions to competitors. Very aware of this fact, Ivan Bilyj, Head of SEO at USJunkCars, realized that they needed a solution that would keep track of all SEO errors and changes being made on their website.

The Solution

USJunkCars found the perfect solution in Sitechecker. Thanks to its 24/7 Site Monitoring features it’s a breeze to keep track of changes — content changes or technical changes.

The steps how to overcome all these challenges came by themselves after I started using Sitechecker. It started monitoring all changes and syncing with Google Console.

Recently I’ve found how useful is Site Monitoring. I’ve found that the Titles from one language version are displayed in another one and vice versa. It’s so difficult to detect these problems as the Titles have the right length.

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Ivan Bilyj
Head of SEO at USJunkCars

The Results

USJunkCars have been using Sitechecker since 2019. It has become an essential part of USJunkCars’s daily workflows. Thanks to improved efficiency and quality control, they are now able to confidently manage the big website without having to expand the SEO team.

In 5 years from the start of the using, USJunkCars achieved:

– up to 40% monthly growth in organic traffic compared to the same month last year;
×3 the total number of non-branded keywords the brand’s site ranks;
– up to 30% increase in technical SEO productivity.

Short and Sweet: this is worth a try when working on the project constantly. It saved your and your team’s time and synchronize your efforts to achieve the ambitious goals.
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Ivan Bilyj
Head of SEO at USJunkCars

The Takeaways

Large sites break unexpectedly, which is not always visible in the Site Audit report. Now, Site Monitoring is my favourite handy product that finds some unique problems that cannot be detected in a static audit.
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Ivan Bilyj
Head of SEO at USJunkCars
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