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Huemor is a Pittsburgh-based web design agency known for reinventing web experiences. Their team excels in designing new websites on WordPress and Shopify and redesigning sites for better conversions.

Aside from that, the HueCrew are experts in CRO and SEO—their awesome team creates memorable digital experiences that balance aesthetics with functionality. Their overall goal is to enhance web engagement and drive business outcomes with memorable websites that sell.

We interviewed Stefan Tasevski, Huemor’s Senior SEO Specialist to understand how Sitechecker helps their team achieve their SEO objectives.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Sitechecker, Huemor used tools that were incomplete when it came to technical SEO audits:

    1. The agency was looking for a way to simplify the execution of technical SEO tasks, especially in conducting site audits and solving SEO-related problems.
    2. They needed a tool that was easy to use and fit seamlessly with their other digital tools.
We were looking for a tool that would allow us to prepare in-depth SEO audits for our clients, detecting technical issues and giving us detailed insights on our clients’ search performance. We were using a couple of other tools, but they either were not giving the full picture or had a poor UX.
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Stefan Tasevski
Senior SEO Specialist at Huemor

The Solution

Sitechecker became really useful for Huemor in conducting in-depth site audits beyond simple on-page elements. Its deep crawl capabilities allow the agency to identify and address complex issues such as absent alt tags on images, missing or incorrect hreflang tags, and other important SEO features that other tools were missing.

One of the standout features of Sitechecker that Huemor pointed is the ability to export URLs directly from Sitechecker into spreadsheets. This greatly facilitates the process of documenting and addressing site issues. This functionality is particularly valuable in client Site Audits and when managing specific URL-related problems.

I feel like Sitechecker is more efficient than some tools in reporting site-level issues. Some checks are truly unique, and I have not seen them in other tools.
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Stefan Tasevski
Senior SEO Specialist at Huemor

The Results

Adopting Sitechecker has significantly changed the way Huemor approaches SEO.

Sitechecker has features that stand out for the Huemor crew. It offered an easy-to-navigate interface and unique features, such as the ability to export URLs from audits into spreadsheets. These capabilities have been essential in improving the agency’s ability to conduct site audits and address specific issues quickly.

Additionally, the detailed reports from Sitechecker have allowed the team to tackle more complex site-level problems, such as canonical tags and redirect chains.

Choosing Sitechecker has been a game-changer for us at Huemor. What stood out immediately was its user-friendly interface and unique features, especially the ability to directly export URLs from audits into spreadsheets. This functionality is crucial for us, particularly when conducting in-depth site audits. It saves us a significant amount of time and really streamlines the process of identifying and resolving site issues.
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Stefan Tasevski
Senior SEO Specialist at Huemor

The Takeaways

Sitechecker has provided several important benefits:

Clear SEO audits: The direct export of URLs to spreadsheets and detailed reports saves time and increases the accuracy of audits. The tool’s comprehensive analysis capabilities have enabled Huemor to offer more thorough and effective SEO services to its growing list of clients.

Instant problem-solving insights: Highlighted code sections have been especially helpful for the agency’s developers when fixing site issues identified during audits. 

Immediate customer support: It is essential to understand the root of the issue and report minor bugs if they appear. Our customer support was always along their path.

What I immediately noticed is just how easy it is to use Sitechecker's interface, and most importantly, the ability to copy URLs directly from the audit and paste them into spreadsheets. This feature is especially useful for client site audits and specific URLs when we need to insert and locate the issue better. We use Sitechecker for more in-depth audits of the site rather than just on-page elements, as it is superior to some tools in the aspect of reporting site-level issues.

Whenever I reach out to support, the answers are immediate. It's a ten out of ten from me on that side.

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Stefan Tasevski
Senior SEO Specialist at Huemor

Feedback from Stefan highlights the importance of a tool that combines deep analytical capabilities with an easy-to-use interface and strong customer support. Looking forward, Huemor is excited to explore more features from Sitechecker to continue improving its services and maintaining its edge in the market.

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The ability to directly export URLs from audits into spreadsheets streamlined their workflow significantly.
Sitechecker provided superior capabilities in reporting site-level issues which were crucial for Huemor to offer a better service to their clients.