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At Bellastrega, they provide Business Design&Brand Management services such as logo design, branding, graphic design, web design & development, marketing design & strategy, content creation, advertising on all platforms, and project and team management. They help clients discover their true values and mission, embrace they’re why, and build out their how and what.
Bellastrega has more than doubled revenue since incorporating Sitechecker into their preferred tech stack! Let’s check how they did it!

The Challenge

Bellastrega is always about helping the love marks to reach their audience with the proper visual and text message. The right words can be keywords at the same time. So Sandra West, the owner of Bellastrega, decided to try to implement SEO into their marketing strategy. The main challenge was to drive organic traffic to brand-new websites and their blogs.

The Solution

The reason Bellasrtrega chose Sitechecker was because of the number of tools they could use to assist them from an SEO perspective when creating websites. They choose Website Audit as a fundamental tool for onboarding new clients and creating plans for their website optimization. They also use Rank Tracker, Backlink Tracker & Insights with all current clients on regular basis as well as alerts of Site Monitoring which are crucial with a heavy client load.

When I begin discovery for a new client, the first thing I do is run Sitechecker on their website and connect Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts to get a better picture of the baseline we are starting from. I use this information to develop a plan of action for sorting out any issues and making improvements. Then Sitechecker becomes part of my standard maintenance checks as I work through helping clients build visibility and expand their reach.
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Sandra West
CEO of Bellastrega

The Results

After 4 years of collaboration, Bellastrega has got some impressive results for the clients:

  • improve their percentage of page #1 ranking keywords by over 400%(!);
  • a 10-fold increase in website traffic;
  • decrease bounce rates below 25%;
  • maximize their CRO and ROI.

The Takeaways

This workflow has helped Bellastrega add SEO to its list of agency services, gain tens of new clients and help to scale the business.

Sitechecker has helped me pinpoint the issues with clients' websites and systems in order to maximize the services I provide. My own business has more than doubled revenue since incorporating Sitechecker into our preferred tech stack!

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Sandra West,
CEO of Bellastrega
Agency that provides business design, brand management and marketing services
Marketing and Advertising
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Bellastrega achievements:
Significant traffic growth, thanks to increased efficiency
Erased waiting time for SEO audit results, thanks to real-time Site Monitoring