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Ryco is a premier digital marketing and e-commerce agency established in 2006. Specializing in SEO, Google AdWords, and Magento development, they deliver customized solutions that boost traffic, enhance sales, and improve customer engagement. Ryco’s team of experts crafts high-converting websites and effective marketing strategies, with major retailers in the UK, Ireland, and the USA. 

We interviewed Glenn Ryan, director at Ryco to understand how a digital marketing agency can utilize Sitechecker to achieve quick results.

The Challenge

Ryco was seeking an effective tool that would allow them to perform deep and detailed technical site audits along with position tracking. They needed one tool that could provide insightful ranking information along with technical audits and simple reporting. 

We were looking for something that was going to give us quality ranking information, find appropriate keywords that were related to competitors. It's very hard to get a tool that will do everything.
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Glenn Ryan
Director at Ryco

The Solution

Sitechecker was a solution Glenn was looking for. It allowed the team to smoothly track the positioning of their clients, perform deep and accurate site audit analysis, and then easily report all the issues that Sitechecker was able to find for their clients. 

Ryco uses a direct approach with clients, preferring in-person meetings to discuss customized reports. Thus, a user-friendly interface makes it really easy and straightforward to report all the work to clients. 

We would go through a report with them so we don't actually send them something. We would go through it with them and that's what they prefer.
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Glenn Ryan
Director at Ryco

The Results

After incorporating Sitechecker into their workflow, Ryco saw a major improvement in how they managed digital marketing and SEO tasks. Sitechecker’s intuitive site analysis tools allowed Glenn and his team to identify and address site issues quickly. Glenn praised the tool for its ease of use and detailed insights.

I find the information easier to navigate in your tool compared to all your main competitors. I also find the detail better in regards to site analysis.
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Glenn Ryan
Director at Ryco

Almost 2x better website score 

After making the improvements of a technical SEO highlighted in Sitechecker, Ryco team faced a significant improvement in their website score. Fewer issues mean better indexing and higher ranking. 

1.7 better website score

3x in ranking for the main keywords

The fix of the technical aspects of SEO led to the immediate improvement in the keyword rankings for the main keywords in SERP.

3x more keywords in the Google Serp

The Takeaways

Sitechecker helped Ryco streamline its operations, making it easier to pinpoint and resolve critical site issues. 

Glenn acknowledged the challenges of adopting a new platform due to the learning curve and busy schedules but highlighted the advantages that Sitechecker offered. 

In conclusion, the adoption of Sitechecker by Ryco not only improved their SEO and digital marketing efforts but also set a path for future enhancements that could further streamline their processes and provide deeper insights into digital marketing campaigns.

Ryco Marketing is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in comprehensive SEO, link building, and digital advertising solutions designed to elevate client success and drive substantial online growth.
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The easy-to-use interface of Sitechecker saved time and made it simpler for the team to navigate and use SEO data.
Ryco used Sitechecker to reduce critical site errors from 50 to just a few, showing significant improvement.