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SA Furniture Removals is a local moving company in Cape Town providing low-cost moving solutions with quick & free furniture removal quotations. Cape Removals is always in the top positions on search engines with excellent Google Reviews verifying their status as a top removal company for Local & National Furniture Removals in Cape Town and all of South Africa.

Brad Moore shared how Sitechecker helps them to increase online visibility and rank in the top positions with all priority keywords.

The Challenge

– lower the use of paid marketing channels;
– establish keyword variety;
– enhance keyword ranking;
– overcome strong competition in the market.

We wanted to understand what’s the difference between a high-ranking website and an average website. Now, we want to ultimately be # 1 on Google for as many relevant keywords as possible.
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Brad Moore
Owner of SA Furniture Removals

The Solution

Sitechecker was able to fulfill that need and help SA Furniture Removals to automate the monitoring of keyword ranking and backlinks. They use detailed reports to understand when and why website positions rise or fall and compare their actual metrics with competitors’ metrics and previous results.

Sitechecker provided us with the keywords that have improved our website presence, authority, and rankings. We get a weekly email with positions for keywords with the biggest increase potential, analyze it, implement it into SEO strategy, and voilà — we are on the 1st page!
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Brad Moore
Owner of SA Furniture Removals

The Results

Ensuring they don’t give up their search engine positions to the competition is something SA Furniture Removals can turn to Sitechecker for.

After implementing the keyword and on-page SEO strategy for less than 1 year, SA Furniture Removals achieved the following:

  • 53% increase in impressions;
  • 61% of priority keywords are ranked in the top 5 positions of Google search;
  • 85 % of the keywords that they are monitoring are ranked on the 1st page of Google.

The Takeaways

SEO platform Sitechecker helps us to identify all opportunities for improving our website.
It helps isolate the keywords and gauge their performance. Now we see the power of SEO and are ready to invest not only in paid marketing channels.
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Brad Moore
Owner of SA Furniture Removals
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