Parkers Executive Chauffeurs is a leading chauffeur service in the UK. They provide multi-award winning service for travelling to business meetings, conferences or airports is always about a special experience that enables you to relax and recharge your batteries, email important clients or make private phone calls.

Their aim is to give the best experience to customers not only offline but online too. Let’s check how Sitechecker helps them to improve website performance and rank on the first page of Google.

The Challenge

– improve website performance without SEO specialists;
– find SEO errors and fix them;
– implementation of a new SEO strategy;
– overcome strong competition in the market;
– keeping the website on the front page of Google.

The Solution

Very aware of the website problems, Lee Vest, Technical Support Specialist, realized that they needed a solution that would keep track of all errors and the changes being made on their websites. He didn’t want to use many SEO tools as he was responsible not only for the SEO part of the website.

I didn’t have a huge SEO experience and I should improve the website on my own, thankfully I had a great companion/SEO platform for it. Now, we have a bigger team and use Sitechecker to make website audit and fix errors on a weekly/monthly basis. Sure, Site Monitoring keeps things under control, so we can fix it straight away before the traffic drops.
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Lee Vest
Technical Support Specialist at Parkers Executive Chauffeurs

The Results

Parkers Executive Chauffer is now able to stay on top of its website’s SEO. Sitechecker has also improved its website’s quality control process by enabling them to quickly spot errors and subsequently validate its fixes. For 3 years they were also able to significantly boost their SEO team’s productivity and achieve awesome results:

– 50% increase in website traffic by at least;
– 25% improvement in marketing metrics;
– 50% reduction in time spent on SEO auditing.

The Takeaways

SItechecker is an obvious choice for the team Parkers, considering the added benefits of quality control and performance enhancements from the auditing suite, coupled with the significant productivity gains achieved.

Sitechecker has helped us to improve the website score and keep us on the top of Google search results. Additionally, Parkers Executive Chauffer is chauffeur company of the year 2022 😊
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Lee Vest
Technical Support Specialist at Parkers Executive Chauffeurs
Chauffeur service with an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
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Peace of mind and strong quality control
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