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Bonefish is a Norwegian digital agency that focuses on design, website development, and digital marketing. They create unique brand identities, design and develop websites, and implement effective marketing strategies. Their services include SEO, content marketing, and online advertising.

Their goal is to help businesses boost their visibility and achieve their marketing success with customized and strategic solutions.

The Challenge

Before Sitechecker, Bonefish struggled with the manual and time-consuming process of conducting SEO audits, which were vulnerable to human error. The agency used multiple tools to gather data on website performance, keyword rankings, and backlinks, which made it challenging to obtain a comprehensive view and user-friendly look.

Additionally, the previous system based on apps required frequent updates and did not provide a cohesive overview of all ranking factors and insights.

We were looking for something that could give us clear and actionable insights into our SEO performance and competitor activities.
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Fredrik Enevold
Co-founder at Bonefish

The Solution

Sitechecker provided an all-in-one solution that addressed multiple challenges faced by Bonefish. The tool offered a balance of affordability and efficiency, which was critical for the agency, as it allowed them to maintain profitability while providind quality SEO services. 

It was a mix between how the system looked and it was easy to use, nice overview. And also the pricing was important for us. The implementation process was smooth, and the team quickly adapted to using the new tools provided by Sitechecker.
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Fredrik Enevold
Co-founder at Bonefish

Sitechecker enabled Bonefish to streamline its workflow dramatically. The platform includes features for a bird-eye view dashboard, site auditing, and rank tracking all integrated into a user-friendly interface. 

This toolset allowed the team to quickly identify and prioritize issues based on their severity and impact on the client’s website performance.

The implementation of Sitechecker not only simplified their existing processes but also enhanced their capability to manage multiple client projects efficiently, ensuring timely and effective optimizations.

Before switching to Sitechecker we used a system that was based on apps we had to install and keep updated. We didn't have one cohesive overview of all ranking factors and insights. We found Sitechecker to be an elegant and informative system that gave us all insights in an easy-to-understand overview as well as value for money.
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Fredrik Enevold
Co-founder at Bonefish

The Results

Since the implementation of Sitechecker, Bonefish has seen solid improvements in its SEO metrics. In the last year, they have experienced: 

47% increase in impressions

+47% impressions

86% increase in clicks

+86% clicks

26% increase in CTR

+26 CTR

These results highlight the significant impact that Sitechecker has had on their ability to manage and optimize their digital marketing strategies effectively.

Key Takeaways

Quicker SEO audits

Bonefish has transitioned from manual, error-prone SEO audits to a semi-automated process with Sitechecker. This change has significantly saved time and improved the accuracy of their SEO tasks.

Comprehensive insights

Sitechecker consolidates all essential SEO insights into a single platform, boosting Bonefish’s ability to manage SEO tasks and make decisions effectively.

Support and learning

The platform not only equips Bonefish with SEO tools but also supports their growth through comprehensive tutorials and responsive support, maximizing their potential to utilize the platform.

Sitechecker not only gives us all the insights we need to fix issues but they have both good tutorials and great support that will help us with anything we need quickly. Their audit gives us all the issues we need to improve on the site and their On-page SEO-checker gives us detailed info about each page we have to optimize.
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Fredrik Enevold
Co-founder at Bonefish
About is a Norwegian digital agency specializing in design, website development, and digital marketing. They focus on creating unique brand identities and effective SEO and online advertising strategies to help businesses improve their online presence and achieve their marketing goals.
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Bonefish achievements:
The implementation of Sitechecker led to a 45% increase in impressions, an 84% increase in clicks, and a 26% increase in CTR for, boosting their online visibility.
Sitechecker's user-friendly interface allowed to efficiently manage and optimize their digital marketing strategies, and general workflow.