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Cakelicious is Switzerland’s No. 1 retailer of pastry-making equipment. The company offers a wide range of cake decorations for various events. In addition, they offer table decorations and atmospheric items. Their website has a blog with new recipes that are updated weekly, showing the potential of their products. 

Cake decorations for all of life's events are available from us, as are table decorations and atmospheric decorations. Cakelicious is your pastry ally for a successful party. A large part of our website is completed by our pastry chef Sophie. She presents new recipes weekly on our blog, allowing our customers to see all that can be achieved with our products.
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Ruben Cretegny
CEO at Cakelicious

The Challenge

Without previous background, Cakelicious has faced an issue where their team has had a lack of knowledge in SEO. They have a team of online content creators, translators, apprentices, and a pastry chef. Although they all have learned some SEO basics, it was important for them to find a tool that will help with finding the issues on their website automatically and highlight their importance. 

Our team is not specialized in SEO, and despite ongoing training on the subject, it's always necessary to follow, correct and complete the training as much as possible in relation to the different content created and the evolution of the web.
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Ruben Cretegny
CEO at Cakelicious

The Solution had previously used tools like Checkbot and Ubersuggest. However, their choice fell onto Sitechecker. 

The main reason for this is that it offered advanced analyses in various fields, clear-to-understand reports, and the ability to export them as guidance for further fixes. The mix of these qualities has made Sitechecker a significant time-saver for the Cakelicious team.

After working with various tools such as Checkbot and Ubersuggest, Sitechecker dazzled us with its far more advanced analyses in various fields. Reports and export files are much more polished and easier to use. In some cases, it's even possible to make mass corrections directly from these files. An appreciable time-saver.
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Ruben Cretegny
CEO at Cakelicious

The Results

After the prioritization of the issues that needed to be fixed, the team decided to act and improve their SEO health. 

It is an extremely hard task to manage a website with more than 27.000 indexed blog pages. However, by using the insights from the exported Site Audit report, the team has fixed thousands of issues on their pages. 

Site monitoring tool

Additionally, Sitecheceker’s Site Monitoring tool has logged all the changes on the website, making it super clear for the team to see all the improvements made. 

Ruben Cretegny highlights Site Monitoring as his favorite feature, as it allows for a quick assessment of website performance and rapid detection of issues. 

My favorite tool is Site Monitoring, which allows you to assess performance at a glance and detect problems very quickly.
Author quote photo
Ruben Cretegny
CEO at Cakelicious

The Takeaways

Sitechecker helped the Cakelicious team to overcome their lack of in-house SEO experts. It guided them to the origins of their SEO health issues by providing advanced analyses, clear reports, and the ability to make mass corrections based on the reports. 

This significantly boosted their efficiency in managing over 27,000 blog pages and systematically fixing thousands of issues. 

The Site Monitoring feature offered real-time insights and alerts, that helped to detect and quickly resolve tons of problems, which led to continuous improvement in their website’s SEO health.

About is Switzerland's leading retailer of pastry-making equipment. They specialize in providing cake decorations, table settings, and atmospheric decor.
Baking supplies
Fribourg, Switzerland
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Favorite tools
Site Monitoring, Site Audit
Cakelicious achievements:
The Site Monitoring feature allowed the team to quickly detect and address problems, ensuring optimal website performance.
The ability to make bulk corrections from exported reports saved the team significant time and effort, making their SEO management more efficient.