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Three&Six Agency is a leading hospitality marketing firm. It helps hotels and resorts improve their digital presence and acquire more leads. They specialize in providing digital marketing services, including SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media strategies, all designed to deliver results and drive client growth.

The Challenge

Three&Six Agency faced some challenges in identifying and resolving website technical issues. The primary tool they used, Semrush, was effective in locating broken links but lacked some critical tracking functionalities. Specifically, they needed a more comprehensive solution that could also track the presence and changes of Google Tag Manager codes on client websites.

We needed a better tool to help us find changes in our projects.
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Kevin Wiggan
Digital Marketing Manager at Three&Six

The Solution

Sitechecker has provided Three&Six Agency with a better approach to site auditing, monitoring, and tracking, compared to Semrush which was exactly what they needed.

Sitechecker made it easier to manage and resolve website technical issues efficiently.

The team especially valued the ability to locate and highlight the important changes that occurred on the website within each new scan. With the user-friendly interface, it was straight-forward to understand where the changes occurred and in what timeframe. 

Google Tag manager monitoring

Our team mainly used Semrush to locate broken link chains on client websites. However, we recently decided to try Sitechecker because it also allows us to track, for example, whether a Google Tag Manager code has been removed from a client's website.
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Kevin Wiggan
Digital Marketing Manager at Three&Six

The Results

After switching from other tools to Sitechecker, Three&Six Agency experienced noticeable improvements in their SEO performance. 

The main metrics we can rely on while measuring the effectiveness of improvements madee and new SEO experiments are keyword positioning and the organic traffic. 

Kevin Wiggan shared with us the screenshot from their Google Search console tool. It clearly shows that after implementing Sitechecker on the 23rd of November, their impressions increased significantly. 

Increased traffic

We've seen an increase in organic search traffic, website visibility, and keyword rankings after we started using Sitechecker.
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Kevin Wiggan
Digital Marketing Manager at Three&Six

The Takeaways

Three&Six Agency’s experience with Sitechecker clearly shows the platform’s value in improving SEO performance through site audits and monitoring tools. 

Additionally, team highlighted the fact that Sitechecker constantly makes updates of the product and the tool becokmes even more solid. The constant upgrades and reliable features have made Sitechecker an essential tool for Three&Six Agency, allowing them to provide better results for their clients and boost their overall digital marketing strategy.

Three&Six Agency is a hospitality marketing agency focused on boosting the digital presence of hotels and resorts. They specialize in SEO, content marketing, PPC, and social media strategies, offering services that drive results and business growth.
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Three&Six achievements:
There was a significant spike in the number of impressions Three&Six got after applying the Sitechecker's recommendations.
Agency also admitted the rise in the organic traffic they acquired after fixing the issues highlighted by Sitechecker.