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Our customers highlight design as one of the main Sitechecker advantages.

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Get instant alerts when something critical happens to your website.

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Monitor website health, track keywords, and backlinks all on one platform.

How Sitechecker can help public administrations

Make your website visible to residents and search robots

Search engines like government websites and treat them as important resources for top positions. But if you don’t think about user experience, your municipality website won’t rank highly. Get a report with all issues that you should fix to ensure that visitors can effectively navigate your website.

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Reach the people in your city, country, or state with the right keywords

Use up-to-date keyword data to get insights into what your constituents are searching for. This will let you know what keywords to strategically place into your titles, meta-descriptions, and content so that search engines will rank these pages properly.

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Find and fix errors before your users catch them

On an official government website, such frustrations as website downtime, the deletion of important pages, and other critical errors can harm your reputation. Sitechecker monitors your website 24/7, so you get immediate email alerts whenever something goes wrong.

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Get easy-to-follow SEO instructions

SEO tasks can look difficult for beginners. With Sitechecker, you will get how-to-fix guides, video tutorials, and intuitive design to help implement recommendations, even by people who lack SEO skills.

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Simplify workflow and implementation schedules with one SEO toolkit

Free up colleagues from answering routine phone calls and emails. Provide your employees with access to view and edit projects for faster optimization of any updates in government policies and procedures or for fixing website errors.

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All you need to improve your search engine ranking

  1. Fix technical and on-page SEO

    Fix technical and on-page SEO

    Site Audit
  2. Track website changes 24/7

    Track website changes 24/7

    Site Monitoring
  3. Track keywords rankings

    Track keywords rankings

    Rank Tracker
  4. Monitor backlinks

    Monitor backlinks

    Backlink Tracker
  5. Check on-page SEO when browsing

    Quickly check on competitors

    SEO Chrome Extension

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