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How to find what WordPress theme a website is using

How to find what WordPress theme a website is using

What WordPress theme is that?

Have you ever been asked yourself this question every time searching for some websites? Using WordPress themes any webmaster can visualize their websites easily, even without knowing how to code. Choosing the right theme is an important step in website development. Often after lookup at the sites you have a lot of ideas that you would like to implement on your site, for example, a layout or a set of functions.

If you want to make your own website but don’t know any computer knowledge, you can do this by using WordPress. Often, we want to find something similar to already existing websites only with our own individual design. There are two ways to identify website theme:

  • Manually. Open page source and search for the correct string of code;
  • Automatic. Use our free WordPress theme detector.

How to use website theme checker correctly

Remember, each WP theme requires a style.css file. This file contains a theme title that tells WordPress the name of the template, topic author, URI, version, etc. It also contains the CSS styles used by this template. To find this file, click on “View Page Source”, find the correct string which contains /wp-content/theme-name/style.css or /wp-content/themes/.

One of the easiest ways to determine the WordPress theme used by our tool. This is an online tool that allows you to search for themes WordPress site using. Firstly, our detector scans if a certain site uses WordPress. If yes, then it will check for the theme itself, analyze the data and provide the result. Follow these several steps:

  • Paste website URL into placeholder above;
  • Push the “Check” button;
  • Receive the result “what WP theme is that”.

After you will get the theme name, search for more installation details in Google or WordPress admin panel. Also, you can find out what plugins is this site using just trying one more tool from Sitechecker. 

How to tell if a website is WordPress

Find the page engine signs in the page code. To check this way you do not need additional applications or services. Just open any site and right-click on an empty place on the page – select “page source code” or something similar. Not to be confused with the “source code of the element” – we need to look at the entire code of the site page.

For example, often WordPress sites can be identified by characteristic directories like wp-content, plugins, themes, but the main thing that clearly indicates the WordPress is usually wired somewhere at the top of the site in the generator meta tag, as in the example below.

how to tell if a site is wordpress

In some cases, they just want to know if the latest version of WordPress is installed. An alternative to the method discussed above is to dive into the source files of your site on WordPress or use WordPress version checker. This is the most reliable method, but also requires the most time. First of all, you need to connect to your hosting account using the file manager of your hosting provider or using an FTP client.

You need to go to the WordPress installation directory (usually public_html) and open the wp-includes directory. Here will be the version.php file. In this file, line 7 contains the version of your WordPress installation, it will look like this:

$ wp_version = ‘4.4.2’;
Checking your WordPress version can be important if you plan to upgrade to the latest available version or want to install a plugin / theme that works with certain versions of WordPress.  These are the easiest ways to know is this a WordPress site.
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