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What is the Web Page Change Monitoring Tool?

The Landing Page Monitoring by Sitechecker is designed to track various specific changes and technical errors on each page of a website. This tool captures content updates, monitors SEO performance indicators such as visibility and audits page technical health for critical issues or warnings.

How the tool can assist you?

Content Change Detection: track and highlight any alterations to the website’s content, such as the addition of new pages, the deletion of existing ones, and overall content updates. This feature allows website owners to keep a close eye on their site’s content evolution and ensures they are aware of any modifications that could impact user experience or SEO performance.

Site Health Analysis: performs regular audits to identify critical issues, warnings, and opportunities for improvement, assessing factors like mobile friendliness, internal link structure, and content relevance. It also provides a website score, which gives a quick overview of the site’s overall SEO health.

SEO Performance Tracking: integrates with platforms like Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide real-time data on website traffic, user engagement, keyword rankings, and visibility in search engine results. This enables the monitoring of organic traffic trends and the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: offers a centralized dashboard that aggregates data from various sources such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, presenting comprehensive insights into traffic, rankings, and overall site performance in one view.

User-friendly Interface: boasts a clear and intuitive interface, making it accessible for users of all skill levels. Navigation is designed to be straightforward, allowing users to find and analyze the data they need without unnecessary complexity.

Complete SEO Toolset: provides a full suite of SEO tools, including site audits for on-page SEO, rank tracking for monitoring keyword positions, backlink analysis to understand and build link profiles, and web page change monitoring to stay informed of content updates.

How to Use the Tool

Step 1: Insert your domain name

Web Page Change Monitoring
To receive results and access to Sitechecker's features for 14 days, start your FREE trial. Sign-up is easy with your email, Google, or Facebook account. No credit card is needed.

Step 2: Set up monitoring

To start automated data monitoring as per schedule, simply tap the button shown on your screen:

Go to Project Settings

This action will take you to the project settings, where you can select the auto-crawling frequency that best meets your needs:

Site Monitoring Settings

Step 3: Get the results

When setting up webpage change monitoring, you receive detailed updates on the health and SEO performance of pages or page segments. This feature tracks changes across various metrics, including hreflang annotations, URL issues, and metadata completeness. It also highlights potential improvements, such as optimizing images or enhancing link descriptions, to boost search engine rankings and website functionality.

Monitoring Results

You can create custom segments to focus on specific areas of your site, ensuring targeted and efficient monitoring.

Additional Features

When setting up webpage change monitoring, after two scans, you gain access to comprehensive analytics on content and site audit updates. This includes tracking the total number of changes, newly added pages, and any deleted pages.

Site Monitoring Dashboard

Additionally, you can monitor the number of newly identified issues, resolved issues, and the overall website health score, enabling proactive management and optimization of your website’s performance and SEO strategy.

You can also leave custom comments on specific updates to track changes and identify patterns:

Add Custom Note
Save Custom Note

Final Idea

The Web Page Change Monitoring Software is a comprehensive platform designed for efficient website management and SEO optimization. It tracks content changes, monitors site health, and assesses SEO performance. Key features include real-time data integration from Google Analytics, a user-friendly interface, and a complete set of SEO tools. This tool simplifies the tracking of webpage changes, keyword rankings, and overall site health, allowing users to customize monitoring frequency to meet specific needs. It’s designed to provide actionable insights to optimize website content and performance effectively.

To activate the tool, you need to insert your domain name into the Sitechecker platform. Start a free trial with simple sign-up options using your email, Google, or Facebook account, with no credit card required.
Yes, the tool offers customizable reports. You can select specific data points to focus on and adjust the auto-crawling frequency to match your monitoring preferences.
Yes, the tool provides historical data analysis, allowing you to view past performance trends and changes over time. This feature helps in understanding long-term patterns and the impact of SEO strategies.
Integration with Google Analytics allows users to access real-time data on website traffic, user engagement, and visibility in search results. This integration helps in monitoring organic traffic trends and evaluating the success of SEO strategies directly from the dashboard.

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