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What is a Rank Tracker for Enterprise SEO?

Rank Tracker Enterprise is a tool utilized by large organizations to track and assess the ranking performance of their website’s search engine across an unlimited scope of projects and keywords spanning various regions and devices.

How can the tool help you?

Monitoring Performance: Track website rankings, visibility, and indexation with improvement suggestions.

Robust Capacity: The tool supports analysis for up to 10 million pages, tracking up to 100,000 keywords, with data retention of up to 60 months.

Efficient Keyword Managing: Group search queries to groups of URLs and keywords. Quickly find relevant keywords using multiple filters.

Multi-Website Tracking for Enterprise: Manage keyword positions for numerous websites with note-adding and report-sending features.

Multi Rank Tracking: Track rankings across various search engines, devices, and locations.

Detailed Reporting: Gain insights into ranking changes and compare them with competitors.

Real-Time Updates: Instant notifications of keyword position changes for effective KPI monitoring.

Regular Email Reports: Receive updates on top-performing and potential keywords.

White Label Features: Brand reports with agency logos, enhancing client presentations.

Key Features of Enterprise Rank Tracker

Unified Dashboard: This feature provides a centralized location where users can view all essential SEO data and metrics. It simplifies the process of monitoring various aspects of a website’s SEO performance, including rankings, traffic analytics, and backlink profiles, in one comprehensive and easily accessible interface.

User-friendly Interface: The tool is designed with a focus on usability, ensuring that even those without extensive SEO knowledge can navigate and utilize its features effectively.

Complete SEO Toolset: Sitechecker offers a wide range of SEO tools, covering everything from keyword research and top-rank tracking tools to site audits, backlink analysis, and more.

How to Use the Enterprise Rank Tracker Software

Step 1: Enter the website’s URL

Enterprise Rank Tracker
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Step 2: Add and manage keywords for tracking

You can quickly choose and start tracking your desired keywords through three straightforward methods: receiving keyword suggestions, utilizing data from Google Search Console (GSC), or importing keywords from an Excel file.

adding keywords

Make use of the recommended list of keywords that we will promptly compile, based on the search queries for which you already hold positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP):

Keywords Suggestion

To import keywords from Google Search Console, select the “Google Search Console” option. A dialog box will then appear, asking you to establish a connection with Google Search Console and Analytics.

Connect Google Account

This enables our tool to import keywords from Google Search Console, along with your current ranking data, and seamlessly integrate them into your tracking list:

High potential keywords from from GSC

To add a list of your own keywords from an Excel spreadsheet, utilize the “Excel file” button. The tool will provide a user-friendly format that simplifies the process of adding a substantial number of specific queries for customization and tracking:

Import keywords from Excel file

On the side, you’re in control of search engine settings. Specify that you’re targeting and fine-tune search engine, locations, languages, and devices like desktop or mobile.

Locations setting

With everything in place, hit ‘Add’.

The ‘Manage Keywords’ feature below allows categorizing the keywords into groups and sorting them by pages according to your promotional strategy:

Manage keywords block

Step 3:Result

The tool provides a visual overview of keyword rankings and site visibility. It offers at-a-glance metrics on search rankings across different tiers, visibility percentage, keyword rank tracker, and indexing status, with filters for device, country, and language customization. The trend graph maps keyword position changes over time, aiding in swift analysis and decision-making for improved search engine performance.

Keywords Dashboard

The SEO tool displayed is engineered for enterprise-level keyword tracking, enabling users to observe and analyze keyword performance through a streamlined interface. Key functionalities include the monitoring of search rankings, search volume, and cost-per-click for various keywords, alongside the capability to export ranking data for in-depth analysis.

Keywords Features

The Enterprise Rank Tracker tool displayed provides a management feature for keywords, allowing users to categorize keywords into groups and connect them to corresponding URLs. It includes a search bar for quick keyword retrieval, facilitating efficient management and strategic analysis of SEO efforts.

Rank Tracker Pages

The Enterprise Rank Tracker tool displays a graph of SERP statistics for the specific keyword, showing ranking trends and providing a list of ranking pages. This aids SEO professionals in the strategy and performance analysis of targeted keywords.

Keyword SERP Statistics

Additional Features of Enterprise Rank Tracking Tool

The Rank Tracker Enterprise Tool is specifically engineered for large agencies and enterprises, offering a suite of features to elevate SEO tracking and analysis. With no limits on the number of projects, websites, or shared projects, it caters to the expansive needs of big organizations.

This robust platform can handle up to 10 million pages, 100,000 target keywords, and 100,000 backlinks while ensuring accurate data retention for up to 60 months. Site audits are thorough, with insights into crawling, indexing, and even social media card optimization. The tool also includes daily site monitoring, ensuring website availability checks every 5 minutes. Rank tracking updates occur daily, with local and mobile tracking capabilities.

For backlink tracking, updates are delivered weekly. Integration options are comprehensive, including Google Analytics 4, Google Search Console, and more. Users benefit from priority chat, email, and phone support, as well as guidance from a Dedicated Success Manager. Additional tools and services such as On-Page SEO Checker and Keyword Suggestion Tool are unlimited, rounding out a powerful, all-inclusive SEO toolkit.

Final Idea

The Enterprise Rank Tracking Tool offers a comprehensive SEO platform ideal for large organizations, with unlimited project management and extensive tracking capabilities for websites. It features real-time SEO monitoring, detailed reporting, and a user-friendly dashboard that consolidates critical ranking data together. Capable of handling up to 10 million pages, 100,000 keywords, and backlinks with extended data retention, it supports a full suite of SEO tools for site audits and backlink analysis. The tool emphasizes convenience with daily updates, priority support, and a dedicated manager for all SEO endeavors.

Yes, it tracks and analyzes SEO across various regions and languages, catering search visibility to a global audience.
Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console allows direct tracking of search queries and more in-depth insights into website performance.
Yes, it enables importing target keywords in Excel format from other tracking tools, streamlining keyword management.
It provides priority chat, email, and phone support, along with a Dedicated Success Manager for comprehensive assistance.
It offers detailed site audits, covering aspects like crawling, indexing, and social media card optimization.
Rank tracking and site monitoring updates occur daily, with weekly updates for backlink tracking.
Yes, it offers white-label features, allowing the branding of reports with agency logos for client presentations.
It can analyze up to 10 million pages, track 100,000 keywords and backlinks, and retain data for up to 60 months.

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