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What is Keyword Rank Checker?

The Keyword Position Checker by Sitechecker is a tool designed to check and track the positioning of your website’s keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs). The tool delivers comprehensive details on all recognized keywords for which the entire site, as well as specific pages, are ranked. You can conveniently determine your site’s rankings using a list of suggested keywords tailored to your site, phrases from the Search Console, or your imported list of keywords.

How the tool can assist you?

Keyword Ranking: shows the position and search volume of the website for specific search queries across different search engines.

Performance Tracking: allows you to monitor changes over time, helping to gauge the effectiveness of SEO strategies.

Competitor Analysis: enables you to compare your key phrases positions with your competitors, offering insights into competitive positioning.

Geographic and Device-Specific Results: offer features to check positions in different countries or regions and on various devices, reflecting more accurate search contexts.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: offers a centralized view of all SEO metrics and website performance indicators, simplifying the monitoring and analysis of data to make informed decisions quickly.

User-friendly Interface: designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, ensuring that users of all skill levels can efficiently utilize the tool’s features without a steep learning curve.

Complete SEO Toolset: provides a comprehensive suite of SEO tools, including website health checks, on-page SEO analysis, backlink tracking, position tracking, and site monitoring, to cover all search engine optimization efforts.

How to Use the SEO Keyword Rank Checker Tool

Step 1: Enter the website’s URL

Keyword Rank Checker
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Step 2: Add keywords, check average position and search volumes

You can easily select and check search query positions using three methods: getting suggestions, utilizing data from Google Search Console (GSC), or uploading from an Excel file.

Add Import Keywords

The Multiple Keyword Rank Checker allows you to identify all known key phrases associated with your site’s current positions. Select those that align with your promotional strategies and consistently track their performance.

Keyword Suggestions

Select the “Google Search Console” option to bring in key phrases and assess your rankings for these terms. A dialog box will then prompt you to establish a link with Google Search Console and Analytics.

Google Acc Connect

This enables our tool to fetch key phrases from Google Search Console, along with your existing position information, and effortlessly incorporate them into your tracking list.

Keywords From GSC

To add your own set of search queries from an Excel spreadsheet, click on the “Excel file” button. The tool offers an intuitive format that makes it easy to include many specific queries for customization and monitoring.

Import Keywords

On a related note, you can adjust search engine settings. This allows you to define your target and refine preferences for search engines, including locations, languages, and device types like desktop or mobile.

Search Engine Settings

Once everything is configured, click ‘Add’.

Below, the ‘Manage Keywords’ function allows you to sort your key phrases into groups and arrange them by pages according to your marketing strategy.

Manage Keywords

Step 3:Result

Keyword Rank Finder checks website ranking for keywords, from the highest to beyond the top 100 positions, and provides a visibility score to indicate your site’s prominence in search results. For instance, a visibility score of 16.41% suggests how often your site shows up in searches.

Rank Tracker

The dashboard is interactive, with filters for devices, locations, and languages to tailor your SEO analysis. It also features options for adding keywords, taking notes, and exporting data, with Looker Studio integration for advanced data visualization.

The Keyword Rank Tester displays search query data in a clear, tabular layout. The table itself lists keywords, along with search volumes, current SERP positions, daily ranking changes, SERP features, ranked URLs, and CPC values. Up and down arrows indicate ranking movements, while graph icons may suggest a trend over time. The interface offers ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ views to cater to different analysis needs, streamlining the SEO monitoring and strategy process.

Keyword Rank Tester

The Page Rank Keyword Checker enables you to track and oversee SEO rankings for particular URLs. You can see the targeted page alongside all its related ranked search queries within the’ Ranked URL’ area. You can tailor the data presentation using the ‘Manage columns’ feature, selecting which metrics to display such as volume, position, and URL visibility trend, aiding in an in-depth analysis.

Page Rank Keyword Checker

Additional Features

The SERP Keyword Rank Checker illustrates the search engine ranking trajectory for the specific keyword. The graph plots the rank changes over time, with lines indicating the performance of various web pages in search results. Users can fine-tune the view with filters for specific sets of pages and adjust the time frame for analysis. On the side, a list of URLs reveals which pages are ranked for the keyword, and users have the option to view a snapshot for an exact historical comparison.

Keyword SERP Statistics

This tool is crafted to aid in optimizing SEO strategies by observing keyword rankings.

Final Idea

The Organic Keyword Rank Checker is a comprehensive SEO tool designed for checking key phrase positions across search engines. It provides a unified dashboard for a centralized view of SEO metrics, a user-friendly interface for ease of use, and a complete SEO toolset including health checks, on-page analysis, and backlink tracking. Users can monitor positions, compare rankings with competitors, and obtain device-specific results. The tool supports importing key phrases from Google Search Console or Excel and allows for customization of search engine settings. It also enables users to manage and categorize key phrases for strategic marketing and visualize data trends, all aimed at enhancing SEO strategies.

Yes, the tool can filter and display rankings for various devices, such as desktop or mobile, allowing for device-specific SEO analysis.
The tool provides features to import search queries from an Excel file and offers a user-friendly format for adding and monitoring a substantial number of queries.
Yes, the 'Manage columns' feature allows you to customize the dashboard to display preferred metrics like volume, position, and URL visibility.

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