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What is the Robots.txt File Changes Monitoring Tool?

The Robots.txt Monitoring Tool by Sitechecker is a software application that helps keep track of and manage your robots.txt file effectively. The tool monitors all modifications, cataloging them on a timeline for real-time observation. Additionally, it dispatches urgent email notifications upon any changes detected in the robots.txt file.

How the tool can assist you?

Automated Monitoring: monitors changes to the robots.txt file, alerting administrators if unintended modifications occur that could affect site indexing.

Compliance Checking: checks the syntax and directives of the robots.txt file to ensure they are valid and effective in controlling bot access as intended.

Security: helps prevent the accidental exposure of sensitive areas of the website that should not be indexed by search engines.

Efficiency: helps in managing the accessibility of website content to search engines, ensuring that valuable crawl budget is not wasted on unimportant or private pages.

Analysis and Recommendations: provide analysis of the robots.txt file and recommend optimizations to improve SEO and site visibility on search engines.

Historical Changes Tracking: track historical changes to the file, helping to diagnose issues related to web crawler access and indexation changes over time.

Key features of the tool

Unified Dashboard: offers a comprehensive view of a website’s SEO performance, integrating data on site health, page speed, backlink analysis, and keyword rankings into a single, accessible location.

User-friendly Interface: designs prioritizes simplicity and ease of navigation, making it approachable for both beginners and seasoned SEO professionals.

Complete SEO Toolset: provides a robust suite of SEO tools, covering everything from site audits to keyword tracking and backlink analysis.

How to Use the Tool

To begin using the tool, please enter your domain name. The system will then scan your entire website, identify any issues, and provide you with the option to set up monitoring for changes to the Robots.txt file, along with alert frequency.

Step 1: Insert your domain name

Robots.txt Monitoring Tool
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Step 2: Get results

The monitoring overview for Robots.txt file changes provides you insights into crucial modifications. This includes the detection of an invalid Robots.txt file, the absence of a link to the XML sitemap, and the discovery of meta robots tags outside of the header.

Additionally, you are informed if any URLs have been disallowed by Robots.txt, ensuring complete awareness of how these changes may affect site crawlability and indexing.

Robots.txt Issues

To arrange automatic data monitoring on a schedule, click the button displayed on the screen.

Site Monitoring go to Project Settings

This will allow you to navigate to the project settings and select the auto-crawling period that best suits your needs.

Site Monitoring Project Settings

Upon your next login to the tool, you’ll have access to a chronology of site changes and the dynamics of any emerging errors over the specified period. This ensures you’re always informed about your site’s activities and can respond promptly to any changes.

The tool uses intuitive graphs to display key website data, enabling you to easily monitor updates, track content changes, and identify SEO issues. With color-coded scoring, you can quickly gauge your site’s SEO performance and trends, facilitating informed and swift decision-making for improved search engine visibility.

Site Monitoring Graphs

Additional Features of the Tool

Additionally, set up automatic notifications to receive updates via email or Slack whenever there are changes to the Robots.txt file. To activate these alerts, go to the project settings and enable notifications for Robots.txt changes in the notification section by selecting the relevant option.

Alerts Reports

Here’s how the notification for changes in the robots.txt file will appear:

Alert when robots.txt file is added, deleted or its content changed

Final Idea

The Robots.txt Monitoring Tool is a crucial application for tracking and managing robots.txt files. It notifies you via email or Slack about changes, ensuring that your site’s indexing and crawlability are not inadvertently compromised. The tool also performs syntax compliance checks and prevents the exposure of sensitive areas. It optimizes search engine accessibility to maximize your crawl budget and offers a complete suite of SEO tools for overall site health. To use it, simply enter your domain name, and the tool will scan for technical issues and track changes, giving you a historical view and actionable insights for maintaining your site’s SEO health. Start with a free trial, no credit card required.

Yes, it's designed to work with any website, provided you can verify ownership and have access to the domain's settings.
Yes, the tool allows you to set the frequency of alerts to suit your preferences within the project settings.
The tool provides recommendations for optimizations and can guide you through resolving detected issues.
By ensuring that your Robots.txt file is correctly configured, it helps maintain your site's visibility and indexing in search engines, which is crucial for SEO.
Yes, the tool tracks historical changes to provide insights into the file's evolution and the impact of those changes.

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