3 Best Natural Selection 2 Server Hosting For 2022-2023

3 Best Natural Selection 2 Server Hosting For 2022-2023
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If you adore multiplayer shooters in the sci-fi world, Natural Selection 2 is a perfect match. Team-based competitive gameplay and a futuristic setting make this game a great choice for cooperative play.

Gamers have to survive in large and intricate indoor facilities and beat their opponents. The gameplay is based on the combination of the first-person shooter and real-time strategy where players fight for control of resources and territory. Players form two teams in a classic competition: aliens against humans. This is an introduction to what is natural selection 2 in a nutshell.

Popular gaming theme, exceptional atmosphere, and unique mechanics are the main reasons why natural selection 2 servers are full of players. In this guide, we analyzed and compared some of the best natural selection 2 server providers, as well as elaborated on the main benefits and peculiarities of running your own server. So, let’s start.

Minimum Natural Selection 2 Hosting Requirement

Before comparing hosting providers, let’s find out whether it is difficult to host natural selection 2 server from the viewpoint of machines. The minimum system requirements of the game itself are the following:

  • Processor: Dual-core processor 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, i3), 2.6 GHz (AMD Athlon or FX)
  • Memory: 6 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible dedicated video card with 2 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: 11.0
  • Hard Drive: 13 GB HD space

Players also need a broadband internet connection. Natural selection 2 server requirements are certainly much higher. You should have at least a quad-core processor of 3.2 GHz (Intel i5, i7) or 3.6 GHz (AMD Ryzen, FX, or Athlon), 8 GB of RAM, and a video card with 4GB VRAM.

The Top 3 Natural Selection 2 Server Hosting Providers

After a detailed review of multiple available options in the market, we chose 3 best natural selection 2 server host providers.

  1. Gameservers – Great Hardware
  2. Streamline servers – Advanced Management
  3. Citadel Servers – Worldwide Coverage

Check out summaries of their offers, main features, and peculiarities below.

Best Natural Selection 2 Hosting in Details

To provide you with the most accurate, relevant, and valuable comparison of natural selection 2 host server providing companies, we focused on such parameters as hardware resources (especially RAM allocated), data centers locations, number of game slots available, security, and support. Let’s go!

1. Gameservers – Great Hardware

Gameservers is the first provider in our list of natural selection 2 servers hosting companies. Enterprise-level hardware, multiple data center locations, and a reliable network guarantee outstanding game performance and low-ping connection.

Server management is very user-friendly. Apart from instant natural selection 2 game server setup, you can enjoy the advantages of an advanced custom admin panel. Moreover, in case of any problems, the support team is 24/7 ready to help.

Pricing starts at $0.99 per slot with the opportunity to assemble a team of 6-32 players. Year-long prepayment offers a 15% discount. You can also buy additional voice servers for $2-50, depending on the type and number of allocated slots.

Natural Selection 2 server setup via GameServers


Price: from $5.94 per month (6 slots)
RAM: 16–64 GB
Free trial: No
Players: 6–32
Control panel: Custom
DDoS protection: Yes
Mods allowed: Yes
Instant setup: Yes

Pros Cons
Solid hardware
Multiple server locations
Advanced control panel
Easy mod support
The website could be more informative
No free trial
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to GameServers hosting

2. Streamline servers – Advanced Management

Streamline servers is well known for its versatile and user-friendly natural selection 2 server hosting opportunity. Provider offers many suitable options for adjusting server settings to particular needs.

In addition, there are multiple server locations. Together with the internationally renowned network, this gives gamers a truly lag-free gaming experience. At the same time, instant server installation, skilled technical support, and a mod one-click install system make Streamline server one of the best natural selection 2 server hosting providers.

Pricing starts at $6 per month for 8 game slots. Note that higher server parameters may require quite high extra investments: up to +50% of the sum for the highest CPU speed (5.0 GHz+) or +$7.5 for the real-time CPU priority. You should also keep in mind that not all server locations presume by default free natural selection 2 server hosting.

Natural Selection 2 dedicated server by Streamline servers


Price: from $6 per month (8 slots)
RAM: 8–16 GB
Free trial: No
Players: 8–50
Control panel: custom
DDoS protection: Yes
Mods allowed: Yes
Instant setup: Yes

Pros Cons
Multiple server locations
One-click mod installation
Accepts Bitcoin
Some server locations may require additional payments
No free trial
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Streamline Servers hosting

3. Citadel Servers – Worldwide Coverage

Another excellent natural selection 2 game servers provider – Citadel Servers. High-performance Xeon processors, an integrated backup system, a highly customized TCAdmin control panel, full database access, and easy mods and plugins installation are only some of the company services’ peculiarities.

Data centers in 16 locations all over the world ensure excellent network connection. Moreover, players can switch locations anytime. Finally, the availability of the latest mods definitely offers an unforgettable gaming experience.

Pricing starts at $4.30 per month for 10 game slots. At the same time, there are some useful features for extra payments, like the following addons: migration service from another host, premium support, dedicated IP address, etc. Note that not about all data centers location you can say it’s a natural selection 2 server free.

Citadel Servers dedicated server for Natural Selection 2 game


Price: from $4.30 per month (10 slots)
RAM: 16–64 GB
Free trial: No
Players: 10–64
Control panel: TCAdmin
DDoS protection: Yes
Mods allowed: Yes
Instant setup: Yes

Pros Cons
Many data centers
Relatively low price
Solid hardware
No free trial
Some server locations require additional payment
Ready to choose your plan? — Go to Citadel Servers hosting

Best Natural Selection 2 Servers Hosting Comparison

So, we have compared the top natural selection 2 servers in our review. Let’s briefly summarize the essential features of each natural selection 2 dedicated server hosting provider.

Hosting Pricing / mo
(starting at)
RAM Free trial Players limit Control panel DDoS protection Mods Instant setup
GameServers $5.94 16-64GB No 6-32 Custom Yes Yes Yes
Streamline servers $6 8-16GB No 8-50 Custom Yes Yes Yes
Citadel Servers $4.30 16-64GB No 10-64 TCAdmin Yes Yes Yes

How to Choose The Best Natural Selection 2 Server Hosting Provider

As we can see, there are plenty of natural selection 2 hosting providers. We, however, chose only three best companies. Here are some crucial aspects we paid attention to:

  • Hardware resources. As you can imagine, we are not talking about the natural selection 2 spider game, where you need to catch flies with a spider. Our human vs. aliens shooter has solid system requirements, and natural selection 2s server hosting companies should possess powerful machines to ensure excellent game performance.
  • User-friendliness. A very comprehensive point. We all know the pc game natural selection 2, how to get natural selection 2, how to install it, and how to play natural selection 2. Running a server is much more complicated. The provider should offer easy-to-understand services with maximum facilitation of all processes: instant setup, security & backup, support, etc.
  • Data centers locations. A perfect network connection is vital for natural selection 2 dedicated server hosting. Otherwise, get ready for constant lagging.
  • Price. You will never find natural selection 2 free server hosting services. However, looking for a reasonable price for the best natural selection 2 server rental option is always wise.

Benefits Of Running Your Own Natural Selection 2 Server Hosting

As we can see, the natural selection 2 server requires substantial additional resources. Moreover, being a natural selection 2 server host calls for some time, server management skills, and in most cases, money. Is a dedicated natural selection 2 server worth it? Here are some key benefits.


Extra resources a dedicated server needs directly impact the game performance. With such system parameters, players can enjoy an excellent lag-free game performance.


Running your own server means you can manage every process in technical and gaming parts. In addition, hosting providers always offer advanced admin panels for a better experience.


Hosting a dedicated server natural selection 2 allows you to adjust and modify the game as you wish. Install and run any mods, and make your gameplay truly unique.


If you decide to rent a server via a specialized company, you can count on a solid network connection, distributed data centers, reliable protection, and 24/7 support service. All this ensures 100% stable server work.

Paying for Natural Selection 2 Hosting vs. Hosting Yourself

After reading this article, you probably wonder, what is better: rent natural selection 2 server or host it yourself?

On the one hand, the latter option seems cheaper and more accessible: no intermediaries, no payments, etc. Definitely a good choice for technically skilled players who focus on playing online with close friends.

However, if you’d like to enjoy natural selection 2 server hosting free of any problems, you’d better take a look at natural selection 2 dedicated servers providing companies. They possess enormous hardware resources, multiple server locations, and advanced support services that guarantee unforgettable natural selection 2 multiplayer.

Finally, with a specialized provider, you can try any of the natural selection 2 modded servers, or even create your own one. Why then limit your gameplay if you can get the max of such a game at a low cost?

Final Thoughts

So, we have prepared a natural selection 2 server list with some of the most prominent companies in the field. There are multiple benefits of running your own natural selection 2 server, as well as crucial moments to pay attention to while preparing for a natural selection 2 server setup.

At the same time, various companies offer hosting services to improve the gaming experience. Their main advantages are powerful hardware, various server locations, advanced protection, and comprehensive support. With all this in view, renting a dedicated server natural selection 2 becomes a perfect option to boost game performance, prevent crashing, and try all the mods.

Natural Selection 2 Server Hosting FAQ
Your own Natural Selection 2 server host offers multiple advantages, such as control over all the processes and the possibility to install any mods. In addition, you can rely on much better hardware resources and network connection. All this ensures an excellent gaming experience free of lags.
We recommend paying attention to server locations, quality of support service, admin panel functionality, hardware resources, price and billing system.
They might be free if you have a powerful PC to host a server on your own. In case you rent a natural selection 2 server, you pay for the company services: network, allocated resources, protection, backup system, and support.

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