Explore the Most Important Do's and Don'ts for Creating Perfect Thank You Page

Explore the Most Important Do's and Don'ts for Creating Perfect Thank You Page

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This paragraph is still not about landing pages


We all expect conversions from our landing pages, and that’s not surprising because this is their primary purpose. It makes no sense to create and launch a landing page without expectations of great conversion rates. Have you ever thought about the right actions before the conversion? Like, what to do if a customer did everything according to your scenario, passed all levels of the purchase funnel and brought revenue to your business? The answer will shock you!
You must thank your customer. And do it as sincerely as possible.

When you say thank you to person you sustain a good relationship with him. It is important to continue relationships with customers too. Because if you treat him like a person that you respect, he can turn from a one time into a permanent client.
So, after you lured a customer to the landing page and motivated him to fulfill the desired actions, redirect him to a Thank You page. This is a place where you can retain your customers; as well as convince them of something else post-purchase. Currently, far from all e-commerce services have such a page and unfortunately, most of them don’t run it effectively. There are many variants of Thank you page representations. If you launch a Thank you page on your website right now, it will be a very advantageous decision.


What’s in a Thank You Page?


The goal of a thank you page is to tell your customer thank you for all the actions he did to satisfy your sales aims. Did he subscribe to your newsletter or buy your product? He doesn’t just deserve a simple message, but a page that will inform what to expect from your service next. A thank you page must push them to the next action they can take with your product. It is a great way to guide your customers to new corners of the purchase labyrinth.


Do’s of an Effective Thank You Page


1. Express gratitude with a smile

Well, the number of words you write matters when you say thank you to someone. Do it with enthusiasm! Let your customer acknowledge his value for you.


2. Make your thank you page sound more… human

A website for your brand is a platform for communication between you and your brand. Despite the fact that a website is inanimate, to impress the customer you must expose a human soul from it. How to do this? You have all the components needed. Take a picture or video of your CEO. Show a promo with the whole staff working in your company. Customers enjoy such behind the scenes content. Why don’t you give them what they want? It’s easy and completely safe.


3. Show them other offers & profits

Do you have aces in a hole? If not, you should! Think about what other offers can interest your customers. Place them on the thank you page.


4. Use your customers to expand your customer base

The truth is, you can easily encourage your customers to do activities that will be beneficial to you. For example, on a thank you page you can show ways on how to spread awareness about your brand. Induce them to share information about your product across social networks or place other conversion tools that will help customers refer your website to others.


5. Be generous, give them something for free

Being greedy is not friendly. During one of your marketing campaigns practice some kind of free giveaway. News about something completely free spreads across the Internet as a virus. But don’t abuse such a method, it is good to use it rarely and keep your customers thinking that your brand has a serious positioning.


Don’ts of an Effective Thank You Page


1. Don’t make it too lengthy

Nobody likes long reads after a long journey through purchase funnels. By the moment customers come across your thank you page, they have already made a set of actions, and now they want to relax. Be concise, brevity is always highly appreciated. Put a juicy CTA button in the center and say goodbye.


2. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Empty promises are fake. And if you don’t keep even a single promise for your customer – the majority of your audience will learn about that. Be realistic in your promises and everything should come out nicely.


3. Don’t fail with the thank you page design

Even if you put lots of time and energy on your landing page and feel no inspiration to be creative with a thank you page, overcome yourself! You are trying to show how you appreciate your client, so take some time to visualize this positive attitude into a nice-looking design.

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