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How to Conduct SEO Content Analysis Properly?

Every text on the web is created for some purpose. An effective text is the one that performs the necessary tasks. To achieve your goals, we recommend performing SEO content analysis at the several

E-commerce SEO: Best Practices for Your Store

E-commerce retailers are generally skeptical when they are told that they can double sales and traffic to their site by applying SEO best practices.

How to Use Meta Robots Tag Correctly?

Meta robots tags are used to pass instructions to search engines on how they should index or crawl sections of a website. This article gives an overview of the different values that can be used in a

What Is JSON-LD Markup and Why Is It Better than Schema Markup?

If you understand how to use, but do not dare to mark pages up because of the complexity of the process, this article is for you. There is an effective and easy-to-use alternative - the

Causes of Duplicate Content and How to Solve the Problem

All search engines, including Google, have problems with duplicate content. When the same content is shown at numerous locations on the internet, a search engine can’t determine which URL should be

The Comprehensive Technical SEO Checklist

All the painstaking site optimization work can be crossed out by technical mistakes that will interfere with: the project's ability to be fully indexed, the search robot's ability to understand the

What Is a Top-Level Domain?

If you have purchased your domain or are using web hosting, you’re likely to have a top-level domain. This article looks at domain name hierarchy, the purpose of top-level domains and some of the

What Is the Root of a Domain Name?

Root domain - the domain of the highest level in any domain name system. The root domain of the Internet (sometimes called the zero-level domain) is serviced by the root servers of the domain name

How to Use the Google Disavow Tool Correctly?

The Google Disavow tool is like almonds. In its bitter version (that is, if used incorrectly), it will poison your site and hurt its position in search results. In the sweet version (if you did

Best Ways to Secure a Website from Hacking

More and more frequently, digital thieves are trying to access information inaccessible to them, which is located on a computer or on a specific website. They primarily need certain credit card

Basic Requirements to Modern and Convenient Site Navigation

Site navigation is the ability to navigate through its pages. The simpler and clearer the navigation system, the better it is for visitors, as it allows them to find the information they need and

Creating a Site Structure to Enhance SEO

A good site structure greatly enhances your chances to rank higher in search engines. Website all have some type of structure, which might simply be a disorganized group of pages, or a streamlined,