Link Building Strategies To Boost Your Traffic

Link Building Strategies To Boost Your Traffic

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Part 1. Network Weaving from References

1. Understand how link building works.

Link Building is the process of creating backlinks to your site. This happens naturally with good content, but this process can be accelerated in several ways. Backlinks are important because they affect the position of your site in search results. Many factors are considered, including:

  • Trust – This is the level of trust between related sites. Links to a credible site weigh a lot more.
  • Neighborhood of links – This is the level of sites that link to you, and which you refer to. For example, a site with spam often links to other sites with spam, making the level of proximity of links less.
  • Anchor Text – This is the text that appears instead of the link address. An anchor text should be related in meaning to the content it refers to, since the search engines compare this text to the site to which it refers.
  • Freshness – As pages become less popular over time, the relevance of the link tends to gradually decline. Fresh links are a sign that the content they are referring to is still relevant and helps improve the rating.

2. Use Guest Posting Platform

For example, guest posting platform PR-Posting is an international guest posting platform that was created in Ukraine.

It has been working for 4 years now and contains:

  • 44 000 sites worldwide,
  • sites from 177 countries,
  • geo: Ukraine, Europe, US, Canada, Asia and all other popular countries,

As well you can order on-site copywriting in 21 languages.

3. Find blogs and forums related to the content of your site.

It`s very important for your link building strategy to find relevant platforms. Both blogs and forums usually have a place in the profile you created and in the signature to it, where you can place a link to your site. Every time you leave a comment, your signature will be added, which will be visible to everyone, including search engines. So use the free backlink checker tool to examine all incoming links to your website.

  • To build a good network of links, you should find sites related to the same topic. Do not be afraid of competition. On the contrary, by working with other sites in your field, you will notice how you grow yourself.

4.  Publish articles.

Publishing articles takes a little longer in the technique of link building, but it can also increase the rating of your page if you publish articles on the right sites. Begin by writing small articles on issues related to the content of your site. Then publish them on the sites that will post these articles to their readers. Do not forget to add a link to your site in the sources section to write an article. Thus, crawlers (search robots) will find your link when you bypass this site.

  • This method is no longer as effective as it used to be, due to the update of the Google Panda algorithm.

Or you can hire an experienced link building service to take of this for you

5.  Try using publications in the RSS news feeds.

RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is a family of web formats used to publish frequently updated information in a standard format, such as websites, blogs, news. RSS documents are called channels, which include text and metadata that are published when the site or blog is updated. This is a big plus, because publishing through RSS feeds allows webmasters to automatically publish their websites or blogs. The more sites you publish on RSS channels, the more times your content will be published for search engines. Like most other building techniques, there are many sites where you can publish RSS feeds for your website or blog.

6. Answer the questions.

Answers to questions can also be an effective technique for building links, but it can take a lot of time. There are many sites visited, where people post their questions and wait for answers. This can be very useful, since most such sites also allow you to post a link to the source along with the answer to the question. This allows crawlers (search robots) to find your links, and other people who are looking for an answer to a question – click on this link to your site.

  • Placing links on such sites that allow answering questions leads to a significant increase in the rating of your site, because such sites themselves have a high rating.
  • Do not spend your entire day on answering questions. This method is best used, simply by answering a few questions a week. Over time, the number of backlinks will start to grow.

7. Write about it in the blog.

Blogging is another link bulding strategy, which can greatly help your site, but it can also take a lot of time. With proper management, the blog can not only help build back links to your site, but increase the credibility of your site, attract new visitors and advertise new pages and new information on your site. Do not forget to always add a link to your posts so that the crawlers (search engines) and visitors can click on this link to get to your site.

8. Add your site to the directories.

Site directories are one of the oldest and simplest ways to improve your seo link strategy. Catalogs are large sets of links to resources with a common theme. These catalogs can be viewed by crawlers and ordinary readers.

  • Popular catalogs include: Open Directory Project, Yahoo! directory and others. There are directories directly related to the theme of your site, so look and add your site there.
  • Many directories require the addition of sites manually, but many are edited by volunteers. This means that there may be a great delay in time until your site is published there.
  • Adding a site to directories can take a lot of time, so often this work is outsourced to save time and money.

9. Directly contact other sites.

If you have a website that can complement another site, contact its webmaster and offer to make a link. Direct and backward links to related content will increase the credibility of both sites and can be mutually beneficial.

  • For example, if you have a website with advice on jewelry care, contact the jewelry store’s website.

10. Comment on the related content.

One of the most popular link building strategies is distributing links into a comment on other blogs and articles with related content. There are several points of view on how to do this. Some suggest placing contextual links to your site in your answer, others advise placing links in a signature or profile.

  • Place links in natural places. Links, surrounded by at least some context, are more likely to be considered “good.”
  • Try not to place links on the side panels and footers. The search robot most likely will not find them in such places.

11. Create direct links.

In addition to building backlinks to your page, you must create links to other sites that you trust. This will help increase the credibility of your site and improve the indicator of neighborhood links. Webmasters of another site will notice the influx of visitors through your link, which can lead to partnership and exchange of links.

  • As with other linkbuilding strategies, make sure that you refer to the content with the relevant content.

12. Refer not only to your home page.

When you link to your site, refer to the appropriate page or article, not the main page. This will help raise the rating of the rest of your pages, which in general will have a positive impact on your search engine rankings.

13. Leave guest messages.

Many sites and blogs allow guests to leave messages. Allow yourself to have several prepared samples of such messages, then easily contact the webmaster about the guest’s messages with the help of a free email finder. Your message is a good place to post a few links to your site, and add a link to your signature.

  • Make sure that your links are relevant.
  • Do not use too many links, otherwise your message will be regarded as spam.
  • Some webmasters may be unhappy with too much self-promotion, so make sure that you limit this and that your guest message is easy to read.

14. Use RSS feeds.

Make sure that all your articles have been sent via RSS, and that this channel is published in the appropriate RSS catalog. This will lead to a larger influx of readers of your articles, which in turn will increase the number of natural backlinks.

Part 2. Creation of high-quality content

1. Write original content.

The number one method for creating natural backlinks is to write useful content. People will do your work and produce links for you if your content is really useful and interesting to them. Creating good content is like art, and this skill comes with practice.

2. Raise your authority.

If you are an expert in some matter, use this experience and raise your authority in this topic. If you provide unique and useful content about a certain question, you will see that you will be referred to. These are the most important links, because they significantly increase your credibility.

  • If you can raise your credibility, you will see that there are links to you in articles and other important publications. This can lead to a significant influx of visitors to the site and its rating.


3. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and developments.

The topics of discussions on the Internet are constantly changing, and at the top of the discussion is always what is actually popular. Update your content to match the new trends, and you will see that you will have referral links from authority sites.

4. Make sure that there are no errors in your articles.

Nobody wants to read an article that is poorly written or full of mistakes. Take some time adjusting your texts. Much of this will come with practice and patience.

5. Write “evergreen” content.

Evergreen content is content that always remains relevant. This content is good for serial links, as it will be re-read from time to time. A good set of links includes several evergreen links. Topics for such evergreen content include novels, nutrition, parenting, weight loss, animal care and many others. The simplest formats for such content are:

  • Lists
  • Reviews
  • Instructions

6. Make sure that your site is well thought out and useful.

Since an ugly useless site will kill the whole idea of backlinks even before it is implemented. The visual appeal of the site has never been more important, as readers quickly begin to ignore sites that are difficult to read or difficult to use.

Part 3. Using social networks

Social networks usually use links like “NoFollow”, which means that they do not count towards your rating. But they are still good for attracting new visitors to the site, and there is nothing wrong with increasing the number of views. This can indirectly build your links, since readers will themselves link to your site.

1. Maintain your presence in as many social networks as possible.

Use as many different social networks as it makes sense to use for your website. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Tumblr and others – are all potential places to exchange links. Make sure that you are present in as many of these sites as can serve your budget and time. Creating a simple page in a social network will take just a few minutes, but it will be of great benefit. It will allow you to post a bunch of information and links that will increase the credibility of your site and at the same time attract new visitors. Every day, millions of people are looking for something on these social networks, then share this information with friends and family.

2. Create pages on social networks that reflect your content.

Make sure that visitors to your page on the social network can see the latest content. This will lead to the fact that they will regularly visit your site and, possibly, refer to your articles.

3. Use the power of social bookmarking sites.

Creating a bookmark (collection) is a way for Internet users to organize, post, manage, search, and share online resources, such as websites. Digg, Reddit, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and other sites are all good ways to show your articles to new readers. Many of these sites allow you to publish your own article, although they may have limitations on how often it can be done. Ideally, your readers will add your site to these bookmarks, increasing your popularity and the trust in you.

  • Many blogging platforms have plugins that allow your readers to easily publish your articles on social bookmarking sites.

Pieces of advice

  • Diversify the set of your links. It is a fact that Google search algorithm changes their technique, which only recently worked well, may be blocked or inefficient. It is better to have a good balance of natural and artificial backlinks.
  • Find out the thoughts of SEO experts’ about zombie link building techniques.
  • Always check the type of links that are published on the website: “follow” or “no follow”.

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