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GoogleBot: What Is it and Strategies to Optimize Your Site For Better Indexing

Google spider optimization is very important if you wish to have better SEO and site operating results. Do not underestimate the effectiveness of this process, as you may end up losing much traffic.

What is Robots.txt file and How to Check it Correctly

Creating and setting robots.txt is number one on the list of techniques for internal site optimization and the beginning of search promotion. It is critical to set it up correct in order to enable

Explore All Features of SERP and Check How Your Pages Are Displayed in Google

Correct markup is one of the most undervalued, yet highly effective SEO tools that helps a search engine collect data, index and rank the site's content. The key to success in the issue of displaying

Explore What XHTML Is and for What It Stands for

The development of HTML in a certain sense has come to a standstill - new tags are no longer needed. This reason for this is that we have the existing ones, in addition, the focus of web pages has

The Introduction To The Canonical Tag Usage

Using the rel="canonical" attribute can save a lot of time during the development phase. But such a solution in the final version can lead to problems, if you do not take into account all the nuances

Explore What Alt Tags Are and How to Use Them in Images Properly

Illustrations, photographs, diagrams and other graphic images help to "dilute" text and enhance the content making it more visible. Though, graphics are not just for the user to admire. Pictures can

URL address: Definition, Structure and Examples

Explore what an URL is, how its structure is built and how to create it due to user-friendly rules.

What is a 301 Redirect & When Should You Use One?

Find out some of the most commonly used types of redirections and get the optimal strategy for implementing a 301 redirect on any website.

Discover the Difference Between HTTP & HTTPS and Their Influence on SEO

In August 2014, Google claimed that changing your site to https will provide you with a minimal ranking boost. A huge number of websites switched to this protocol after that declaration. But changing

What are Meta Tags and How to Use Them Properly?

The first thing is that it is obvious when you are talking about reviewing meta tagging is its incorrect usage, due to its placing on the top of each page. But, frankly, Google meta tags are among

What is a Meta Title Tag and How to Use It Efficiently?

A meta tag title reports to the search system how an optimizer wants to represent the headline of the article to the user. The content of an ordinary title tag is evaluated more by the bots. That is

Check Out What is H1 Tag and the Requirements for Writing it Properly

On most sites, the H1 tag is the first text that the user sees after loading the page. It is important to consider that this element can affect both traffic and conversion of landing pages.


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