What's New in Sitechecker (January 2024)

What's New in Sitechecker (January 2024)

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The most important product updates for January 2024.

1. Streamlined user interface update

There was a significant interface update designed to enhance user navigation and free some space with a clear and structured layout.

Key changes include a repositioned header featuring a user profile, help, upgrade options, and new features like ‘Invite users’ on the right side. The navbar maintains its dual-size functionality but with a cleaner design and more organized look.

new top header

These updates are part of our commitment to providing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface for all Sitechecker users.

2. Enhanced user invitations

We’re excited to announce a new feature at Sitechecker that makes inviting users to multiple projects simpler and more efficient. 

To use it, navigate to the Projects section and click on the new “Invite new users” button. You can now add several email addresses in one go, saving time when managing larger teams or multiple projects.

invite users tab

In the User Management page within Account Settings, you have the ability to oversee and modify user access to your projects. This includes adding or removing users from individual or all projects, and streamlining your management process.

invite users2

3. Rank Tracker updates

Meet Rank Tracker with multitarget options

Now you can track rankings in different countries, locations, and search engines, on different languages and devices all within one project.

 multi rank tracker

This feature is not a game changer, as some competitors have it, but many of you have been asking for it for several years and now we are one step closer to the ideal Rank Tracker. This is especially important for international websites and national brands with many local offices. 

To add keywords this way, a special functionality was implemented that you can find in the settings of your project in Rank Tracker configurations.
You don’t need to activate it. To get a value from it, just go to the project settings and start adding keywords with different search engine, country, language, and device settings.
 multi rank tracker2

This is available on all paid plans from Basic to Enterprise.

New locations in Rank Tracker

We’ve recently addressed an important concern regarding our city rankings. The issue was that our database lacked comprehensive coverage of towns and areas, making it challenging to utilize local rankings effectively. 

Upon investigating this matter, we discovered that the root cause was an outdated database of local regions. We have since updated our database to ensure it is current, enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of our local rankings.

4. Site Audit issues with historical graphs

We want to introduce to you a significant enhancement to our Site Audit summary. It is the historical data graphs for each issue, now extending to the last 30 crawls. This feature allows users to visually track changes and trends in website performance, including criticals, warnings, notices, and more.

monitoring graph next to issues

These easy-to-understand graphs offer a comprehensive view of your site’s SEO dynamics, for you to make informed decisions for optimization. By aligning all audit graphs to a consistent 30-crawl period, Sitechecker ensures a unified and detailed perspective on your website’s progress and areas for improvement.

5. Orphan page management 

Sitechecker now offers a valuable feature for efficiently managing orphan pages in your project. If orphan pages that have been removed from your Google Search Console (GSC) or Sitemap still linger in our database, you can use the “Purge and recrawl” option under Site Monitoring to initiate a full project rescan.

purge and recrawl site monitoring

This process helps in identifying and removing any unsynchronized orphan pages, ensuring your project data is accurate and up-to-date. 

6. Export feature for internal backlinks anchors

Now, you can easily export data in three convenient formats: CSV, direct copy to clipboard, and generate a Google Sheet. This update gives you an ability to analyze backlink anchor data efficiently.

internal backlinks export
The exported content, including columns for Anchors, Links Amount, and Anchor Share, reflects your current view, complete with any applied filters or sorting.
export of backlinks

This streamlined feature ensures you get the precise data you need for your SEO analysis and reporting, enhancing your overall experience with our tool. 

7. Country filter feature in search metrics tab

Page detail’s Search metrics tab now includes a handy country filter, enhancing your analysis. Located near the calendar, this new filter allows you to tailor the displayed data according to specific countries, applying to all graphs and tables in the section. 

Functionally similar to the one in the Insights tool, it features a dropdown list with a search field, offering a list of countries, including an “All countries” option. The selected country is prominently displayed at the top of the filter field, ensuring you always know which market’s data you’re viewing.

search metrics tab

8. Bulk URL Checker tool 

We’ve added to the app the most requested extra tool in our roadmap – Bulk URL Checker.

bulk URL checker

This is a standard tool but with a user-friendly design, large limits, and a feature to export the report to Google Sheets and CSV or simply copy it.

bulk checker 2

Here are some of the most popular scenarios when Bulk URL checker can help you:

  •  If you need to quickly check a small list of pages on your site for accessibility, and you don’t want to waste time auditing the entire site.
  • If you have a list of referring domains among which you would like to search for expired domains.
  • If you are working on an affiliate site and set up all your affiliate links through pretty redirects (like mysite.com/go/affiliate-link or mysite.com/recommends/partner-website), and you need to quickly check whether all these redirects are working.

You can check URLs by adding them manually (up to 1k pages) or uploading the .xls file (up to 10k pages).

9. Date comparison in the Dashboard

In response to user feedback, we have implemented a new feature in our Dashboard: the display of comparison periods alongside the chosen period for core metrics.

Previously, users could only view the selected period for which core metrics were displayed, without an immediate reference to the comparative period. Recognizing the importance of this context for effective analysis and decision-making, we have now made it possible to view both the chosen period and its corresponding comparison period directly on the Dashboard.

date comparison

10. Quick navigation to the white-labeled app

For those users who have set up the white-labeled domain, a quick navigation to it is now available. You can simply locate it at the top of Sitechecker’s app header.


11. Google updates notifications

We’re excited to announce a new feature in response to your valuable feedback: an email alert system for the release of new Google Search algorithm updates. This feature will provide timely notifications about Google’s algorithm changes, enabling users to effectively compare search metrics before and after these updates. It’s designed to keep SEO professionals and website owners ahead in their optimization strategies.

google updates email

12. New video-guides 

We continue to produce more high-quality video guides for you to better understand SEO theory and the possible reasons for mistakes. Here are the latest episodes:

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