How to fix URLs hreflang to non-canonical?

How to fix URLs hreflang to non-canonical?

URLs that link to a non-canonical URL from their hreflang annotations.

Why it is important

Linking to a non-canonical version of a page from hreflang annotations can mislead search engines.

Rel=””alternate”” hreflang=””x”” will instruct search engines to show the translated (localized) version of a page while rel=canonical attribute will flag that this is not the authoritative (canonical) version.

How to fix the issue

You should modify their hreflang annotations so that they point to canonical pages.

If you found that the page linked from hreflang annotations got a non-canonical status unintentionally, remove its rel-canonical element or edit it to become a self-canonical.

Check your website for hreflang to non-canonical URLs

Audit your website to detect whether the site has URLs with the hreflang to non-canonical