How To Fix the X-Default Hreflang Annotation Empty Issue

How To Fix the X-Default Hreflang Annotation Empty Issue
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The x-default hreflang attribute is the tag used to tell the search engine that your website has a default or universal webpage. It tells search engines and browsers that they don’t need to redirect users to a webpage in the local language or that it’s intended for the local region. However, when this value is missing, it can create an issue, which is the missing x-default hreflang annotation.

For those who prefer learning the solution via video, here is a video link to help you fix the missing x-default hreflang annotation issue:

You can also use this guide to learn about using x-default hreflang for international landing pages.

What Does “X-Default Hreflang Annotation Empty” Mean?

As you know, the hreflang annotation lets browsers and search engines know if a version of your website is available in a specific language for users in a certain region/language. In other words, it’s for specific audiences. What about more general audiences? How should you code your website to read to search engines and browsers?

Here is where the x-default hreflang annotation comes in. It is a tag that tells the web browser or search engine that you don’t have a website version in a certain language or for a certain region.

However, you may encounter the error that says, “x-default hreflang annotation is missing.” It means the search engine can’t choose a language to display the website in.

What Triggers This Issue?

This issue comes up when your URLs have no x-default hreflang annotation.

How To Check the Issue

Do a check on your website’s coding. You can tell that you’ve got a problem with the x-default hreflang tag when it gives you the report about the missing annotation.

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Why Is This Important?

Always make sure you have an x-default hreflang attribute for your website. This is the language in which search engines will display your website if you don’t have a version reciprocal to the local area or language. Otherwise, the language barrier and conflicts can affect user experience.

Most websites use the link to English versions of their websites as the default link since English is widely spoken throughout the globe.

How To Fix the Issue

Check for x-default hreflang errors in the coding. When you find them, ensure that every page on your website has an x-default hreflang attribute. This tag should return to a page that isn’t specific to only one language or region.

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