What is a Meta Title Tag and How to Use It Efficiently?

What is a Meta Title Tag and How to Use It Efficiently?
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An example of meta title tag in html code


<meta name="title" content ="Free On-Page SEO Checker - Get Your SEO Score Now">
<title>Free On-Page SEO Checker - Get Your SEO Score Now</title>

Title Tag is a title of a page which is almost always used in search engine results. It`s a very important part of SEO as search engines determine whether a page is relevant to certain users` search queries. Title tags in SEO are also used to attract users attention, they help to understand what information will be displayed on the page. That`s why its length has to be limited to prevent users from long but cut termes in SERP.

Why is title important?

It is one of the primary meta tags which helps search engines bots to optimize your web page correctly. Moreover, title tags are the first words users see before visiting a website and click on it.  So it is really important to write it without any mistakes, add focus keywords and don`t get out of limits. If your title is boring, not relevant and too long, there is a high risk that nobody will click on it.

How to create meta tag title?

Steps needed to make it attractive for bots:

  • The website title line must be filled! Otherwise, the page will not be ranked.
  • The optimal meta title length is from 60 to 120 symbols, but as the user cannot view more than 60 characters on the query results page, we strongly recommend to create titles which do not exceed this limit.
  • Title must reflect the purpose of this page, that is to say, it should be relevant to its content. Otherwise, the search systems can choose it on their own.
  • The most frequent keyword (in the direct entry) from those participating in the page promotion should be included in the meta tag title. As a rule, there is a recommendation that it should be placed s close as possible to the beginning of the text.
  • The tag “title” should be used on the page only once and its place is in the code block “head”, not “body”!
  • If it is possible, create a unique title for each page of the site. You can check the uniqueness using Google, just write the text in a direct match in the search bar and explore the results.
  • It is highly recommended to use the same words and word combinations for the tags “title” and “h1.” But remember, you can`t use the same text for both of them.


Steps needed to make it attractive for visitors:

Meta title is shown as the headline of the article in the results of the query (above the page address). Potential visitors of your page will choose to activate the link or not depending on how informative and attractive the title is. That is why meta tag title must attract your audience to help you to sell. The formulation including the particles “how”, “where”, and advantages of the services or goods is the best in this concern.


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