What Is Meta Description and How Long Should It Be?

The meta-tag description is intended for creating a brief description of the page. Its content can be used by search engines to form a snippet. This tag does not affect the appearance of the page, since it is the service information. It is located in the block of the html page code.

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An example of html code

<meta name="description" content ="short description of the page">


Value of the description tag

Meta tag description can affect the position of the site in the output of those search engines that take it into account (in particular, Google). In addition, visitors, viewing the sickle, read the descriptions of the proposed pages. The snippet, which is formed taking into account the information described in the meta tag description, helps the user to make a final decision whether to go to the site offered by the search engine.


How to register meta description?

    There are a number of recommendations for filling in the meta tag description:

  • The description should not exceed 320 characters. It is this amount of text that is placed in the output (under the link to the page). If the length of the tag is greater than this value, the description will be incomplete.
  • The correct description should contain keywords that optimize this page. The most frequent requests must be located at the beginning of the description. Do not use more than 3-4 key phrases in the tag. The same word should not be repeated more than 5-7 times.
  • The tag should describe the content of a particular page. The text should be clear and concise, it is not recommended to use general phrases.
  • Descriptions in meta tags description should be unique for all pages of the site, it is not recommended to copy a part of the text on the page to fill the tag.
  • The description tag should be different from the title tag.
  • Description should be attractive to users, give an idea of ​​what information they will find on the page described, talk about the advantages of the product or service.

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