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H1 Checker: a Convenient Tool to Check Your H1 Tag

H1 Checker: a Convenient Tool to Check Your H1 Tag

Any page on your site has a certain structure. The first header of each page must have an H1 tag in the HTML code. Without this H1 tag, Google will have a hard time finding out the priority of the content on your site. So, we can conclude that H1 is the main header tag on any web page located at the head of the article. We’ve created a unique free H1 finder tool that, without registration, will allow you to check if the first level header is set on a particular page or if an empty h1 issue is there and what that tag is filled with.

A unique H1 title tag for each page is a requirement of search engines for many websites. Create a tag that accurately describes the content of your page. Keep in mind that a good H1 title includes targeted keywords. It is so that search engine robots understand the page content and so that your readers immediately know what your content is about. Search engines pay attention to how much time users spend on your pages. The higher this number is, the higher you’ll rank in search engine rankings.

Structured text characters will attract more attention from users and thus help keep them on your blog or online store page for longer. It is important to use only one first-level headline. While scanning your site in SEO extension tools, you may come across missing H1 – a duplicate h1 issue. Eliminate this mistake to mislead users and search engine robots using the H1 tester.

Search engine crawlers analyze the H1 tag to know your page’s topic and the presence of the keyword. Use our free H1 Checker test to check the presence of the tag. This article will explain how to use our tool and why it’s significant to check the H1 headings on your website pages.

H1 Checker Usage: A Step-by-Step Guide

H1 Checker is an online tool to check the presence of the H1 tag, which will also analyze and calculate its length. You can also pass on keyword information to rank the page.

Step 1: Insert your URL

Remember, adding an H1 tag on every page is recommended for optimization. For example, we decided to show how the tool works on the main page vs. our website So, enter the page you want to check in an empty field and click on the arrow button. You’ll find screenshots below.

H1 Checker main page

Step 2: Interpreting the H1 Tag Checker Results

After the scan in the analyzer is complete, you will get complete information about the H1 tag on the specific page of the site that was scanned. In addition, you should keep in mind that you can check only one page and not all pages of the domain at once during the scan.

Well, on the result page after the end of the scan, you will see not only the H1 tag but also their number, length, limit, and whether the tag matches the title of your page.

H1 Checker results

Cases When H1 Checker is Needed

Let’s look at when you should check your site pages for the H1 tag.

  • You want to optimize the content on your site.
  • You want to analyze the content on your competitor’s pages.
  • Furthermore, you want to check if the H1 tag is present on the pages of your site.

As you can see, you can use our tool to check the pages of your site and check the pages of your competitors’ sites.

Find out not only H1 tag, but also the presence of technical errors on it!

Conduct a full audit to find out and fix all the site level and page level issues on your website.

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Several headers on each page of websites allow you to structure your content. Nevertheless, there is only one main header tag. H1 is the HTML tag that counts as the header on a web page. You can compare it to the header in a journal.
The <H1> HTML tag is the first header tag on the page, and when viewed in HTML chrome code, the value of H1 is enclosed in <h1></h1> tags.
Your H1 tag must be at the top of the page content. You can review the CSS code and check for the presence of the tag. You can also use SEO tools to check for the tag.
H1 tells the search engine and site users what your web page is about. H1 should accurately reflect the content of the page.
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